Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Fabulous Consignment Sales

I said yesterday that there was one more "event" I'd miss and that, of course, is the kids consignment sales. I have eBay and Zulily, of course and if I'm being honest, I noticed that the kids really are starting to "age out" of the cutest stuff. 

But the experience is SO much fun, I know I'd keep going indefinitely. I always take Minnie to the really good one and Carrie helps me at the others. It's such a fun process- we grab a ton of stuff and then go through the elimination process. Usually several times!

It's a silly, shallow thing in the overall picture of life, but I look so forward to going to a handful of sales in the Fall and the Spring. It's fun to feel like you're getting a steal and honestly, I find cuter stuff at those most of the time than I ever do shopping retail. It's often hardly worn and like I said it's just a fun process when your friends do it, too.

I know it's one of the "silly" things I'll miss the most. The thing I'll feel guilty about missing because it's so shallow and unimportant. And like I said, there are other alternatives and the Golden Age of Consignment shopping is likely coming to a close. And besides that, I'm planning to send Minnie to at least the best ones!

Because my babies are wearing bishops and jonjons, regardless of what the other Northern babies wear :)

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