Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Happenings

I really like the design this month. Last year I did a bold, overly Halloween-ish look and it didn't suit me. This October feels much better. The pictures seem blurrier than usual, but whatever. I really like the quote and I was excited to find a font I don't think I've ever used before.

October is busy. I've been telling Peyton since August it would be and I think he FINALLY believes me :)

- This weekend Peyton, Annie and I are headed to Chicago for a friends' wedding. Annie is actually the flower girl and Peyton is reading Scripture. We decided to leave Graves at home with the grandparents because I wanted to be able to sit toward the front in case anything happened with Ann Peyton. Oh, and we're driving. I know we're also crazy. But I think it will be okay. I love, love, LOVE car trips with Peyton and AP is pretty chill about the car. But twelve hours is a long trip for a kid her age, so...

- We get back on Monday (really late Sunday) and have Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday through Sunday Peyton is serving on staff at a retreat. Whew!

- I think the month will calm down a bit after that, but it's still busy.

- We're having friends to dinner one night and trying to make plans to meet and eat with some others (this is big on the list of things we want to do before the move).

- I have my monthly League meeting, plus I'm doing some Children's Museum shifts and one of my Bargain Boutique shifts. Plus I need to get stuff together for my donation obligation for Bargain Boutique.

- And then at the end of the month, I have my first Mistletoe set up shift!

- Our circle at church is hosting a few things and I've signed up to bring stuff.

Whew! It doesn't look too bad, but for some reason it has me overwhelmed!

Okay, so here were my September goals:

1. Drink at least four glasses of water daily. Y'all. I pretty much did this. Like I said, I realize that that is HALF of what I should be getting, but it's a big step for me. I slacked off toward the end of the month, but I have felt better, so I want to keep making this a big priority. 

2. Devote at least some time exclusively to Graves on Wednesdays when AP is at school I did this, too and it's been wonderful! He is such a sweet boy and I don't want to take moments with him (especially the few I'm given with just him) for granted. 

3. Spend time with Peyton working through our new Bible study. This didn't really happen and I'm kind of embarassed about it. We have been spending time together at night, but we're both just unmotivated when he gets home late. That's the trade off of having him here a good many mornings with us, and I LOVE that, but it's hard to really knock something out at eleven o'clock at night. I mean, it's hard mentally. I clean toilets like a boss at eleven because I'm a night owl. But it's hard for me to intensive study something. Anyway, I'm leaving it on the list. 
4. Memorize Annie's school memory verses as she does Did this! They were from Proverbs and honestly I would have picked something different, I think, but it's been good. I need to get a video of her doing them because we made up motions together and it's GREAT.

New goals:

1. Spend time with Peyton working through our new Bible study. Honestly, this isn't an easy thing for me, either. I really, REALLY need to be more disciplined. 

2. Change over both kids' closets for Fall. This shouldn't be bad. I've done AP's and I want to knock out Graves's soon after we get back from Chicago. I'm also trying to go through their Summer clothes and figure out what will still fit next year to pack for NYC.

3. Speaking of, I'm going to try to tackle a couple of things to prepare. First of all, I want to get caught up on laundry. And I don't just mean daily stuff. I sometimes buy things "ahead" for the kids and they sit in the laundry room for months because obviously  I want to wash them before I hang them up. I also have a couple of bags from SIL of boy stuff for Graves that I've basically been storing in the laundry room.

4. I also want to tackle my closet (including changing it over), the laundry room and the sun room. I just want to go through and really minimize and consolidate. We have SO much we don't need. 

These seem pretty ambitious to me and if I fail on some, that's okay, but I need to set high goals so we can be ready for the move in January. 

Here's to October, a month when life starts all over again. May we be wise stewards of this life, and month, we've been givenand live each and every moment to the fullest and love each moment to the hardest. 

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