Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #234 (September 16-22)-- Papa Gets to Studying

Peyton's been working hard to get ready for his New York pharmacy law test. He actually took it today! So he spent some time last week studying. It was a somewhat busy week, but it was fun!

I got up on Monday and got Annie ready and then got ready myself to go to the CPC. Peyton packed AP's lunch and dressed Graves and we left about the same time. It was a good morning at the CPC and when I got home Peyton and I talked some and we realized the sink was clogged. Peyton had to leave for work, so Graves and I ran to Kroger to get some Liquid Plumber. We got home and I used it and then Graves and I played and hung up clothes. I did dishes and we had lunch. We played a little more and went to get Annie. I put Graves down when we got home and AP and I talked about her day. I got her settled and got on the computer. Graves never went to sleep and it seemed like one or both of them needed me the whole nap time.
Not the way naptime is supposed to look!

 I ate a snack and read a few blogs. I got the kids up and folded laundry while they played and then I fixed them supper and we ate outside. I read while they ate and played. We came in and I bathed them and put them to bed. I ate something and read some blogs and worked on a post until Peyton got home. We talked a bunch and went to bed.

Peyton worked on Tuesday morning and the kids slept late-ish. We got up around eight thirty and I was still just laying around when the doorbell rang. It was the termite guy I had forgotten about just over to do our yearly inspection. Anyway, I put on some non-pjs shorts and answered the door really fast. He checked and I ate breakfast. It was actually good because I got going. I started dishes and laundry and he left and the kids and I did school. I took my bath sort of late and we all went to the libray.
This wild thing did pretty good today on one of the twenty five book library runs. Could've been better, but could've been WAY worse.

We got home and the kids ate lunch and I got them settled. Graves took a pretty short nap and the kids seemed extremely needy again. I ate lunch and read a few blogs, but I really didn't get much done. I folded a bit of laundry and got ready and got the kids ready and we left for Ultreya. I hadn't been able to find a sitter for the nursery and I was planning on going to a (my favorite) consignment sale that night. Anyway, Peyton met me there and kept the nursery while I went to the sale. We had a misunderstanding and he sort of got there late(ish). I made it to the sale right in time. Minnie met me there and Morgan and a few other friends were there, too. It was really fun. When I got home, Peyton had the kids in bed. I cooked Tilapia for us and we ate and talked. I cleaned up the kitchen and got Annie's school stuff ready and got on the computer for a few minutes. We went to bed pretty early for us.

Peyton had a seminar on Wednesday morning and he was so tired (Graves was up early and we just put him in our bed, but he was sort of restless). Anyway, he slept and I got the kids ready to take Annie to school. I had a little extra time so I did a few things on the computer and got Annie to color a picture for the director of her school, whose birthday was that day. We left and dropped AP off. When we got home, I played outside with Graves a bit. I read some and also straightened the carport a little. We came in and I started laundry and picked up around the house. I got our bed made and the kids room straight and then I worked on organizing some clothes in boxes at the top of their closet. Graves was all  in my hair, but he was so sweet, too. I just love having this time with just him. Anyway, we ate lunch and I got him settled for a nap. It worked out well that he had gotten up early because I knew there wouldn't be much time between picking Annie up and going to church. I got on the computer and worked on a post and checked my email and stuff. I ended up taking a short power nap and then we left to get Annie. There was a short birthday celebration for Dr. Ward, the director of the school, and we stuck around for that. After that, we came straight home. The kids ate a snack and played with play dough almost until it was time for church (like over an hour). I unpacked AP's bags, straightened, organized piles, and started flipping through a huge stack of magazines I need to go through. We got ready and left for church. It went well and we had a lot of good discussion in our group.

We got home and the kids ate a bit and then I got them ready for bed.
Well, that wasn't an exactly easy conversation to have with my four year old. Sometimes I feel so ill-equipped for this.

Best sleeping picture to date. Sorta reminds me of The Wizard of Oz.

I finished Graves's letter, put pictures on Facebook, and read some blogs. By the time Peyton got home I was SO tired and we talked and just went to bed.

I woke up a few times during the night and I was sort of tired when I got up to get ready to volunteer at the Children's Museum on Thursday. I got ready and left and it was a good, busy morning there. Peyton met me there with the kids so he could get to work. We came home and straightened and had lunch and then I put them down for naps.I got on the computer for a bit, ate lunch, and then took a legit nap. It was nice and I got up groggy, but it helped us have SUCH a productive evening. When the kids got up, we played and I started dishes and laundry. I cooked supper and did more dishes and then we did school until it was ready.
I made a new lasagna-like casserole and Graves was a BIG fan!

 The kids ate and I bathed them and put them to bed. I got on the computer and read blogs. When Peyton got home we talked. He went for a walk and I went to bed early-ish.

I got up feeling so well-rested on Friday. The kid slept sort of late and we actually did school while they were having breakfast. Annie was so focused and alert! I took my bath and we all got ready and Peyton left for work and the kids and I met Carrie and her crew at Newks for lunch. It was pretty chaotic, but we had fun! When we got home, I did dishes and swept while the kids played. We picked up toys and I got them settled for naps. I read blogs, wrote a post, and checked Twitter. I did my Bible study and watched The West Wing and folded laundry. The kids got up and we picked up toys and then left for Mickey and Minnie's.
This is what Mickey did to my baby while we were in NYC-- instilling HIS weather fear in her. Pretty sure this was his internal state every time there was a tornado watch/warning growing up. OMG, I told her we just had to get in the car. "BUT THE LIGHTENING MAY GET US". 

We had a fun time and got home late. I put the kids to bed and read blogs a bit until Peyton got home. We talked and went to bed. I had terrible headaches and congestion during the night.

Peyton had to work on Saturday. The kids slept a little late again and we had a nice morning. I felt really good again- I immediately got to work putting up clean laundry in their room and then we went through some of their books to decide what to take to NYC. We've got a lot of purging to do, but it's nice to take some baby steps. We cleaned up toys and then ate a late breakfast. I folded more laundry and did dishes and then I took my bath and we got ready and went to Hobby Lobby. The kids had a late lunch and I got them settled for rest time. Graves never fell asleep and I didn't get a lot done. I ate something and got on the computer and read a bit. They got up and we played until Peyton got home. We grilled chicken and I made these roasted tomatoes. I had told AP she could jump in puddles when Peyton got home, but they had dried up. I ended up dumping their wagon that was full of water over for the kids to play in. It felt good to do a little thing that made them so happy.
[Graves was next to naked in most of the pictures, so that's why Annie is the prominent one in these!]

We came in and ate and bathed the kids. I got on the computer and Peyton and I chatted and went to bed.

We got up and headed to Sunday school and church. Peyton took attendance during Sunday school and ushered. It was a good morning. We got home and I fed the kids lunch and got them down. Peyton left to go study for his test and I read some blogs and ate my lunch. I read a lot on the internet :) Peyton got home and I got the kids ready and packed them supper and we headed back to night church. It was a great sermon.

I have to say, it's interesting when you realize that you've never felt so spiritually supported in your chosen vocation as when your senior pastor leads a time of offering praise and it culminates with him sharing that his granddaughter sat through all of church this morning and teeteed in the potty. My children's small successes? I think it's good and right to offer up praise to Him who created their tiny selves. And conversely, the also seemingly inconsequential difficulties of a day with them? I've decided it's not so silly to petition the Lord in those moments, too. Even more stirring, was that the sermon was about "success". So often I struggle with the fact that I'm not a "successful" person by most people's standards. But that doesn't really matter in the end, because what I am doing matters. I had the kind of headache that comes from crying a little too hard at the altar. I got home and we got the kids settled. It took awhile and I was sort of tired. Anyway, I got on the computer a bit, but went to bed early because of the headache thing. 

Peyton took his test today and I'm so glad it's over with. We have to wait a week to find out if he passed, but at least it's done. This is a pretty busy week, but I think we're ready for it. And towards the end, Cookie's coming home for a visit! 

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