Monday, October 7, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Sweet Tea

I finally sat down and made a list posts I want to do and I decided to somewhat try to organize these a little better. It was good to start is a "Just Write" sort of fashion, because it was fun to share things that popped into my mind based on a day's experiences. But there are things I definitely want to write about, so I knew I needed a bit more structure. I decided to spend the next couple of days hitting on food again.

This one is a bit surprising, honestly. If I'm in a restaurant (or at home) I pretty much always opt for a Coca Cola if I'm not drinking water (or milk with dessert). But the other day, Peyton brought home about a half a gallon of McAlister's tea from an event at church. And let me tell you, I enjoyed every drop. [I actually do get tea, instead of a Coke, at McAlisters, but we don't go that often.] He also had a cup of those huge lemon slices they have and I just really indulged. It felt like a little luxury for a few days.

I guess this is one of those things you don't think much about when it's available, but I know that, especially in the Summer, I'll miss having it as an easy option. It's also one of those things I know I'll appreciate and indulge in more when I get home.

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