Saturday, November 9, 2013

Acknowledging Origins: November Thankful Lists

Our associate pastor, Owen (who incidentally has himself been one of God's great gifts to me and Peyton in 2013) often says when he prays "All good things find their origin in You".

I think that's a big part of what making these lists each November, Ann Voskamp style, is all about. The first step is actually slowing down enough to even notice the good things. But the second part of the process is acknowledging that each and every one of them finds their origin in the Lord.

Anyway, here we are again. I'm starting where I left off last year.

120. my dad sitting with me for an hour, after pouring over my blog, and asking me about our church and agreeing to visit before we move 
121. my mom keeping the kids entertained in a sudsy bath for that entire hour
122. the slow eating of a meal in the company of another adult
123.  a late morning for all four of us
124. a husband who cooks wonderful breakfasts
125. the subsequent productivity that ensued that day 
126. a beautiful All Saints Sunday in which we remembered the great cloud of witnesses that came before us
127. a sweet friend visiting BFUMC and feeling the Spirit move there
128. a dinner of chips and queso, brownies, and Real Talk
129. the strength and stamina to (along w/ about a dozen other women) carry 100(!!!) average sized Christmas trees to various areas within the Trade Mart
130. the pride I have in the organization that requested this good work
131. the knowledge that my sore muscles and stinging hands are helping to realize a better Jackson
132. the gift of a whole day at home- to scrub dishes, and tidy messes, and launder longalls, and do school, and read books, and email NYC brokers, and cook soup, and write simple things and snuggle small people
133. the joy that comes from knowing I've found "the work that sets my hands, my soul, free"
134. friends who hold the Christ-light and don't run from the darkness, but enter into it with me
135. hearing Graves tell Peyton "I love you so much" when he got up from his nap
136. realizing that he is truly conversational at this point [He may have taken longer to get there than some and he still has some frustrating moments (you can see that his brain still works faster than his mouth a lot of the time) but he's come so far, so fast. He's gone from stringing words together to form sentences to weaving sentences together to share BIG! THOUGHTS! And my, he's got some big thoughts!]
137. (very basic) discussions on calls to holiness and being image-bearers and creators with my four year old  [Annie's thankful was the "train" she made out of blocks. I started telling her how neat it was that God made us where we can create beautiful and amazing things. She said she wanted to change hers to "thankful God tells me I can make beautiful things".]

"We pray for big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small (and yet not really small) gifts." -Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

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