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Weekly Happenings Post #235 (September 23-29)-- A Visit From a (FRESHLY ENGAGED!!) SISTER

Monday was awful. Sometimes you just have to call things. And I'm calling it- Monday was perfectly awful. I got up and got the kids both ready and AP's lunch packed because Peyton was studying for his test later that day (so I skipped the CPC). We left and dropped Annie off and then ran some errands. We hit Walmart and Target. So far, so good.
Mr. Big Stuff not only wanted to hold my hand when we left the store (as opposed to being carried) but also insisted on carrying my stuff. How sweet is he?

However, when we got home, Graves was really clingy and fussy. I sorted some clothes while he played/fussed and then fixed his lunch. I settled him down for an early nap, but he couldn't fall asleep. I got some dishes done but that was it. He got up to potty and Peyton got home. Things got MUCH worse. He adores Peyton and of course wanted to be with him. But Peyton was still trying to study. We (or he) should have just left. I got some clothes folded, but it was just a rough morning with a lot of tears. We left early because I had forgotten something at Target. Anyway, we got Annie and the day just got worse. I fed the kids a snack and tried to get Graves to nap again. He stayed in his room for maybe an hour and either he or Annie or both needed me for something literally about every two minutes. I got nothing done except eating a sandwich and  and barely that. During the course of this all, Annie got in trouble several times. I heard myself say "and your FOURTH mistake was lying to me about it" and Graves turned over his rocking chair and pulled a picture off the wall. I was FRAZZLED. Peyton got home from his test (he said he didn't know how he did) and helped me fed the kids and bath them. I cleaned up the kitchen and we put them down early. Peyton left to meet a pharmacist friend and I got on the computer. He brought dinner home and we ate and went to bed.
The toddler version of a swaddle-- hedged in on all sides complete with a giant hippo at your head. Peyton sure knows how to make a boy feel secure.

I volunteered at the Children's Museum on Tuesday. I got up and got ready and kissed everyone bye. I was in the art room and we painted with coffee which was really fun. It was a rainy day and the museum was slow, but the time went fast for some reason.

Peyton met me with the kids and we headed home. I fixed them lunch and started dishes and laundry and when they finished I got them dressed and we headed to the grocery store since it had stopped raining. I let them play in the puddles when we got home and that required a bath afterwards.
Because just jumping in them would be too simple...

Time of his life!

I separated them for about an hour, but Graves had taken a car nap, so I knew he wouldn't fall asleep. When they got up, I made a chicken pot pie. I vacuumed and scrubbed the kitchen floor while they played and it cooked. And then when it was ready they ate and I vacuumed the rest of the house. I did their nighttime routines and got them to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home.

I'll be doing a better job at previewing the library books AP picks before we read together. I know, duh. I'd honestly not steered her away from books about slavery, discrimination, ect. but this was too graphic. We skipped a good chunk. It was beautiful, well written, and a wonderful (and heartbreaking) story. But not appropriate for a (well my) four year old. I skipped the parts where the little girl's momma had gotten whipped and her back was bleeding. But I couldn't skip the ending where she sent her on the Underground Railroad, but stayed behind to help others. The author's note at end said that while it may seem unimaginable, our modern day equivalent is birth mothers who give up their baby for adoption. I explained to Annie that some mommas can't take care of their babies and need another family to help. "But the baby's papa could help??" I told her not always and she said "But couldn't other people just HELP the momma, but she could keep the baby?" Did she go to Idea Camp and I didn't know about it??

On Wednesday, I got up and got ready and packed Annie's lunch. Peyton helped me get her ready and then I took her to school. I had a meeting (Carrie and I are the home room moms for the K4 class this year...crazy, I know!).
She told me Monday shed going to miss her "little school" in NYC. I know she's going to miss her best friend since she was two months old, too.

I stayed for that and then ran by Target on the way home. I did dishes and started laundry and visited with Peyton until he left for work. I also cleaned out my car because we were taking the director of AP's school to the airport that afternoon. Graves and I ate lunch and I put him down for a nap. He went to sleep and I read blogs and checked email. I got ready to get Annie and woke Graves up.
The cat woke him up and now she just wants to lay in my lap and snuggle. He's like a little teddy bear.

We picked her up and took Dr. Ward to the airport. We had to turn around to meet her daughter because she forgot her iPad. It was a little nerve wracking worrying about if she'd make the flight. But we had a nice time talking. When we got home, Minnie came over to pick something up.

Annie's BFF from earlier. I *love* hearing about their conversations and thinking about their day together. As I was unpackjng her lunch, she told me "I gave Aubrey some of my crackers and she just wiped her dirty little hands on my box. I told her 'That's not something to laugh at. It's just not very funny at all'". Oh my. Four year old best friends are hysterical. 

I threw things together for the kids to eat at church when she left and we left. It was our last session of watching the videos that the Bishop did and discussing and I enjoyed it. Our senior pastor sat in on our group this week and by the end of it, I was crying again about leaving. I'm pretty sure this is becoming a pattern. Anyway, we came home and I put the kids to bed. I wrote a post and when Peyton got home, we talked and went to bed.

Thursday was a fun day. Peyton was off and we had dentist appointments. We had a relaxing morning and then left for the appointments. Annie had her teeth cleaned and so did Peyton and I. We just traded off the kids and sat with them in the waiting room. It was not Graves's finest hour. But we made it! We got home and Peyton fed the kids lunch and I ran to Walmart to get some shirts for Graves. When I got home, Peyton had the kids down for naps. I got on the computer for a bit and talked to Ellis on the phone. The kids woke up and we picked up toys and I started dishes and laundry. We got ready and headed to my parents' house because Cookie was in town! We stayed until the kids were tired and then came home and put them right to bed.
He gets so jealous of Annie's jewelry, so Minnie made him his own masculine bracelet by braiding some leather strings together.

Peyton was off on Friday because he had training for the retreat he's serving at that afternoon. Graves woke up at 6:45 and Peyton was already up (?). I stayed in bed until close to eight, but he and Annie kept coming in the room. Anyway, I got moving around eight. I took my baths and Peyton and I chatted a bit. Graves got into the fireplace and made a mess and so I cleaned that up while Peyton bathed him. I started laundry and then went up to the attic for something. We did school and I worked on my 31 Days Button while Peyton ran to Buffalo Peak. He got home and I did dishes and straightened while the kids did a drawing game on his iPad. We put them down and talked and I ate lunch. Peyton left and I got on the computer and read blogs and wrote a post. I went through some of Graves's clothes from last Winter to send to a friend and read some and then went through some of the kids' clothes for next Summer. Graves woke up and we got ready and headed to Mickey and Minnie's. We had a great time visiting with Cookie and got home really late. We went to bed.

The kids got up earlier than I expected on Saturday. I heard Graves moving around at 7:45 and then they both got up, but they played until around eight thirty. At that point, Annie screamed that Graves had a dirty diaper. We just hung out in their room for a bit and then ate breakfast. I took my bath and then did dishes and scrubbed the counters and cleaned the wall and the baseboards near Graves's booster seat. I started laundry and we straightened (and had some discipline issues) and then ate lunch. Peyton got home from his training and I ate my lunch and then we went over to hang out with Cookie one last time. We bathed the kids and got them ready for bed. No one felt like supper, so we just put them down. Peyton and I talked and I read blogs a bit and then worked on getting everything on the calendar for October. I also signed up for some Children's Museum shifts. I ate supper and watched SNL and got ready for bed. Both kids ended up waking up in the night- AP had an accident and Graves was hungry. We put them both in our bed and it was a long night.

We were already running a bit behind on Sunday and then I realized my gas tank was on empty. Peyton was working and by the time I filled up, I knew we weren't going to make it to Sunday school. I decided to run in Kroger and get some cake mix I thought I needed for that afternoon.
This sweet girl was in tears over missing Sunday School. Breaks my heart and makes me so happy all at the same time.

 I didn't even get a cart- I just dragged the kids in and in heels, at that! Church was awesome and I could really feel the Spirit moving.
We got home and I fixed the kids lunch and started laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes. I cleaned up lunch and took out the recycling and then read to the kids and got Graves down for a nap.
I love when I catch glimpses of her and she still looks like such a baby. It's infrequent these days and I'm so glad I captured this one.

For contrast sake, I think she looks GROWN here. And how about this pose?

Last one: right in the middle. Sweetest four year old ever.

I ate my lunch and read blogs some and then we all got ready to go back to church for the Stop Hunger Now! event our church was having. We were having a potluck and then packaging food for hungry families. I ended up not bringing food because my friend Amanda was buying KFC and offered to pick some up for us. It was so great and we got home late and put the kids to bed.
Hairnets for all!

The Spirit is at work at BFUMC in a powerful way and this guy is such a vessel. He also clearly has a big heart for little people, and that's huge in my book. I cannot say often enough how blessed I am by his ministry.

  Sweet girl helping serve!

This week has been fun so far and it's flown by!

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