Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Happenings #239 (October 21-27)-- Inching Toward October's End

Last week was a fun one! It wasn't too busy, but we had some fun stuff going on. And Peyton was off several days!

I got up on Monday and got Annie ready and took my bath and got ready. I took her to school and then did some errands while Peyton was at home with Graves. I bought some tea that I had signed up to bring for a couple of things at the church and then dropped it off. I also picked up my new glasses. I came home and talked to Peyton and he left for work. I did laundry and dishes and straightened some piles and then Graves and I ate lunch and left to pick up Ann Peyton.

I got them settled and during naptime I had a snack and visited with Annie and then folded some laundry and uploaded pictures. I sent a few emails and then read some and did my Bible study. Pretty productive nap time! When the kids got up, we headed to my parents' for dinner since we hadn't seen them on Friday (they had been out of town). We ate and visited and then I bathed them both. We came home and I put them right to bed. I blogged and then Peyton got home. We chatted and went to bed late.

Tuesday was a nice day at home. Peyton got a bunch done in the yard (he had the day off) and I got a good bit done in the house. I actually got up sort of late and made a quick trip to the attic for a few things. I took my bath and had breakfast and then loaded and unloaded dishes and scrubbed the counters in the kitchen. I started laundry and cooked some chicken for that night. I organized and went through several really daunting piles of junk and then the kids and I had lunch and we did school.

During naptime, I cleaned up the den and shredded chicken and then got on the computer a bit. I made a salad and cleaned the bathrooms and Graves got up. I vacuumed the rug in the den and then got ready because we were having company that night. I started the poppyseed chicken and some green beans and our friends, the Rambos, got here. They're missionaries in Africa and are home raising support. They are THE sweetest people and so easy to visit with. I loved catching up with Meg. And they have three adorable boys- Annie and Graves had so much fun, too! They left around nine and we got the kids to bed and cleaned up the kitchen and picked up toys. I wrote a quick post and went to bed feeling kind of yucky.

I woke up before seven with an AWFUL headache. It was one of the worst ever and I could barely get to the bathroom I was so dizzy and lightheaded. I thought I was going to throw up but I never did. I told Peyton he needed to cancel his meeting and he wasn't happy. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to see if a bath would help. I decided to try to pull myself together and Peyton helped me a ton with getting the kids ready. I took Annie to school and Peyton went ahead to his meeting.
Oh goodness. He said it ws "freezing cold". Dude is in for a rude awakening come January.

Graves and I had a very low key morning. We just snuggled and played on the couch and it was really so sweet. I did manage to unload the dishes while he ate lunch and then I put him down for a nap. I got on Facebook for a bit and then laid down myself. I got him up and we went and got Annie. We came home, had snacks, repacked bags and got ready for church. We're discussing community/authenticity/relationships in our Wednesday night groups and I *love* it. When we got home, I put the kids to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home. We visited and went to bed.

I volunteered on Thursday at the CPC. They were having their yearly banquet that night and Mrs. Barbara (the director) had asked me if I'd come help that morning. Anyway, I got up and got ready and left. I helped around the office and ran a quick errand to Office Depot. I got home and talked to Peyton and played with the kids and then started dishes and laundry.
The bedspread is a "stage" and the chairs are for the "audience". She got herself dressed and then told Graves "you can wear some bloomers". She tried pink ruffled ones first but decided they looked "too girly". So she dressed him (literally dressed him like he was her baby doll) in these blue ones. They are such a riot. {Nutcracker in the background.}

They had lunch and took naps and I got on the computer and ate my lunch. When they got up, we spent the evening just playing and doing laundry. I fixed them supper and then bathed them and put them to bed. I read blogs until Peyton got home and we went to bed.

We all got up and had breakfast together and did school on Friday. I got ready and got the kids ready and Carrie and her crew came over for lunch and to play. We had so much fun! When they left, I picked up toys while the kids played outside with Peyton. It was such a nice day for him to be off! We put the kids down for naps and I got on the computer and played around and then filled in some stuff on my calendar. I got ready and went to volunteer at a Halloween event at the Children's Museum. Peyton took the kids to visit both sets of grandparents. I got home shortly before them and they went right to bed. Peyton ran to Walmart and I finished putting stuff in my planner for November. We chatted and I wrote a blog post and went to bed.

I got up late on Saturday. Actually, I had set a few alarms, but I guess I snoozed them because Graves woke us up! I was volunteering at the Children's Museum and the kids had a birthday party Peyton was taking them to and then they were heading to Granny's. I wrapped the present, fixed AP's hair, and got myself ready in rapid speed.
sweet little chickadee

 I was at the museum for about five hours. It was pretty slow, but I had a good day.
Spin Art from the museum-- not a bad way to spend a Saturday!

I got home and relaxed. It was nice to have some time by myself. I got on the computer and then worked on sorting through some things that had been under Annie's bed.
 About twenty pairs of jeans. And I'm SO happy that, while my best fitting bra may have come from the little girl's section at Target, after carrying and birthing two humans, most of these high school/college jeans won't even go over my hips. Related: tell all you tweenage girl friends next week would be a great time for them to hit up Bargain Boutique.

Peyton and the kids got home and he dropped them in bed. We talked and I kept working and then I got on the computer. We talked about New York and went to bed late.

We got up and got going early on Sunday. It was the Children's Sabbath so AP was singing with the Angel Choir at both services.

Graves didn't want to go to the nursery and he actually did GREAT and made it through the whole service.
You know what is super adorable? When Annie told him "Brother Mitchell is our pastor" and he said "LOVE that pastor".

We went to Sunday school- our associate pastor,  Owen, started a new series. After that Peyton taught children's church at the late service and I helped. He had a great dramatic reenactment he had the kids do of Jonah. He brought my sinus spray (saline) and sprayed salt water on them, flickered the lights, and used his leaf blower to create wind. It was great! The kids and I came home and Peyton stayed for a meeting. I fixed them lunch and started dishes and laundry and then got them settled. I got on the computer and then read some and took a nap. I had to wake Graves up and we left for the Fall Festival at church.
The fact that he's pulling her along is sort of indicative of their little personalities.

We had a great time and came home and put the kids to bed. Peyton and I talked about NYC and I blogged and we went to bed.

This week is busy and Peyton is working a good bit, but I think it's going to be a good one. I just wish it would actually get cool since it will be NOVEMBER!

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