Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Plenty of Space for Four

Peyton and I sat down and made a list last night of the big stuff we are taking to New York. It's not a lot. 

Which is good because there's not gonna be a lot of room. I'm really glad that living in a relatively small house is all I've ever known (as an adult) because I think it will make the transition to a likely 700ish square foot space a little easier. 

That said, it's still a lot less space than we're used to. I'm going to miss not having to really prioritize things and be super creative with storage and that kind of thing. It's just sort of tiring. Honestly, more than anything, I think I'll miss the space less for my stuff and more for ME. We've gone back and forth about if a two bedroom is really necessary (we're getting a sofa bed, so if we do have an additional bedroom, it'll be for storage, the computer, a twin bed for guests, ect.). 

It's pretty important to me just because I feel like I'll function better if I can have some personal space, especially at nap time and bedtime when I'm used to having time to myself. 

I think it's going to be great for me to have to downsize my wardrobe and chunk some toys and embrace a bit more of a minimalist lifestyle. But I know I'm going to miss the breathing room this house provides and I know I'll miss not having to squeeze and constantly evaluate if we have room for things. And I know most of all I'll miss having space for the four of us to just spread out and enjoy some solitude. 

Here's to becoming a bit "closer" as a family, though! 

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