Friday, November 1, 2013

31 Days of Mississippi Goodbyes: My Parent's Backyard

I decided to write one last post in this series. It works out perfectly because I missed one day. Technically, since I started on September 30th, I would have had thirty one posts anyway, but I had this on my list of what I brainstormed and I didn't want to leave it out. It's not a huge thing like the last three (I mean it feels huge, but that's relative). Annnnyway....

I'm going to miss this place.

I think the pictures sort of speak for themselves, yes? There's not too many spots I know of on this Earth that are more beautiful. 

It's been so wonderful spending most of my adolescence, my college weekends, and now every Friday night at this place.

Peyton and I spent so many nights in my parents' backyard, on a blanket on that hill, under the Mississippi stars, sharing our hopes and dreams and fears, before we even started dating.  Then on a beautiful, cool, crisp Fall night, he set up a little table on it and proposed to me beside it.  The following Summer, my parents had a checkerboard dance floor temporarily laid and we had our wedding reception at the bottom of those stairs.  

Possibly the truest joy, though, has been watching our two children run and frolic up and down the same hill. My grandparents built the house after my dad went to college and when they moved to a retirement community, my parents moved in. Cookie and I were young teenagers. The house has never had children live in it, but it's had the next closest thing courtesy of Annie and Graves. 

The easy answer as to how I'll wrap this one up is to say we'll be back, and it's likely we'll be back before they've become too cool to frolic. If not, I had some wonderful cook outs and New Year's Eve parties and such there and I can only envision them doing the same. 

I'm going to write a whole post, but this series has blessed me so much. It's been incredible to write it all out and share with you. Thanks for following along! 

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