Monday, October 28, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Trips to See Granny

Peyton took the kids a couple of hours down south to see his grandmother yesterday. It was one of only a handful trips with him down there that I've missed over the years.

This is a Mississippi goodbye that's hard to say because I'm terrified it will be a permanent goodbye. I adore Granny and I just so enjoy visiting with her and being out in the country.

Granny's doing really good for someone her age, but there's...her age. We're really being intentional about trying to get down there more often before the move.

I don't know where the logical close to this post is and, short as it was, it was really difficult to write. I guess I can only end by saying that I know Granny is proud of us for taking this risk, this leap, this adventure. She has so many stories of boldness and I hope that Peyton and I and our children do her and PopPop justice in carrying on such a wonderful legacy.
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