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Weekly Happenings Post #237 (October 7-13)-- It's Rooster Time

Last week was kind of crazy. We got back into town from Chicago late Sunday (well, early Monday technically) and then on Thursday Peyton left to be on staff at a retreat that's very near to both of hearts, Cursillo. [That's where the title comes from- the rooster is a big symbol at Cursillo).

We had so much fun in Chicago, but I was glad to be back on Monday morning. I got up at nine and called my mom to tell her we were up and called Annie's school to say she wouldn't be there and then went back to sleep until my dad dropped Graves off at ten thirty. Peyton got up around nine. Annie got up and the kids played. I started laundry and unloaded and loaded dishes and then Peyton left for work. The kids and I played and I folded laundry and then we all had lunch.

Rest time flew by. I talked to Morgan, made a list of my 31 Days posts, and read a couple of blogs. My mom came over for a bit and then the kids played and I folded laundry. We went outside and I read and then folded towels in the laundry room.
I sure missed my shaggy boy.

Mickey calls him his "happy little guy".  

They came in and we ate supper and then I put fresh sheets on our bed. I bathed the kids and did Graves's nightime routine and put him to bed and then did AP's. I worked on my Thirty One Days post for that day, got on Twitter and Facebook and uploaded pictures. I also got sucked down a rabbit hole looking at NYC apartments. Peyton got home and we visited and went to bed.

I had a Junior League meeting on Tuesday morning, so I got up and got ready and left for that. The meeting went well and on the way home I popped in Target to look for some boots. I got home and started laundry and dishes and then straightened the kitchen after Peyton left. I took the trash out and cleaned the microwave and washed out the parts of my Shark. I folded laundry and then the kids and I picked up toys and we ate lunch together. We did school and I got them settled for naps. I read some blogs, had a snack and got on Facebook. Annie actually fell asleep and then Graves woke up.

When they both woke up, I worked on changing over Graves's closet. I got most of that done and then we picked up toys and had supper. I folded some laundry and started dishes and then did the kids' nighttime routines and put them to bed. I got on the computer and worked on posts until Peyton got home.

Wednesday started out ROUGH. Annie was mad that it was a "tap day" instead of a "ballet day" at school. She wanted to wear her pajamas under her uniform and she was, as Peyton described it later, howling like a banshee" literally from the time she woke up until we arrived at school. I'm confident it was the fact that she took a nap the day before and consequently couldn't fall asleep until midnight the night before. Whew. Anyway, we were late getting to school. I dropped her off and took Graves to get a (WAY overdue) haircut.

He kept saying he looked "pretty". I've been saying handsome, but the truth is that I think he's beautiful.

We came home and visited with Peyton a bit and he left for a meeting at the church. I started laundry, straightened, and dish dishes and then played with Graves. We had lunch and unloaded dishes and made a grocery list.

I ate my lunch and then read blogs a bit. I did my Bible study and painted my toenails and then got Graves up to pick up AP. We went by Kroger and the kids acted SO great. We came home and I unloaded groceries and we talked about Annie's day and I read her and Graves a library book. I unpacked AP's backpack and made them suppers to take to church. We had a good time at church. We're doing a new thing and right now it's really just sharing our "story". Our senior pastor told our group his that night and it was so neat. We got home and I put the kids to bed and wrote a post. Peyton got home and we visited a good bit and went to bed.

Peyton left pretty early for his retreat on Thursday. The kids and I just laid around and played for a bit and then I started laundry and called my mom. We had breakfast and did school and I went through some new clothes I had washed for the kids and then took my bath. I told Annie we could all watch Aladdin so we did that and I deleted pictures from the camera and folded laundry while we watched. I fed the kids lunch and got them settled. I got on the computer and ordered some boots and new hairbows for AP and did a few other things. I read some blogs and then did my Bible study and got ready to go to my parents' house. The kids got up and we headed over for supper. My dad had picked up BBQ, so we ate that and I bathed them. We came home and I did nighttime routines here (Minnie had to work the next day) and put them to bed. I wrote a post and read some blogs and went to bed.

We had a good day on Friday. I actually woke up with a headache, but I took some medicine and laid on the couch while the kids ate breakfast. I got up and ate my breakfast. The morning ended up slipping away fast. I talked to some girls on Twitter a bit and there was an awful poop fiasco which involved Little People. UGGGGH. I cleaned that up and I made Graves stay in his room behind the gate the whole time. I wasn't even really punishing him but he was SO MAD, so maybe that will be a deterrent? Anyway, I took my bath and did dishes and then we ate lunch and did school. I took Annie's monthly picture.

During rest time, I worked on Annie's memory work page for the month and then got on the computer and uploaded pictures. I sorted some Fall clothes and the kids got up. I hung up clothes and we headed to my parents' house. We had dinner and then came home and I put the kids to bed. I got on the computer for awhile and then went to bed myself.

The kids slept late on Saturday and it was SO nice. My head was hurting again and I woke up early and took some medicine and went back to bed until they woke up around nine. I texted Peyton's dad about babysitting later this month and we all had breakfast and I sent an email. I took my bath and got ready and we ran to Target for a few things.
Graves got this Elmo slipper and started pretending to make it cry. Then he starts rocking it and says "Elmo sweet baby". This is super weird but hardly a day goes by that I don't think about the kind of father he might be one day. Maybe it's not that weird, though, because even when we were just close friends, hardly a day went by of me watching Peyton with kids at the pool that I didn't think the same thing. I'm so blessed to live in a house where the men, big and little, are care givers and nurturers.

We got home and had lunch and I picked up a bit and then it was rest time. I got on the computer and laid down for a few minutes and ate my lunch. The kids got up and we went through some books and stuffed animals. It was a good purge. I cooked a chicken noodle casserole for supper and cleaned up the kitchen and we ate. I bathed the kids and got them to bed and read a bunch of 31 Days posts and wrote mine and then went to bed.

I woke up for the third day in a row with a weather headache on Sunday. This time of year is just awful. Anyway, I woke up really early (like around five) took some medicine and prayed about it (I knew that I really really needed church that day) and went back to sleep. The kids slept through my alarm, my bath, and most of me blow drying my hair. I got them ready and fed and finished getting ready and we headed to church headache free. We were still watching The Bible in Sunday school and I was a little late because I stopped to meet our new youth minister's wife and visit with her a bit. After that, we had a guest speaker at church. His name is Will Bailey and he's a missionary living in Costa Rica. Our church sends a team at least once a year and it was neat to hear more about the missions going on down there. We got home and I fed the kids lunch and straightened and started laundry and then got them down for naps. I read blogs and did some stuff on the computer until PEYTON GOT HOME. I was so glad to see him. The kids woke up right about when he walked in. We talked and they played and then we got ready for church. Our associate pastor, Owen, preached a great sermon. We headed to the fair right after that. We ate and let the kids ride a few of the kiddie rides and headed home LATE. No one fell asleep in the car, though.
What could be more appropriate than wearing your Charlotte's Web tee to the state fair? And what could be more appropriate than STARTING your fair trip with a cotton candy supper at bedtime?? 

Token Ferris wheel picture (Peyton's arms weren't long enough to get all four of us plus the wheel).

Three of us in one elephant = sweet fair cuddles.

the carousel. Annie's favorite. We had such a fun night. We were/are so tired, but I'm glad we managed to squeeze a spontaneous trip in! 

I think it was past eleven by the time we got them to bed. I wrote a post and went to bed myself.

This week has been great so far. Annie's school is on Fall Break, so that's been nice.

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