Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Driving the Buick

One the drive up to Chicago (which, whoa, whata drive!) I was reminded of something I've been thinking about missing, something sort of shocking for me.
Y'all, I'm going to miss driving.
We're planning to (likley) live in an area where owning a car would be feasible, but honestly it'd be an expense and it's just not super practical for us. Plus, I've said this before, but one of the things that SOLD Peyton on the city years ago was the awesome public transportation. So we want to make use of that.
Anyway, if you know me at all this is a big shock. Because I'm an awful driver, truly awful (but I've gotten better with age and the double addition of the precious cargo). Furthermore, I *hate* to drive. My sister used to drive us to school when we were in high school. Everyone chuckled because I was the older one, but the day she got her license was the day I turned over the keys.
That said, I'm going to miss the ol' Buick. She's been on many a trip around town and a couple around the country. I know I totally look like I belong in a geratric ward, but every peice of Bump (my grandmother who I lost five years ago, two months before our wedding) is a piece I cherish. Additionally, the car has a boat load of space and is SO COMFY. Peyton and I joke that the most comfortable peice of furniture we own is the front seat of the Buick. It's actually a bench (more like a couch) because there's tiny middle seat in front when you pop up the console. We've made use of it in a few emergency situation, but in general that feels a bit too redneck for even me. It's just so comfy. Thirteen-ish hours wasn't near as bad yesterday as it would have been in Peyton's tiny Mazda.
But more than that, I'm going to miss the driving. The experience it's become for me. I had two kids who like/love being in the car (I know I'm so, so blessed). There was a short stint of car aggravation with Graves, but overall they really like riding around. So it's become a place of peace for me. I'm not (usually) breaking up fights even though they sit next to each other. And I can (sometimes) tune them out and just listen to music and realize that we'll be at the place we're going when we get there and there's no to-do list beckoning me and I can finally breath. And have a thought. And let go a bit.
Peyton and I are also big about just riding around together. We usually try to have at least some purpose to it to assuage the needless gas guilt, but sometimes we just like to go for a Sunday (or Tuesday or Friday) drive. Again, the kids usually give us some space, we don't have lists pulling at us, and we engage more when there's no screen lures. It ussually evokes some of our best conversations and it's definetly a favorite pastime.
I know I'll find other ways to breath and think and let go, but I'm going to miss the Buick and miss riding (and shockingly, driving!).

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