Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Grits

I had planned to write about the yummy delicious pride of South breakfast staple today and wouldn't you know it they were serving these at the Junior League meeting this morning. 

First of all, it pays to have a husband who works evenings. Because breakfast at the League house? So incredibly good.

But moving on, grits are a favorite. Peyton and I both really enjoy them. In fact, one reason I had to include them is because of a hilarious convo we had during our NYC nabe scouting trip in August. We were looking at menus online, trying to figure out where to eat. Peyton was reading and I was doing something else, all of a sudden he says "Look at this." He seems appalled. Disgusted even. I ask him what he's talking about and he says "They have grits in quotation marks on here. Like they're not a real ****** thing". [Use your imitation and choose your favorite expletive...one you'd use, if you know, something truly offended you, like an eatery not acknowledging the legitimacy of your own cherished cultural cuisine.] No, in all seriousness, we laughed a lot. 

Anyway, clearly they're available. And clearly I can make them from a box. Honestly, I looked up the ones pictured above in my JL cookbook and they're made with quick grits. So, so easy. 

But, I love being in a place where I know they'll be on the breakfast menu anywhere I go. I loved knowing that I can get some melt in your mouth cheese grits from Primos any day of the week. I love knowing that I won't have to fix them myself or go on a goose chase to get them. 

And I love that I never see quotation marks around them. 

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