Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes:My Favorite Restuarants

I wrote about my favorite restaurants by category in this post a good while back, but really not a lot has changed. 

If I tried to give my top favorites across the price spectrum, it would probably line up like this:

Newks or Fernandos for a budget option
Julep for a mid range
Walkers for a high end dinner

Honestly, I'll probably miss Walker's the most, even though for obvious reasons it's the one we frequent the least.  It's just so amazingly delicious. It's top notch and I truly think it's the best food anywhere. Additionally, while it sort of can break the bank, everything is relative, and on occasion it's affordable. I know I would feel incredible guilt about the amount of money we'd have to spend to eat at a comparable restaurant in NYC and it's just something we won't do. 

So, goodbye soup and salad combo from Newks (tomato basil and a simply, tossed with Ranch)! Goodbye out-of-this-world-to-die-for queso from Fernados! Goodbye sweet, lovely strawberry walnut salad and suasage quiche and (again) tomato basil bisque from Julep! And goodbye mouth watering, incomparable, unrivaled Redfish Anna and wedge salad from Walkers. I will miss you terribly!


Bech and Marley Evans said...

Newk's tomato soup is so good. Ah...I miss Jackson food! Except for when we lived in Burlington (which has ridiculously amazing local food), I have never loved the restaurant selection as much as Jackson.

Mimi said...

All of these are wonderful restaurants, I agree : )