Thursday, November 28, 2013

Letter to (Thirty One Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

This has been another delightful month with you. You are so full of energy and happiness and it's contagious.

I will say that you've gotten a bit of an argumentative streak lately, but I think that's pretty common for two year olds! You will argue with us if we say the sky is blue.

You are still taking nice long naps and it's really good for you and momma. You fall asleep in the craziest places- halfway under your crib, in a box of stuffed animals, right beside the gate.

At night, you and sister have "night parties". It's a magical time for the two of you when the lights go out and you dance together toward dreamland. Sometimes, though, she likes to build a little fortress with blankets and not let you in. And we'v said that's okay- sharing a room isn't always easy (though I have been known to say it's one of our best parenting decisions to date). You begrudgingly obey and give her some space. But almost without fail, you, sweet Brother Bear, position yourself right next to one of the blanket barriers. You get as close as possible and in some ways I think of it as you standing guard over one of God's most precious gifts to you.

One thing that has been interesting to see this month is that you are very sensitive to the cold and oh so dramatic about it. New York shall be interesting, to say the least.

You love to dress up so much. We got you and Annie some little Wizard of Oz figurines and she always wants to dress up as Glenda and you always dress up as the Wicked Witch. You wear a green shirt, a black hat, and a black ballet skirt. Haha, we think it's hysterical. Annie is always careful to remind us that "Bud is not really wicked".

You have started wanting to go to church with us more, instead of to the nursery. One week you made it through the entire service. You told Papa that you wanted to stay with us and I guess you must have REALLY wanted it. It was unreal to see my loud, busy boy have such self-control. As an aside, you ADORE our pastor. Annie was saying something about him and you said "Love that pastor". You call him "Broder Mitchell" and it melts everyone, including him. He basically has a little mini pep rally every time you say his name. Something you may not every really understand is that when your kid took the long route to come by his words, people that celebrate them with you = special people. [And I'm pretty sure Brother Mitchell didn't even know about the long route, he's just that kinda guy.]

One of the most hilarious (and thankfully not terribly dramatic) incidents this month was when you cut Annie's hair with a pair of preschool scissors. We laughed and laughed and thankfully, you didn't do much damage. 

We've been naming our "thankfuls" this month and some of my favorites of yours were "Pop Ice" (which you haven't had in months) and "my pacis" (you didn't even call it a 'baa' you are so grown up; and I had to thank God for grace for a momma of a boy who is closer to three than to two and still *loves* his baa). 

One of my thankfuls this month was hearing you tell Papa  "I love you so much" when you  got up from your nap. I realized that you are truly conversational at this point. You may have taken longer to get there than some and you still has some frustrating moments (you can see that your brain still works faster than your mouth a lot of the time) but he's come so far, so fast. You've gone from stringing words together to form sentences to weaving sentences together to share BIG! THOUGHTS! And my, you've got some big thoughts! 

Graves, I love you so very much and I can't tell you how much it means to me to watch you learn to share your thoughts and feelings and to watch you grow up in general. You are such an amazing little boy!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your turkey longall is a 2T. 

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