Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Convenience

We went to Target today, the kids and I. It wasn't the easiest trip (it wasn't the hardest either). It occurred to me on the way home how IMMEASURABLY more difficult going to Target in New York will be (take a train, take a bus, walk a few blocks). 

And so many things are that way. I'm really, REALLY going to miss the convenience of suburbia. I know I am. And we're really, REALLY spoiled. The grocery store, Target, an amazing park, and a great library are all literally within a mile of our house. It's lovely, really, how accessible everything is. 

I did remind myself of the silver linings, though:
a) at least Brooklyn has a Target
b) I probably won't have to deal with my sports bra sticking to my back with sweet in MID OCTOBER up there 
and c) (as a friend on Twitter pointed out) we get to live in NEW YORK CITY

I guess my Target inconveniences will be worth it, but it's still a goodbye I hate to say!

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