Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I'm Into: October

On the Nightstand:
Sadly, I didn't finish anything this month. But I am reading and I did start two new books. Maybe this is not the best reading strategy because I think things are just going to be sort of crazy over the next few months until the move. 

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 

Obviously this is going to be on the list all year (and part of next because I didn't start it in January). But y'all, I don't lie when I say EVERY DAY IS A BLESSING. 

Just snippets here and there. I love it and when I finish I'm buying another one of his books. 

I've read some more in this and I said this last month, but it came at the perfect time because I'm so in need of some wisdom on her to parent patiently and with empathy.

Real Sex- Lauren Winner
I started it, but I haven't gotten far. 

Immersion Bible Study: Psalms- J. Clinton McCann
I'm trying. It's more "academic" than the others I've done in this series (each book is written by someone different). Anyway, it's good, but I've struggled because I'm not sure than an intellectual Bible study is really what I need right now. 

A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live- Emily Freeman
I'm actually following along with the Bloom book club over at (In)Courage. It's my first time doing it and I'm enjoying it. It's also good because it forces me to keep up. I love the book and I'll share more thoughts after I read more, but it's also really timely and I'm getting a lot from it. 

Giant Steps for Little People- Kenneth N. Taylor
We're still reading this and it's provoked some hard (but good) questions.

Something Beautiful- Sharon Dennis Wyeth
This is one of AP's recent library books.  It included scary graffiti and a homeless lady. But throughout the book, the little girl finds beauty in her life and her city. It was a difficult read but I adored it. [Incidentally, we had our first Annie-initiated conversation about homelessness that same day. She asked if truckers had homes and then if everyone had homes. The most beautiful thing I saw today were the wheels in her mind turning and the strings of her heart being pulled. It's such a privilege to hold her hand as she begins to see, really see, the world.]

On the Shelf:
Great with Child- Beth Anne Fennelly 

I'm tabling this one for now, but SOON! 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
Nothing at all. 

On the Small Screen:
Hardly anything. I watched a few episodes of  The West Wing. It's great, but right now I'm just not making TV a priority. Especially with the 31 Days thing, screen time pretty much means computer time.  Oh and Saturday Night Live. That is a fun Saturday night indulgence. 

In My Ears:
Peyton's new hard drive finally came in and he successfully installed it after MONTHS. So I'm planning on making an awesome playlist for November. But THIS month, I've enjoyed some old favorites.

Live in Dublin- Bruce Springsteen
I'm loving it. Big spiritual themes, lots on growing up and parenting, and a huge focus on Common Man/Immigrant life. Bruce at his best, singing all the good and hard things. 

Wildflowers- Tom Petty
I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the whole album really. But the title track? One of my favorites ever. 

The Wonder Years Soundtrack
Such feel good music. 

Around the House:
Well, I decorated for Fall/Halloween a tiny bit. I mean it's fun to pretend, I guess. 

In the Kitchen:
It's embarrassing really. I mean I've cooked her and there, but I've tried nothing new and haven't done a whole lot period. I need to step it up with Winter Soup Challenge. It still feels like Summer here, though. So UGH. 

In My Closet:

This is how you dress when it's Autumn, but it's like eighty five degrees. I know, I'm a broken record. Aside: Annie told me "that looks kind of short. It doesn't very look like a dress. It looks like a top. When you wear it to church, just put some pants on, okay?"

I got this dress on major sale awhile back but hadn't had a chance to wear it. I wore it to the wedding AP was a flower girl in and I LOVED it. It's comfy, but is unique. I feel like it's different, but still sort of classic and pretty. 

Mainly, I love this, though. There was like a COOLISH day and I embraced it and got cozy. These shoes make me feel like I'm channeling Joey Potter every time I wear them. 

Even better. Favorite tee. Favorite shorts. Favorite inside the house shoes. I love days where I don't leave the house and don't get dressed until six o'clock! 

In Their Closets:
This is the second bubble I made him. It's not as well constructed as the first, but I did it by myself! I picked the darker colors so he could wear it into Fall and he got a lot of use out of it even in October! Also, he's pretty good at picking his own accessories. (See the shoes...and see the strut.)

Another rare, Fall-ish day! 

This is her "New York City dress" that we got at the Brooklyn Flea. I love how she names her clothes. She also has an "Ikea dress" because she wore it ONE day to Ikea on a trip this month. 

This outfit takes the cake, though, right?  

In My Mailbox:
Not much of anything. I did buy a couple of jeans off eBay. Ordinarily,  I wear dresses (with leggings) even in the dead of Winter. But I know that's not gonna fly in New York. Plus I wanted to try something different, so I got a couple of straight leg/skinny pairs. 

In My Cart:
New glasses! I was way overdue. I had to have some hipster flair (because BROOKLYN). The huge ones looked absurd and fell off my face so I picked these from what is basically the "juniors" section (they're from a preteen line). Also, you can't tell but they're brown not black which I thought was subtle, unique, and very me. Next up: getting my nose pierced.

On My Heart:
This is going be it for the next few months and onward. I'm just trying to process the leaving of this place and the future that waits for us in the big city. I'm learning about letting go of being in control and needing a predictable life and being in my comfort zone or as my friend Annie calls it unfurling.

In My Prayers:
- I'm praying that God will open my eyes to all he wants to show me during this time.
- I'm praying about silly things like finding childcare and finding a Babar shirt and finding some PEACE OF MIND. I'll say this, praying about small, inconsequential things brings greater faith because it brings intimacy with the Father. It's been awhile since I've done it and it's so good.
- I'm praying for friendships yet to be made and for increased strength that will go the distance in the ones we have here.

On the Calendar: 
SO much! I'm taking a trip for a few days, Peyton's going hiking for a few days, Mistletoe is happening as are my three four hours shifts, I'm trying to put in a good many hours at the Children's Museum and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Fun stuff. Also, I really need to prioritize the purge and get the house cleaned out before we move.

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Ginger said...

I'm also reading A Million Little Ways! :) I loved reading your What I'm Into post - love all of these links! :) I hope that you have a great month!

Tacy said...

You have been busy, woman! I KNOW about the hot HOT Southern weather we've been suffering through... ;) (high of 79 today!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

What a cute dress (the first one in particular, but come on - all the outfits are fabulous!). Loving your book selection as well.

Leigh Kramer said...

Real Sex is a good, thought-provoking read. I just started A Million Little Ways a couple of days ago and I'm really loving it.