Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Happenings

I like how the header turned out this month. Simple and warm. I actually made the kids put on their turkey outfits on Sunday morning even though Graves had thrown up and they didn't go to church. I think it turned out well. And I'm still loving my little basket of pumpkins and pears, even though I (in surprising timeliness for once) put up the Halloween decorations. I'm also really loving the quote. I (along with everyone and their brother) am doing the "daily thankful" thing again this year and it's so good for the soul. That'll be a fun weekly post in November!

November pretty much has me exhausted. I feel like a good chunk of the hard part is over (more on that in a minute) and the main thing that is daunting is just getting all the stuff done I want to get done before we move. Anyway, here's what we're up to:

- Last week pretty nearly chewed me up and spit me out. I have a new appreciation for working outside the home mommas because I was gone more than I hardly ever am. I had a Mistletoe shift on Thursday, volunteered at the Children's Museum on Friday, was back at the Trade Mart on Saturday, had a LONG shift on Sunday at the museum, and then hauled (with a dozen-ish other women) one hundred Christmas trees to various corners of the Trade Mart yesterday. But you know what? I was SO happy to do it. Because I'm DONE. And I made sure there was no way I was working during the time when Mistletoe was actually happening and could get wrangled into pushing a beverage cart [Aside: I spilled one last year. They are massive things and there was ice everywhere. I have pushed human beings out of my body in a room full of people twice and it was still the most mortifying thing that has ever happened to me period. I vowed not to let myself get in a situation like that again this year.] Anyway, I felt like I was about a hundred years old when I woke up this morning my body hurt so bad from moving all those trees, but I think I'm back to normal tonight.

- I'm actually taking Annie to the special event for kids at Mistletoe this year. They're making little Christmas trees or something. I had a fininacial obligation to meet and Peyton wasn't too interested in any of the adult parties, so I thought it would be fun. My mom is working, but Mick and Graves are going to watch the Ole Miss game together on the TV. So much fun for the guys, too.

- Peyton is going on an extended hike (just like two days and one night) and then Carrie and I are going to visit Ashley. I'm so excited to see Ash's new house and meet Baby Lynley and also about all the wonderful conversations I know we'll have!

- This month is Annie's class's month to do Teacher Appreciation. This basically means we cook things for the teachers a few times and bring it up to the school. Carrie and I are the home room moms, so we've kind of organized everything. It shouldn't be much of a big deal. Also, they're having a little Thanksgiving Feast at school before the holidays. It should be fun!

- Cookie is coming home for Thanksgiving, but basically just for a day because she's going to see Conrad's family in Baton Rouge, too. I guess you do that kind of thing when you're engaged. Whatever ;)

- We're starting a new series called "A Disciple's Path" at church. For the first time ever I think(?), Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights will be integrated. I'm excited. I've also joined a small group on Sunday nights. It's really informal and it's just a few friends, but it's nice to have a place to just be authentic and talk openly about whatever is going on with me.

- We're having our regular Circle and Ultreya meetings and it occured to me that we're at the point of doing things for the last time. This is the last time I'll be in charge of finding childcare for both those meetings (we have parties/special events for both in December), but more importantly it'll be the last time I go to an official meeting. It just sort of hit me the other day. It's hard for me to believe we're at that stage in the game.

- The biggest thing on the agenda is just that I'm trying to get the house ready for us to leave and Michel (Peyton's brother) to live here. It's not anything huge, but it's been good to do some major organizing.

Here are last months's goals:
1. Spend time with Peyton working through our new Bible study. I've done it by myself some (not consistently enough), but it's just hard to do it late at night when Peyton gets home. I'm also haven't enjoyed this one as much as other books in the series. 

2. Change over both kids' closets for Fall. Did it! I actually did the very last thing (their pajamas!) tonight. I so proud of myself because not only did I get their Fall stuff into their closet, but I made decisions about everything I took out- some stuff that I knew wouldn't fit anymore was boxed to go the attic and other stuff that was loose this year was boxed for NYC. So that has me feeling very accomplished. 

3. I want to get caught up on laundry. Well, I made a big dent, but there's a good bit more to go. A ton of it was recent purchases from consignment sales and such. 

4. I also want to tackle my closet (including changing it over), the laundry room and the sun room. I'm pretty proud of myself. I've done the laundry room and the sun room (except one last little bit of my desk). I also tackled some of the floor of my closet the other night (I know absurd- it's gotten pretty bad). And we got everything down from the attic for the change over and I'm hoping to start and finish that this week. 

Here are my new goals:

1. Read A Million Little Ways and keep up with Bloom book club posts. I've never really done that and I'm a little behind currently because of my crazy week last week, but I've loved the book so far. 

2. Finish catching up on laundry and finish changing over and cleaning out my closet. Need to get it done, period. 

3. Focus on organizing and purging in our bedroom and the study. These are the biggest two rooms. I've basically finished the kids room now that I've done their closets (I have a tiny bit more under their beds). I did their toys awhile back and I have a few other toy areas to knock out (dress up clothes and such), but I feel good about it. I'll still have the den and kitchen to do in December, but those will be pretty easy. 

4. Create a monthly playlist and get back into Winter Soup Challenge. I made soup tonight and it was so much fun! I can't believe I sort of enjoyed cooking! Also, Peyton's computer is now fixed and I'm stoked I can get back into the playlist building hobby. 

5. Daily list my thankfuls. I do this every year in November and it is such a wonderful exercise. 

I looked over these goals and while there are a few daunting things on the list, a good portion of it is stuff that's so life giving to me. I think it should be a good month. 

Here's to November, a month where we focus and cultivate a spirit of thankfulness. May it be a time we earnestly reflect on our many wonderful blessings, but even more passionately seek to praise Him who bestows them all- the giver of all good gifts.

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