Sunday, October 6, 2013

31Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: Our Wonderful Neighbors

First things first. I missed yesterday. And if you know me and my personality, you know that irritates me to no end. BUT, we will have driven twenty six hours in four days by the end of this shindig, we made it through one big wedding day with one super little girl and we had some late nights with that same little girl. It's been kind of crazy and I need to keep some perspective. In fact, the only reason this is coming in under the wire is because I'm writing it on my phone in the car (and I'm the girl who doesn't even like to text).

Anyway, last night at dinner we were talking with some friends from NYC that the bride connected us with and they were talking about how much they loved their neighbors in their apartment building. It got me thinking about our neighbors on our block here. 

Our next door neighbor Prentice is such a character. He literally has the most "colorful" vocabulary of any adult I know. That's just not the kind of thing that bothers me and Peyton and honestly I think it adds to his charm. He wears snakeskin boots when he's practicing law and an LSU bathrobe when he's not. But despite the tough facade evoked by his salty mouth, he is the kindest man. I remember how he told me when Peyton and I got married that I was moving to a street where the neighbors looked out for one another. And he noticed awhile back when Peyton started working more nights. He's very vigilant about his neighbors' safety.  But the most defining interaction came when I inadvertently locked my keys and my child in the car at the same time.  I knocked on his door in hysterical tears and he (and his wife and daughter) figured out how to break in the car and get Graves out really quickly while I panicked. He has such a special place in my heart. 

Our neighbors on the other side are also incredibly sweet. They brought us dinner when the kids were born and are just generally nice people. But the major standout is that they are huge pet lovers and are so attentive to our cats, as well as their own- both with practical needs and with affection. The latter is so nice because we're in a season where most of the time the recipients of our affection are human babies. As far as the former, they go above and beyond. Mr. Hobart once treated an open "abscess" when we were out of town and Darth apparently was involved in an altercation with another animal. It was AWFUL and we couldn't thank him enough for his attention to her injury. 

Our across the street neighbor, Todd, is really a gem, too. He does carpentry, painting, and other work on houses. As he's really talented and really affordable, we used him a year or so ago to do some work on our house. He's such a great, easy going guy and I know if I hadn't been able to get Prentice to the door that scary afternoon, Todd would have coat-hangered the car door and saved Baby Graves in a hot second. We always say we're going to have him over for a beer, but he's crazy busy and works like 24/7. Also, we suck at follow through. But it was fun when our kids played together in the snow last Winter and his wife made "snow cream" and brought out spoons for everyone. 

We have some amazing neighbors and it's nice when the people you share a neighborhood with ate kind, genuine, and willing to lend a hand. It'll be fun to meet new neighbors in the Big Apple, but I wish we didn't have to say goodbye to these guys. 

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