Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #233 (September 9-15)-- Starting Back Stuff

Last week was great. It was a light-ish week as far as Peyton's work schedule and that's always so nice. We did start back some of our "school year" stuff. Annie started back to school and she loves it and we had a few other fun things going on and then had a pretty laid back weekend. I also had my first general meeting for the Junior League (the big meetings that are once a month) and I started my project for the year.

Monday was Annie's first day of school! We actually got up late. Ha! (Peyton and I had stayed up late the night before chatting and then the babies got in our bed early.) We all got ready pretty fast, though, and we all went to drop her off.
I LOVE this picture of her. 

Anyway, we came home and got Peyton's car, because mine had a "check engine" light on and ran some errands (it was my CPC day, but it just didn't make sense for him to drop me off- I'd have been there for like an hour). We went back a clothing sale, to MPhA to pay a bill, and then to Primos for a late breakfast.

Poor guy-- he sure missed "Annie Peyton"

hanging out while Peyton ran in somewhere

We came back home and Peyton headed to work and Graves and I hung out. I started dishes and laundry and finished a post really quickly and then we picked up toys and ate lunch. I took him outside for a bit and then I ran up to the attic when I realized I didn't have my mirror to make sure he didn't fall asleep in the car. I knew right where the other one was packed up in the attic.

We left and picked Annie up and she was having a hard time.

She got in the car so tired and cranky-- "I almost was about to eat my sandwich and they just put me on the rope and bringed me in" annnnd cue waterworks. Holy exhausted preschooler. We put brother to bed and spent snack time visiting about her day. I was JUST like this ("performing" all day is hard, especially when you neglect to feed yourself) and Minnie knew food and her ears were the magic medicine. Think that's the case for this chickadee, too. After a bit she said "I just love school. I had a great day".

After that, I got on the computer and ate something and then took a short nap myself. I had to wake Graves up at 5:30 and once he got up I started cooking some chicken spaghetti for supper. I took the kids outside and we had so much fun (bubbles! chalking! pedal car rides! popsicles!).

Summer nights....because until the 22nd it's Summer and we're playing by the Rules of Summer

I read a little and we just had a wonderful time. I brought them in and bathed them and did their nighttime routines. Poor Annie was so tired, but it still took them awhile to fall asleep. I read blogs until Peyton got home and we ate together and talked and went to bed.

Peyton for real asked me if they seriously had to have beds in NYC. They're squished together in a four square foot space between Graves's crib and the gate on the door. 

Tuesday was fun because Peyton was off! We slept later than we meant to. We were going to drop my car off and then I was going to get my hair cut. We ended up all going to the haircut (Peyton and the kids dropped me off and ran a few errands) and then we dropped my car off. We ran by Belk because I needed some new bras and them came home. We all had lunch and I did school with Annie while Peyton played with Graves. I did dishes and laundry and we cleaned up the kids room. We got them settled and then I read some blogs and Peyton and I looked at some NYC apartments online together. I got ready and we went to pick up my car. Peyton took the kids to the park and I went to my Junior League meeting. I got home and they got home right after me.

We put the kids to bed and I uploaded some pictures to Flikr and Peyton and I talked some about my meeting, leadership opportunities, careers, and that sort of thing. I got AP's school stuff ready and went to bed.

Wednesday was weird because Peyton was gone all day. He had a meeting that morning and went straight to work. I got up and got my bath and got Annie and Graves ready and we left to take her to school. When we got home, Graves and I played outside for almost two hours! He swang, played with chalk, and seesawed. I read a TINY bit. Poor guy didn't know what to do without his best girl and was in my lap and telling me "LOOK AT ME!" constantly. '
I make the kids wear "smocks" because this fancy chalk stains. I put this grimey undershirt of Peyton's on him and he said "pretty". I think he thinks it's a dress.

Anyway, we came in and I straightened some piles and started laundry. I went to clean our bathroom and when I came back he was asleep on the floor. Poor guy. He had had a big snack that morning and so I just put a diaper on him and put him in bed. He woke up and I rocked him back to sleep and then got on the computer and did some things. I finished cleaning the bathroom and got ready and woke him up right as it was time to leave.

We got Annie and ran by Walmart. It worked out well for us to not try naps since we had to be at church anyway.
Graves started pointing and said "Pretty flag. See, Momma?". And just like that I was a blubbering mess in the Walmart.  [It was September 11.]

When we got home from Walmart, I fixed them a big snack (more like lunch/dinner) and then AP wanted to play by herself. I know Graves was so sad; he just stood outside their room and cried. I finally got him playing and then I did some dishes and got ready for church. We picked up toys and left. I helped my friend Karissa with the 3-5 year olds and it was fun, but tiring. She has a wild group! We got home and the kids had another snack/meal and I put them to bed. They sort of had a hard time going to sleep. I read a lot of blogs until Peyton got home and then we talked a long time about homeschooling, NYC, and some other stuff.
Wait, you mean your husband doesn't come home while you're on the phone, tell you to close your eyes, jab a needle in your arm, and hastily slap a band aid on you upside down? Guess there are worse ways to get a flu shot. I opened my eyes just in time.

I woke up with an awful headache on Thursday. I will say that I've been so congested lately, but I've not had as many headaches. I may just want it to be a "cure", but I think drinking more water has helped. Anyway, Peyton was working so I took some medicine and laid on the couch while the kids played. They were really sweet. I made myself drink some water (it just sort of nauseated me that morning) and I think the medicine kicked in. I got up and read to the kids some and then started laundry and talked to my mom on the phone. I took my bath. I felt much better and we got on with our day. I got the kids eating lunch and started vacuuming. Of course, they finished really fast, so I let them play in their room while I did the bedrooms and den. In the middle of that Graves pooped on the floor (like took OFF his underwear, sqautted, and pooped. OMG). Anyway, I cleaned that up and then vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen. We did school and I got the kids settled for nap/rest time.

I ate lunch, got on the computer, and watched The West Wing and folded laundry. When they got up, I folded MORE laundry and then we picked up toys and straightened and ate supper. I bathed them and Peyton got home around eight thirty while they were in the tub (he had a meeting at church after work). We put the kids to bed and ate supper and visited. I read blogs and went to bed.

I got up and got ready to volunteer at the Children's Museum on Friday. It's my placement for Junior League this year and I think it's going to be fun. I answered guests' questions, talked to kids, tidied areas, and helped with a few little projects. I got home around one thirty and Graves had made a mess in the fireplace. Peyton bathed the kids and I cleaned that up. I started laundry and then ate while he got the kids settled. I got on the computer for a bit and took a nap (my head was hurting again). The kids got up late and we ran to Target for a few things and then headed to my parents' for dinner. We ate and gave the kids baths and came home and dropped them in bed. Peyton and I went to bed pretty early ourselves. Graves was up a lot of the night and I thought he might be getting the cold Peyton and I have. He seemed better in the morning, though.

Peyton had a training day for the retreat he's serving at in October on Saturday. I got up with the kids and started laundry and looked for something (some new panties I had bought AP, ha!) and then ate breakfast and took my bath. We all got ready and headed to the Howie's for Aubrey's FIFTH birthday party.
Can you tell she was excited to celebrate her BFF's birthday?

sweet boy in the sunshine!

Peyton ended up meeting us there and it was a fun time. We got home and Peyton left to go study in his hammock at my parents' house. I did dishes and folded some laundry and then got on the computer for a bit. I read some and had a snack and the kids got up. Peyton got home and we all went for a walk and then to the grocery store.
brother-sister grocery store love

More grocery cuddles. My little loves. 

We had supper and put the kids to bed.

I got on the computer and then Peyton and I watched SNL and went to bed.

We got up on Sunday and got ready really quick and went to Sunday school and church. We had looked at some houses on the computer just for fun the night before, so we drove around and looked at some of them. My old drama teacher had been interviewed in a magazine and she and her husband described their Jackson neighborhood and their descriptions sounded like everything we love about Clinton Hill (our top Brooklyn neighborhood). Anyway, we found the house and it was REALLY close to the house I grew up in, which is a not great area by some standards now. That said, our NYC trip has sort of given me a different perspective on things. We talked about it and then came home and had lunch. The kids played (we skipped naps) and I tagged some things for a consignment sale and started laundry and did dishes. We got ready and dropped my clothes off. We had some time before church so we drove around some more while both kids napped in the car. We got to church and it was a good service. We picked up Abners on the way home and when we got home I helped the kids clean up their room and I put them to bed while Peyton studied. I got on the computer and then Peyton and I visited.

This week is a LONG week as far as work for Peyton, plus he has some other pharmacy stuff going on. There's one last fun consignment sale this week, but overall I feel like it's kinda going to be one we push through. I'm hoping to at least check some things off my list around the house!

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