Sunday, October 27, 2013

Letter to (Thirty Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

I say this every month, but you are so cute, so sweet, so funny. Sometimes my heart feels like it could explode just because you are so amazingly wonderful.

You are an absolute mess. You want to constantly be climbing on, hanging on, or standing on something. Usually something you shouldn't be climbing, hanging, or standing on. The other day I took you and Annie outside because she wanted to play in some puddles so badly. Of course, that would have been too easy for you. You wanted to wash your hair in them!

You have the best little disposition. Mickey calls you his "happy little guy". And you really are. You get into trouble, and you don't always mind very well, but you are generally so easy going and good natured it makes up for the hard stuff!

You love to eat! You crack me up with the amount of food you can put away. I made something similar to lasagna awhile back and you devoured it. You were literally licking your plate and had about three servings.

You also love you some comfort items. You like to "relax" in the mornings and sometimes you'll just get your baa (your paci) and a bunch of lovies (the way you say lovies in your sweet Southern voices is almost too much) and just snuggle for a bit.

You are such an affectionate little guy. You got your Elmo slipper the other day and started pretending to make it cry. Then you started rocking it and says "Elmo sweet baby". This is super weird but hardly a day goes by that I don't think about the kind of father you might be one day. Maybe it's not that weird, though, because even when we were just close friends, hardly a day went by of me watching your papa with kids at the pool that I didn't think the same thing. I'm so blessed to live in a house where the men, big and little, are care givers and nurturers.

You are so independent and want to do everything "by myself". Papa and I were talking recently about how self sufficient you are. This is a great thing until you decide to try to change your own diaper!

You are talking a good bit now and the things you say are so sweet. We were in Walmart on September 11th and you pointed at an American flag and said "Pretty flag. See, Momma?". It just brought me to tears. Your aunt Cookie got engaged (!!!) and you heard me keep saying "Oh my gosh!" on the phone. For about the next week you couldn't stop saying "Oh my gosh, Coney!" (Coney is how you refer to Conrad, Cookie's fiance).

You and your sister are, as always, so sweet. The other night I heard "Tickle soft, Bud" followed by gurggly, paci suppressed laughter. I snuck over to the door and you had her foot in your hand. You two are so funny! I also heard Annie tell you "No, Bud. George WASHINGTON is a president. CURIOUS George is a monkey. They are *not* the same." Preschooler/toddler convos are the best.

You are going to be the frog prince for Halloween. It's actually a six month costume that Minnie cut the feet out of it. It's a little snug, but it works. Which is sort of ridiculous. Annie loves when you wear it. She can't stop kissing you! 

You have gotten really jealous of Annie's jewelry lately, so Minnie made you your own little braided leather bracelet. You love it!

Annie was a flower girl in a wedding in Chicago a few weeks ago and we opted to leave you with Mickey and Minnie. You had the best time and got even more attached that you already were. When we got home Annie told me "I'm so happy to be back with my prince. I had fun, but I really missed him". You two are so sweet. And you now call Mickey "Rob". Haha. You and Annie also enjoy pretending to get married now and you have the routine down pat. Y'all walk down an "aisle" holding hands and it's adorable. 

This is very random, but I had to include it. I was enjoying some pimento cheese the other day and it got me thinking about your first year and how I couldn't have ANY dairy because it upset your tummy so. I'm not trying to sound boastful, but when I thought about it, I really think nursing a lactose intolerant child for a year was the greatest non-spiritual accomplishment of my life. It was hard, but it was so, SO worth it to do it for you!

Graves, you are the most wonderful little boy. You are so much. You're so full of life and energy and love and joy. I couldn't have ever asked for more!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit is a 2T/3T and it's a little small. I think it's a weird thing with the brand, though, because you're still such a peanut!

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Jennifer said...

That is so funny about George Washington and Curious George! Those dairy-free days seem so long ago. How did we manage that?