Friday, November 15, 2013

Daily Thankfuls (November 9th-14th)

{Yes, I'm wordy.}

138. a big pot of chili 
139. all four of us at the kitchen table to enjoy it.
140. the blessing of being able to watch Sunday morning's televised service from my childhood church since my kiddos were sick 
141. an additional blessing of telling Annie that "Dr. Will" who did the children's sermon is married to my beloved junior high science teacher who I had introduced her to the day before (There are hard things about it, but I truly love living in a place that is so "small".)
142. my wonderful momma (Sometimes when I say bye to her now I think about our January bye and I can't stop the tears.)
143. twenty three library books turned in via the book drop at the eleventh hour
144. warm oatmeal for supper
145.  the thankfully unnoticeable haircut Graves gave Ann Peyton
146. dragging myself, kicking and cussing, basically, to church, feeling so defeated by the day and being refreshed much goodness in community
147. going out for breakfast and seeing, hands down, my favorite professor (Excepting a handful of friends and my immediate family, my teachers (elementary school, junior high, high school, and college) have been by far the greatest influencers in my life.)

“To witness miracles unfold in your experience, count your blessings and be thankful. Perceived small blessings accumulate to be the most powerful.”  -T.F. Hodge

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