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Weekly Happenings Post #236 (September 30-October 6)-- Whirlwind Trip to the Windy City

Last week was fun and busy. On Thursday we left and drove to Chicago with Annie for one of Peyton's good friends, Katie. We had an absolutly wonderful time and Graves had a blast here with Mickey and Minnie. Annie was the flower girl and she did so well. I'm going to do a post with pictures and such later, but here's the recap.

Monday was my last day, officially, at the CPC. I really hadn't planned it that way-- I thought I'd wait until November to step back, but October is SO busy and there's just a ton going on. I was hardly going to be able to make it most weeks and when I tried to move my days around, I realized that wasn't working either. Anyway, it was a good last day and I'll probably go back later in the month to help for a couple of hours with getting ready for their yearly banquet.

When I got home, I played with Graves and picked up our room and the kids' room. I made our bed and put fresh sheets on Annie's. I started dishes and folded laundry. Poor Graves seemed tired or something- we spent a lot of time just cuddling.

We picked up Annie from school and came home for naps. I ate my lunch, wrote a post, and took a little nap myself. I had to wake Graves up! We spent most of the evening working on changing over AP's closet. I fed the kids sandwiches and bathed them. I put them to bed and got on the computer. I visited with Peyton when he got home.

The kids got up around eight on Tuesday and Peyton and I both did, too. I did school stuff with Annie during breakfast and Peyton ran a couple of errands. I put up groceries and he fixed the door to our study-- it wouldn't "catch" when you shut it. I talked to my mom on the phone, sorted some Fall clothes, and started laundry and dishes.

Minnie and Cookie got these great costumes at Marshalls. Annie has been wearing hers nonstop, but Graves wears his a bit less often. It's pretty hot and a tiny bit snug- considering it's a SIX MONTH.Everyday she asks about it though: "I think he's about to take a nap. The frog prince costume would be just like a little blanket" and "I felt some very cold air come through (I turned on the ceiling fan), I don't think it would really make him hot at all". Well, she finally got to kiss her frog again. 

In case you wondered what a wild two and a half year old little boy looks like in a six month costume that his grandmother cut the feet out of. And in case you wondered if his sister every stops kissing him.

I took my bath and Peyton left for work. I played with the kids and cleaned bathrooms and then we picked up toys and had lunch.
OMG, she's so my child. "I want to talk more about the people with guns now. You said we could discuss it again in the morning". The conversation finally reached it's logical conclusion after I answered "Do animals taste good when we use our guns to kill them and eat them?". Oh my word. 

 I got them settled and ate my lunch. I worked on my blog design and wrote a post. Graves didn't sleep long, but he and Annie played together a bit. Annie had been begging to swim in the backyard, so I cleaned out their pool. I started putting together chicken spaghetti and Annie called me and said Graves had made a HUGE poop mess. It was bad- on the carpet, on his hand and feet, ugh. I cleaned him up and put them in the den and then got dinner in the oven and got to work on the mess. While I was cleaning it up, he started playing in the fireplace. I was SO frustrated. Anyway, we finally made it outside to swim and I read a bit.

Oh, you know, just welcoming OCTOBER. 

Because after a colossal poop mess, a colossal fireplace mess, and a little boy throwing a speed ball, eh Little Person Prince Charming, at a glass frame...it's always fun to read about sex, yeah?

The kids ate supper and we came in and I bathed them and got them to bed. AP was tired, I think, because she was in an AWFUL mood until the minute she fell asleep. I was just DONE with the day. I read blogs until Peyton got home.

Wednesday was the day before we left for Chicago and it was so busy. I got up and got ready and took AP to school and ran to Target while the boys were at home. I got back and did a few things around the house and then got myself and Graves ready. We met Carrie, Jude, and Alaina at Mellow Mushroom. It wasn't too crazy, but there were some moments. Like when Graves spilled a full cup of lemonade in his lap. Poor guy! We dropped off something at UPS and then RUSHED home and I picked up our room and the kids' room, made beds, started laundry and did dishes. We picked AP up from school and I put Graves down for a nap and let her watch a movie. We hardly ever turn on the TV except in the mornings, but I needed to get some blogging done for my sanity on the trip. I finished up my 31 Days post for that day and wrote most of my Weekly Happenings post for the week before.
Annie told me "that looks kind of short. It doesn't very look like a dress. It looks like a top. When you wear it to church, just put some pants on, okay?" 

 I got AP ready for church and fed her and fixed a supper for Graves and we rushed to church. I helped in Annie's class and that went well. When we got home, I fed the kids again and then put them to bed. I worked on the next day's post and my did my October Happenings post. I did a bunch of laundry, loaded dishes, and straightened. When Peyton got home, we packed. We were up way too late.

We got up and got on the road as early as we could given our sleep and we ended up dropping Graves off at Mother's Day Out at nine instead of eight on Thursday. The first half of the trip went really fast and Annie was just the best traveler. I didn't even realize it until late the night before, but we were able to meet Ashley since we were passing right through Cape. We ended up meeting at Panera and visiting for almost TWO HOURS. It was the perfect break and every bit worth what it added to the trip. We got on the road again and only stopped for bathrooms. Annie took a nap and then fell asleep again before we made it to our hotel. We ate fast food in between those. I took a short nap, too. I can't believe how amazing Peyton is to do a thirteen hour drive himself. Anyway, we got to the hotel around midnight and Annie was, of course, very awake. She took about an hour to settle down and we went to bed around one.

The rehearsal was Friday, but not until five. We had a great relaxing morning and had breakfast at the hotel and then went to Ikea to scout out some furniture for NYC (like a sofa bed). I totally planned this trip to accommodate time for Ikea. Anyway, after lunch at Ikea we picked up a few things at Walgreens and then went to our new hotel (Ikea is about an hour away, so we stayed at a cheaper hotel near it the first night and at one closer to the wedding the next two nights). We bathed AP and all got ready and went to rehearse. Annie did so well! The rehearsal dinner was really fun and Annie did so well there, too.

There was one little incident. She was running around with the little ring bearers and someone stood up to toast and the groom's momma grabbed her and held her for a minute. It was TOTALLY just to get her up off the floor so she wouldn't be a distraction. I mean, I had watched her dote on Annie all night and I knew she wasn't even the tiniest bit frustrated (I have to say that it was personally hard for me to let her play tag during someone's rehearsal dinner, but the boys kept asking and no one- the bride included- had any problem with it). Anyway, Annie got really upset. I thought initially she felt like she was in trouble. But I took her, crying, to the bathroom and she explained. (I also need to interject here how proud of her I am for holding it together until we got to the restroom.) Anyway, she told me that Andrew's mom had "hurt her". She's really (absurdly) sensitive to physical touch and I know she probably wasn't even remotely rough. But at the same time, I try really hard not dismiss pain in my kids' lives. So, we talked about it and I explained that I knew she didn't mean to hurt her and she was just trying to get her to be still for a minute.

We were all composed, but on the way out of the bathroom she said "If you see that lady again, tell her she hurt me". Uhh? I stammered a bit and came very close to saying "that would be sort of rude and it would probably hurt her feelings". I didn't and I told her we'd talk about it later and I'm so glad I made that decision. Because the LAST thing I want is for her to at some point, get sexually abused or something, and not tell me because it would be "rude" and she doesn't want to "hurt the feelings" of a nice person. I discussed it with Peyton later and we agreed to follow up and explain that we were right there and saw it happen and knew it wasn't meant to hurt her but that we always wanted her to tell us ANY time someone (especially an adult) hurts her and we'd help her figure out what happened, why they did it, and if we needed to address it with them. WHEW.

Anyway, she actually fell asleep in the car and transferred easily. I blogged for a bit and Peyton watched TV and we went to bed.

Saturday was, of course, the wedding day. We slept in and sort of just goofed off in the hotel room. Peyton went to read and I seriously took a nap around noon. We were ridiculous. But I sort of like to travel that way, sometimes. I always feel so lazy when I write about it, but there's a difference between a "traveling" trip and a vacation. This really wasn't either, I don't guess, since we had a good bit of wedding stuff and it wasn't agenda free and we had such a short amount of time there, but it was MUCH closer to a vacation and I loved that. Around one, we bathed Annie and she actually let me blow dry her hair on the low setting. We went and got it fixed with the bridesmaids. It ended up falling out (her hair is so fine), but it was really good for her I think to have some time to feel comfortable around the girls before the ceremony. When we got back to our room (they were just in another room of the hotel), we ate some take out Peyton had picked up and then got ready for the wedding.

Annie practiced a few more times at the church after I redid her hair and then it was go time. The wedding was lovely, and Annie did great. She took a few extra minutes to get going after the last bridesmaid and then she threw the petals one at a time, but over handed, kind of aggressively and with a Great Seriousness of Purpose, as Mickey would say. She realized at the end she had a good many left, so she dispersed the remaining petals by the fistful. She sat quietly for about two minutes and then got upset because she wanted water. Peyton bribed her (something we never do and which he described as "something unfortunate" when I asked him what in the world he said to immediately settle her) with one of those Dora head juice bottles from the gas station (something she was unaware existed until our thirteen hour road trip). She fell asleep in the backseat and we went to  three places looking for a Dora to take to the reception.

The reception was so much fun. We had a blast. We actually got to sit with some friends of Katie's from NYC that I've talked to a good bit about the move. It was WONDERFUL talking to Belinda and her husband. They're both so laid back and easy to talk to. We discussed the city, marriage, kids-- tons of stuff! Annie had a blast dancing after dinner and we stayed pretty late. When we got back to the hotel, she was asleep again. 

We got up pretty late on Sunday and got ready and had breakfast at the hotel. We packed up, but didn't leave Chicago until elevenish. It was a long, but good, trip home. We stopped more, it seemed like (partly because McDonalds had these awesomely cute Wizard of Oz toys and we stopped twice to switch the duplicates we got...I know we're lame, but let me also say Annie was (and still sort of is) oblivious to what a Happy Meal is and talks about the weird phenomenon in which a restaurant gives you a toy like it's something out of Twilight Zone, so...

We stopped again in Cape for dinner around seven. We had planned to meet another friend, but plans fell through. We still needed a good break! I slept some and AP fell asleep around eight thirty. We had to wake her up to take her to tee tee around ten and she was up for a bit. We pulled into our driveway around one thirty AM. Annie was up and pretty wired. It took her at least an hour to settle down. We brought in our luggage and had snacks and went to bed. 

Needless to say, Annie didn't go to school on Monday. 

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