Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekly Smorgasbord

Links from the past week or so:

On Parenting:
Posted: 10 Sep 2013 08:46 PM PDT
"But what if the hearts of moms were watered. Not sprinkled every now and then, but watered all the way down to their roots. What if we knew in the core of our being, that we don't have to measure up. What if we knew that Jesus Christ loves and accepts us just as we are. That He is passionate about our children and will walk beside us, in all our shortcomings, to make us the kind of mom we need to be. What if we could quit judging cute mom or healthy mom or crafty mom and instead see them as real, human mom in need of love and encouragement just like us? "
Posted: 10 Sep 2013 08:41 PM PDT
"She should know that she is loved wholly and unconditionally, all of the time. He should know that he is safe and he should know how to keep himself safe in public, with others, and in varied situations. He should know that he can trust his instincts about people and that he never has to do something that doesn't feel right, no matter who is asking. He should know his personal rights and that his family will back them up. She should know how to laugh, act silly, be goofy and use her imagination. She should know that it is always okay to paint the sky orange and give cats 6 legs. He should know his own interests and be encouraged to follow them. If he could care less about learning his numbers, his parents should realize he'll learn them accidentally soon enough and let him immerse himself instead in rocket ships, drawing, dinosaurs or playing in the mud. She should know that the world is magical and that so is she. She should know that she's wonderful, brilliant, creative, compassionate and marvelous. She should know that it's just as worthy to spend the day outside making daisy chains, mud pies and fairy houses as it is to practice phonics. Scratch that-- way more worthy."

Posted: 11 Sep 2013 07:31 PM PDT
"And I think about all the mamas working the night shift, doing the bedtime two step, the rock and roll of coaxing sleep and timing the tender release of heads into cool beds just right. This boring ordinary. This beautiful calling."

On Writing:
Posted: 06 Sep 2013 09:59 PM PDT
"I'm convinced that fear is at the" root of most bad writing."

Posted: 10 Sep 2013 08:35 PM PDT
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 08:03 PM PDT
This is controversial, but it's so well done, I think from an artistic point of view, I had to share it. Also...I had to share it because I think it's worth hearing the perspective of a native New Yorker who experienced the tragedy as a twelve year old child.

On Suicide:
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 07:23 PM PDT
"Reaching out for help was one of the hardest, most painful things that I've ever done. Healing is ugly and it's messy and it takes a long time and there will always be scars, but what matters is that our stories go on. My story could have ended with a widow wondering what she possibly could have done and two boys growing up wondering why their dad left them alone, but instead, it's still being written. The pages are dog-eared and highlihgted with words and lines and whole paragraphs crossed out in some places, but in spite of all the edits, it's a story that's worth finishing.  And so is yours."

On Living in a Small Home:
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 07:56 PM PDT
This chick lives in her 1000 sq foot house with her husband and four kids. Now there's some perspective.

On Disagreeing:
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 07:44 PM PDT
"It simplifies things when we can write-off the thoughts and opinions of other people by assuming they've taken the easy way out, that they're just trying to be popular and liked. It's oddly affirming to tell ourselves that we're the ones living counter-culturally, we're the ones taking all the risks for the truth, we're the ones getting persecuted for our right and true beliefs.  And it's a bit disconcerting to confront the reality that it's possible to wrestle with the same God and walk with the same limp and yet reach different conclusions."

On Addiction:
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 11:43 PM PDT
I was hooked on heroin for years. But now I've learned that every feeling will pass if you give it time. And if you learn to deal with your feelings, they'll pass by faster each time. So don't rush to cover them up by medicating them. You've got to deal with them."
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 08:21 PM PDT
"It's really, really hard sometimes but there is something prophetic happening in our upstairs apartment.  It's when my husband and I choose only each other again and again, even when we're exhausted and frustrated and have said things we regret.  It's when our friends pursue sexual wholeness together, when we name addiction for what it is and walk the hard road towards sexual sobriety.  It's when we re-imagine the possibilities of honest to goodness friendship within our own gender and between men and women, when we really see each other as unique individuals powerfully equal, Imago Dei shining bright.  It's when we practice the quiet, subversive sacrament of neighbourliness.  We are digging a hole here, planting our little tree and watching it grow; one day those roots will erupt through the concrete on our street.  As Indian novelist and activist Arundhati Roy has written, "Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.""

On Fox Noises:
Posted: 12 Sep 2013 09:02 PM PDT


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