Saturday, November 23, 2013

Daily Thankfuls (November 15-22)

{Some of us are more dedicated than others. Today Graves said "my pacis" (he didn't even call it a "baa"). Then Annie told him God didn't make pacis. I told them He made the person who invented pacis. And then I silently thanked Him myself. And I also thanked Him that there's grace for mommas of toddler boys who are closer to three than to two and who still love their baa.}

148. staying up until two in the am with precious heart friends
149. a papa who feeds tiny people canned pineapples, peppermint ice cream & tomato soup through a straw while momma's away
150.  late night laughter and brownies
151. coming home to my little loves...their precious voices and soft hair and sweet smells
152. being in a room primarily composed of people sixty five or older and feeling such a true sense of solidarity and friendship
153. when someone does something nice or helps without asking if you need it first (I.E. Peyton's sister's mother in law moving seats so Annie could sit beside her cousin without making me play the "Oh, you don't have to do that" game. It was done before I could protest. It was a little thing, but it made solo parenting at the school wide Thanksgiving feast about a million times easier.)
154. the so often elusive productive day where you feel like you accomplished approximately eighty five percent of your to-dos
155. that thing where I complain about not having a back windshield wiper on my Buick and my dad disappears and thirty seconds later is wiping every window of my car with a rag. I want to always serve my children like he has/does.

“Gratitude doesn't change the scenery.  It merely washes clean the glass you look through so you can clearly see the colors.” -Richelle E. Goodrich

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