Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #232-- (A Very Wonderful) Summer Comes to a Close (September 2-8)

Last week was our last before school started back for AP. It's just two days a week, but I feel like it makes a big difference in our routine. Anyway, Peyton had several days off and we had such a nice week!

We all got up around nine on Monday and I finished cleaning up the kids' room from the day before. I usually make them do it, but we just had a long talk and then I did it. I ate breakfast, picked up around the house and started laundry. I cleaned up the kitchen and then cleaned (including scrubbing the tub) the kids' bathroom. I took out the trash from around the house and started Mint. Peyton was off and had been cleaning out his closet and mowing. The kids played SO well.

We put Graves down and Peyton went back outside and took AP with him. I did more stuff with finances and took a bath and ate lunch. Peyton got ready and then we all left to go to Annie's school. Peyton and my brother in law were working at the school doing some handy-man stuff and his sister and I talked and watched the kids play on the playground. We had a fun time and came right home for supper, baths, and bed. Peyton and I talked and ate dinner and I worked on my blog design for September.

Monday night was weird. The cat woke me up,. Graves woke up, and Peyton woke up really early and so I got up and we chatted and then I went back to bed while he read.

Clearly, a low key morning was needed on Tuesday. Peyton and I both just kind of laid around on the couch while the kids played. Ha! When I finally got up, I started dishes and laundry and had breakfast. Peyton left for work and I did school with the kids.

I took my shower really late and when I came back in the room where the kids were watching a show there was poop on the floor, on the rug, and ALL OVER Graves. Ugh, can't believe he did that. Anyway, I bathed him, cleaned up everything, and rewetted and dried my hair. He had to go to time out, not for the poop, but for not minding me and staying on the couch. He looks at me with this mischievous little grin, cocks his head, and says "Taste poop?"  I think he's the sweetest boy in the whole world and also that God is doing a great work of sanctification in my life through him.Anyway, when I came back in after drying my hair he was alseep on the couch.

The kids had had a big morning snack so I figured there was no point in trying to get him to eat lunch and sabotaging his nap. Annie and I picked up toys and I heated up some ravioli for my lunch and fixed hers. I got on the computer and did a good bit of homeschool stuff (working on her memory work binder and such). When the kids got up, we picked up their room and played.
Pretty sure I found his Halloween costume. Chasing Fireflies ain't got nothing on Peyton's thirty-ish year old clown costume courtesy of Granny.

A less blurry picture of "Graves Bozo" as he calls himself.

After that, I made supper. We all ate and I did their bedtime routine and put them down.
Since its about four hundred degrees in the shade, I thought this would be a fun transition from#SummerSaladChallenge to #WinterSoupChallenge. It's served chilled.

Honestly, the soup was a little strong for me. I just tasted like a cucumber (kind of the point, right?). Nothing I didn't know, but their palates (especially his) are so much more sophisticated than mine. 

I read blogs until Peyton got home and finished my Weekly Happenings Post. I put fresh sheets on our bed and we went to sleep.

Wednesday was a fun day. My mom took Annie shopping and to lunch just for a special treat. Peyton took Graves and they went to get my car fixed because it had a weird light showing up. Annie and I had about an hour to ourselves and we got most of the things that take me all morning to do done in that hour. We cleaned up her room and I even went through a box of Fall clothes and got them sorted and on hangers. Then we did tracing and memory work and I had breakfast. Minnie got here and Peyton called to say the car would take a while.
I was glad she was so happy. When Minnie called to invite her she acted so strange- like doing that weird little embarrassed smile where she's about to cry. She'd hardly say anything and let little hands even started shaking. Not sure if she was nervous or overwhelmed by emotion or what, but I talked to her twice on the phone while they were gone and I think she had a magical time.

He and Graves headed home and after I sent Annie on her way, I took a quick bath. We went back to the car place and dropped the Buick off and ran by the bread store. We had lunch when we got home and Minnie and Annie got back. They had two new fabulous toys- I had suggested Minnie limit it to one thing for Annie and also let her pick one thing for her brother. Peyton started setting them up and I visited with Minnie and finished making pimento cheese. I ate lunch and cleaned up the kitchen after Minnie left and then we put the kids down. Peyton went to run a few errands and I got on the computer and started a post and when he got home we talked and hung out until it was time to get ready for church. It was fun having him there! We had a good discussion in our group after we saw the video of the Bishop talking about "generosity" (we're doing a series on values that we should strive for as United Methodists in Mississippi). We picked up some hummus for Peyton and came home and dropped the kids in bed. We talked and I finished my post and we went to bed.

Thursday was fun. We got up early and went and got my car and when we got home, I did a few things around the house (we hung some stuff in the kitchen and I put up laundry) and then Elizabeth came over and we headed to a consignment sale (Peyton was sweet enough to watch our two plus Simeon!). Poor Michel went with us and she was kind of worn out by the end. Anyway, I got some great stuff. She picked up Simeon and we all ate lunch and then we put the kids down. Peyton ran an errand and then I took my phone to get it fixed (it won't hold a charge). I had to come home because I wasn't authorized on the account and Peyton wouldn't answer. I finally got it taken care of and they just gave me a new phone(!!). When I got home, I sewed a bit and then we all got ready for Meet the Teachers. We took AP's (late) monthly pic and then left.

Meet the Teachers went really well. I'm so excited for her!
I promise she was more excited than she looks here. But what a little lady!

 We ran by Target on the way home and the kids were really tired. Annie had a big meltdown and dumped water on her sandwich and Peyton told her she'd have to eat the soggy sandwich or something he chose. She ate the wet sandwich. We got the kids to bed and it wasn't yet ten and I decided to turn in. This is like the equivalent of a normal person going to bed at seven (three years earlier than usual and the kids were still up talking). Anyway, Peyton made me a PB&J and I went to sleep.
Consignment fun and Meet the Teachers wore Momma out! (Sidenote: that's $131 worth of stuff and it includes a Lindon Fog Winter coat and ski bibs for Bud for his new life north of the Mason-Dixon.

I was really restless the first part of the night (not sure why) and kept waking up.

We got up around eight on Friday and Peyton left to do recycling, have his oil changed, and get a haircut. After the kids ate, I worked on the first of many toy purges for NYC. I got the kids' closet cleaned out and organized some (the floor of it, I mean, which is entirely toys). I had breakfast, started dishes and laundry, and visited with Peyton when he got home. I took all my consignment stuff off the hangers and we did our school stuff and then I took a bath. I fixed the kids lunch and got them settled.

I played with my phone and tried to get the Twitter/Instagram sharing set up and then laminated some stuff. I got our things ready to go to Minnie and Mickey's and folded laundry and watched The West Wing. We cleaned up and I got the kids ready and we made another Target trip and then met my friend Sarah because she sold me some Winter stuff for AP. Y'all, she gave me a DEAL. Anyway, we headed to Mickey and Minnie's.
Such a bummer since it had JUST come back from the shop!

We had a nice time and when we got home the kids were both asleep. I got on the computer and Peyton and I visited and went to bed.

We had a lazy morning on Saturday. Peyton was working and the kids and I got a slow start. I ate breakfast and started dishes and laundry and talked to my mom on the phone.
Annie is ready to take New York thanks to sweet Sarah!

 I fed the kids lunch and we ran up to CSpire because I was having a couple of issues with my new phone. I got the kids down and ate lunch and got one the computer. I started Annie's letter and took a nap. Peyton got home and I fixed turkey burgers and sweet potatoes and we ate and cleaned up. He got the kids to bed after bathing them and I ran to the grocery store and made a casserole for the group from church who was going to serve the homeless the next day.
 Everything is white, linen, or like under the sea themed. Everything else is flannel or corduroy. It was like 99 degrees. I could not figure out what Graves should wear. 

I straightened, cleaned the kitchen, wrapped a present for a shower, and ironed the kids church clothes. I went to bed late.

Despite the encouragement, I searched high and low to find something that wasn't against "the rules". I know, I'm absurd. 

Peyton went to early church on Sunday but we did good to make it to Sunday school and late church. Graves had a bad accident right as we were about to walk out the door. I had gotten myself and everyone ready and was doing so good! Anyway, we went to church and Sunday school. We started watching The Bible in Sunday school and church was just such a blessing.

We hustled home after church and I fed the kids lunch and regrouped and then Peyton's dad got here and I headed back to church to help give a bridal shower. I was there most of the afternoon. When I got home Graves was asleep.
He transferred easily Peyton's dads arms to mine. Then Annie said "Can I just hold him to, pleases?" And then my heart exploded.

She kept rubbing his back, tracing his features, and touching his toes and saying "sweet little feet". I love them both so much.

We got ready and headed to church. Annie had a terrible meltdown and honestly, three trips for me, this last one with tired kids, was just a little much. But church was great again! When we got home, I started them eating supper and then Peyton got home and helped me get them to bed. Graves took off an awful diaper again and Peyton took away all their toys and said no "Night Party" for that night. Annie kept pleading "please don't make that decision!". It was kind of hard not to laugh! I cleaned up the kitchen and started laundry and then uploaded pictures and finished AP's post.

This week has been great so far. Annie started school yesterday, and although it really wore her out, she LOVED it!

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