Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #231 (August 26-September 1)-- Back in the Saddle (For Real)

Last week was a much better week. It started out sort of rough, but it got better and I feel like we're finally back in our routine after the trip.

I got up and got ready to go to the CPC on Monday. Peyton told me "you look exhausted" and I was. I was so tired and honestly, I was emotionally exhausted. I can't go into details because the story is not my own (and honestly, it's really not one story- it's a lot of them). But lately I've just been hit in the face with the "real world" so much. There's so much pain- some of it is people's own choices/decisions, ect., but some of it is just the beautiful broken world we live in. Sometimes, it's not really well hidden at all (I saw that in NYC a lot), but other times it's below the surface and most people have no clue. It's just eye opening and it goes to show you that you shouldn't ever judge someone because you don't know their story. Anyway...

I had a good morning at the CPC. They were pretty busy and I actually mostly just answered phones and signed people in and then made some packets. I got home and visited with Peyton and he left for work. I did laundry and dishes and picked up and then talked to Darlene on the phone.
Protip: if you have an extremely reserved personality and are a self proclaimed graduate of the John Wayne Schoolof Manhood, use emoji's to convey string feelings to your loved ones. It's a shame these weren't around when I was growing up. [He still did pretty good.]

The kids ate lunch and we cleaned up the den (DISASTER AREA!) and I put them down. It was almost three o'clock! I ate something, got on the computer and took a short nap. When they got up, we played and I folded laundry and then we worked on tracing since Peyton hadn't gotten to it. I cooked super (Graves was howling the whole time) and the kids ate tuna croquettes and cabbage. I did their nighttime routines and got them to bed after AP had a major meltdown about taking off her "Fern" t-shirt (that AP had been wearing since the previous afternoon). She also told me she had a headache and she hardly touched her supper. I think she was just very tired. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home. We ate super and visited and I finished a post and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Tuesday morning, but both kids slept late. Graves woke up when Peyton left, but I went and got him and put him in our bed and he slept another hour and a half.
I woke up with this little hand on my head. What a way to start the morning!

I actually ended up having a great morning. I just woke up with a new spirit- refreshed and positive. Anyway, I cleaned up a bunch of gross hard Play Dough that had dried on the floor, got the kids breakfast, and started some wash. I had breakfast, unloaded and loaded dishes and talked to Peyton on the phone. I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen and folded laundry and played with the kids and sent a couple of emails and then I took my bath.
Annie set up her little play camera on the buffet and they ran to do a "family picture". Then she screams "Wait, Bud, we forgot our little children!" and they got Wilbur and Hulk and did a retake. 

I folded some laundry and we did school and then I fed the kids lunch and vacuumed the rest of the house and got them settled. I pretty much blew naptime. I started reading about Miley Cyrus and just went down a rabbit hole. Anyway, Peyton got home and we visited and then went for a LONG family walk. The kids fell asleep on the way home (we drove to a walking trail). I picked up the house and read a few more posts and we went to bed.

I slept really late on Wednesday. When I got up, I took my bath and Peyton and I talked some and then I started laundry and dishes. We picked up toys, did school stuff (memory work and tracing) and I fed the kids lunch. They had a late rest time and I managed to eat my lunch and relax a little bit and then it was time for me to get dinners ready for church and to get myself ready. AP and I cleaned up their room and I had to wake Graves up. Our Wednesday nights are going really well. When we got home, we did nighttime routines and I got the kids settled. I got on the computer until Peyton got home. The kids were still awake and being CRAZY.
Clearly, bedtime rules had to berevised. Annie kept saying "This mess is big enough for the whole family to clean up". 

We ate (he fixed me an omelet!) and I unloaded and loaded dishes. He watched some TV and I got on the computer and then we chatted and went to bed.

We meant to get up early on Thursday and actually do some errands, but the kids slept pretty late. And then we had to all clean up the HUGE mess. By the time we did that, it was almost time for Peyton to leave for work. The kids and I did school and I folded laundry and we had lunch. I actually cut our school time short, and I still ended up getting them down late.
She's sporting one of Cookie's old nightgowns and she looks about fourteen, I think. I texted Cookie the pictures and she told me "Tell Cookie I love her". So sweet. 

I read some blogs, worked on a post and ate my lunch and then I had to get ready for a Junior League meeting and wake Graves up again. Ugh. Anyway, I dropped them off with my parents and headed to the meeting. It was a specific event for first year actives, but we got a General Meeting credit. It was really good and I had fun visiting with some friends. I talked to my parents some and the kids played when I got there to pick them up. We came home and I put them straight to bed. Or tried to. There weren't any messes, but there were SO many tears. I think AP was just so tired. She finally went to sleep and I got on the computer for a few minutes until Peyton got home.

We talked and I worked on a post and went to bed.

We all snuggled in bed a little on Friday and then got up and started working on things around the house. I started laundry and dishes and got something packaged for Peyton to drop off at UPS. He left early to do a couple of errands and I folded some laundry and we did school. I put fresh sheets on both kids' beds (the night had been an, um, wet one) and got them settled. I was finally able (let's be honest, motivated) and got some stuff done. I ate lunch and caught up on Twitter, but then I put dates in my calendar for the rest of Fall- meetings and such. I even wrote in Peyton's full work schedule for next month. I've got to figure out how to get my project hours in for the League before January :) I also started my new Bible study, worked on a post and folded a ton of laundry and watched The West Wing. When the kids got up, we got ready and headed to my parents' house. We stayed pretty late and I put them right to bed when we got home.

I finished up my post and when Peyton got home we talked and I read some blogs and went to bed.

Annie woke up around two in the morning and she and Graves both ended up joining us for a bit. I put them back in their room around six so Peyton's alarm wouldn't wake them up.

Saturday was an okay day. I think AP and I were both getting some sort of sinus infection and Graves was just cranky. We had a super low key morning- a bath and breakfast for me and then I started laundry and dishes. We just played until lunch and when they took naps, I ate lunch and got on the computer and took one myself. When they got up, I folded laundry while they played.
So, these are really made for infants with ambitious parents, but they were a great tool for getting Graves to say Real Words. He's made huge strides in the last few months but he's still probably at the point AP was almost a full year earlier. It shockingly) hasn't ever bothered me too much. I love seeing how they each have unique strengths and weaknesses; encouraging the former and helping them approach the challenges of the latter.

Peyton got home and we all went outside and the kids swam in the kiddie pool and had supper. We bathed them and got them to bed and I ate a sandwich and finished a blog post.

We got up and went to Sunday school and church on Sunday. Peyton was going to teach our class, but we had such a small group because of the holiday weekend, we decided to combine with another young class. Church was wonderful and we took communion that day. We decided to go have Mexican after church and headed to  my favorite restaurant. There are two locations and we settled on the one close to our house. It was SLAMMED. So we headed back to the one near church (about a twenty minute drive). I wasn't going to eat just any Mexican at that point. Ha!

We got home late, obviously and put the kids down and Peyton and I both fell asleep while they played in their room. When we got up there was another DISASTER.
Another day, another conversation on messes (this time with specific directives never to take the drawers out of your armoire).

Peyton got them ready and got food together and I frantically picked up.
I am a woman who avoids the grocery store at all costs. The kids are PB&J on hamburger buns this week and this is the dinner Peyton fixed them to eat in the nursery. I won't even tell you what I've been eating. Also: Peyton and I have been doing the thing where we stay up way too late and have to make up for it during the day. Days like this, I feel like we look more like Clerks characters than typical suburbanites with a toddler and a preschooler.

I just hate to leave a mess, but I ended up having to. The night service was nice and we got ice cream afterwards. We got ice cream and picked up something at Walmart and were about to run by Kroger, but Graves fell asleep (he had napped in the nursery (so weird for him!) so he skipped his regular afternoon one). Anyway, Peyton and Annie headed to Kroger and I got him settled and did a few things on the computer. Peyton and I talked and the toilet flooded. I cleaned that up somewhat and went to bed.

This week is busier, but it's fun stuff and I'm enjoying it!

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