Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Happenings

I have to say I love this month's design. It's so completely different from last month- probably one of the most subdued yet. And also one of the most simple and basic. I think a relaxing look will be good for me as we march toward this busy season. The quote is actually one I use in the header on my homeschool blog and it's too good not to put here, too. This is such a huge part of it to me- I want it to be more about kindling a passion for lifelong learning than about feeding them information. Of course, knowledge is so important, but more important, I think, is the desire for it.

Whew! This month, things start to pick up.

- Peyton is serving at a retreat coming up and he's got some training to do this month.

- School is starting for Annie. Two days a week and homeschooling the other three. We took a break this month from homeschooling and we're picking back up gradually. I have a few things I need to work on as far as her memory work binder and laminating more tracing sheets and that kind of thing. Back to school night is this week and school starts the next! [I need to finish up getting supplies. Eeek.]

- Also, the League year has started back up. I had a meeting last week and I have another one this week.

- Additionally, my placement starts this month. I'm serving at the Children's Museum and I'm really excited about it. It's very flexible, which is so nice, and I've just got to get fifty hours before we move. I think that's prety doable!

- There are a couple more fun consignment sales I'm going to try to hit.

- I'm trying to be intentional about doing specific things with Graves. I picked out his own "long read-aloud" and we're gradually working our way through it. Last year, I *loved* the one on one time with him when AP was at school. I'm excited for that, even though I know I'll miss her. [And I'm expecting them to both have some separation anxiety from each other.]

It really doesn't look that daunting when I type it up. I'm sure things will come up, but I think overall we have a good pace here.

So, my goals last month:
1. Make Graves another one of each of the two outfits I've taken sewing classes for this Summer. I'm so impressed with myself that I did this. I actually did both before the trip. The bubble I made is sort of Fall-ish (colors, not motif) and I'm excited for him to have something for those hot days after the seersucker is already put up. I do need to go back and fix one tiny thing with the elastic, but that will be simple. 

2. Finish planning NYC trip. We did it! Planned and packed that is. 

3. Get house in shape to leave (straighten, clean, get caught up on laundry) and type up some kid info for our parents to reference while we're gone.  I somehow managed this, too, and left my house in a pretty rarely clean/straight state. That was a nice present to myself upon our return! 

4. Get our will finalized. We didn't get it officially done (that's in the works), but we got a temporary one drawn up. It was a hard thing to think about, but it gives me a lot of peace of mind to have it done. 

This month's goals:
1. Drink at least four glasses of water daily. I know, I know. That's half of what you're supposed to get. But I don't get close to four as it is, so I thought I'd start with something attainable. I drank a good bit of water over the weekend because I was CRAVING it. I think I had the beginnings of a sinus infection and was pretty dehydrated. Either way, it's so unlike me. It felt good to do something healthy, so I'm going to try to make it a routine. 

2. Devote at least some time exclusively to Graves on Wednesdays when AP is at school (I volunteer on Mondays). 

3. Spend time with Peyton working through our new Bible study. I'm not going to say we'll do this every night, but I want it to be a regular thing. 

4. Memorize Annie's school memory verses as she does (there's only two a month; it shouldn't be that hard!). 

Here's to September, a month where we begin the process of starting to learn in a more formal way again. May it be a month where we not only grow in knowledge, but wisdom as well, and in a desire to learn that cannot be satiated

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