Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekly Happenings #241 (November 4-10)-- Ups and Downs and Just All Over the Place

For some reason, even though she's wearing that silly smirk, I just think Annie looks so beautiful here. And Graves had been gnawing on a black crayon. 

Last week was  a big mix of great and hard. It was so nice after a busy week to sort of have a break. I had my last Mistletoe shift on Monday and I volunteered at the Children's Museum on Friday, but there was a lot more down time in between. Also, I feel like I got a lot on my to-do list accomplished or near accomplished. I finished my closet changeover WAY faster than ever and that included separating out the Summer stuff I wanted to take to NYC. I cooked two pots of soup on different nights and we had some good school days. And I got us almost caught up on Mint (the budgeting site we use). That all felt really good. And it finally feels Fall-ish. That feels REALLY good.

But, it was sort of a down week for me. I felt gross and sort of sick all week (just allergy stuff and girl stuff). And the kids have this random stomach bug. TRUST ME I'm counting my blessings, but it wasn't the typical violent explosive kind of sick. They've just both had some "lower GI" issues. Overall, it hasn't been bad, but it's kept us at home more than usual. Which is partly a good thing, but sort of made me a little stir crazy. Plus, I hate missing things now that I'm realizing we're getting close to being gone. And last of all, I was just sort of down emotionally. I think it's the weather and the move and hormones and just my anxiety, but it was a hard week in that regard. I slept more during the day than I have in awhile and I just felt close to tears a lot. And you know that feeling where your own skin feels uncomfortable, like you need to jump out of it? That's sort of how I felt. Or maybe I just needed to jump outside my mind.

Monday was my last Mistletoe shift. Peyton got the kids ready and he took them to school and I headed to the Trade Mart. It was the hardest shift yet- we literally carried one hundred trees to various locations in the Trade Mart. After that, we strung lights on a bunch of them. I left there at one and stopped at the League House to pick up my tickets and then came home. I ate lunch, changed out of my sappy, sticky clothes, and got ready to pick up Annie. Peyton ran some errands and Graves and I got AP. We came home and I got them settled. Graves fell asleep really quickly. I got on the computer for a short bit and then took a nap myself. We all got up and Peyton got home and the kids played while we worked on stuff around the house. I helped Peyton sort through some of his clothes and then I tackled some CDs and VHS tapes. I hung up some of my own clothes and went through some bags in the study. We fed the kids supper and got them to bed and I boxed some of the kids' too small Summer clothes to go to the attic.

We got the kids to bed and I got on the computer and then went to bed.

I slept a little late on Tuesday and it helped. I was so worn out from those TREES! I got up, took my bath, and then spent the rest of the morning pulling down boxes from the attic and taking stuff up and organizing. Peyton left for work and I did my normal laundry, dishes, straighten routine. I also emailed several brokers about apartments in New York. The kids ate lunch and during naptime, I sent more emails and got on Twitter and Facebook. I read and folded laundry and watched The West Wing. The kids got up and I made chicken tortilla soup for supper. I changed over their pjs and that was the end of their seasonal closet changeover! We had supper and did some memory work and then I did their nighttime routines. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we visited and went to bed.

On Wednesday, I got up and got ready and took Ann Peyton to school. Peyton was going hiking with his brother all day, so Graves and I ran to Target for groceries and a shower gift. We got home and I straightened, loaded dishes, and started laundry. I put him down for a nap and he took so long to fall asleep. I checked my email, did some stuff for NYC and tried to figure out how to back up my blog using a third party service. I laid down to take a short nap myself because I was really feeling down and had been all morning and sometimes I know a nap helps me feel less anxious and upset. I ended up having a terrible nightmare (the kind where something awful happens to both kids and it's all my fault). We went to get Annie and it was sort of a one foot in front of the other afternoon. We had planned to go to church, but Graves's tummy issue had reappeared in the form of some "diaper issues" and it was clear he was still sick. We had a nice afternoon at home. I worked on rebuilding all my old playlists on Peyton's laptop and that took longer than it should have. I always feel guilty about doing that kind of thing when the kids are up, but they had a blast dancing. We colored with crayons and went outside and played a bit and then had dinner. I realized that my phone was too full to hold the playlists, so I spent awhile deleting OLD pictures. We played some more and did their bedtime routines and I put them to bed. I had a weather headache, but I finished my Weekly Happenings Post and put pictures on Facebook. I ate supper and Peyton got home LATE from his hike. We went to bed.

We had a easy morning on Thursday. Peyton was off and I did a few things around the house- emptying the bathroom trash and vacuuming in the kitchen starting laundry and dishes. He ran a couple of errands and I did school with the kids. Annie did great and we worked on it longer than usual. We added to the "thankful board" in the kitchen and Peyton got home.

I got Graves down for a nap and made some doctor's appointments and updated my calendar with Peyton's new schedule. I played on the computer for a bit and then worked on changing over my closet. I sorted my Summer tops and dresses and packed up what I wanted to take to NYC and boxed the other stuff for the attic. I got through all that by the time Graves woke up and it was time to get ready for our Circle meeting. We were having a shower that night for one of the girls in the circle who just adopted a baby and I wrapped the present and got ready and left the kids and Peyton playing in the backyard in the dark (AP wanted to go outside AND have a fire- so Peyton built one in the fire pit). It was a great meeting. We had the shower and worked on stringing and labeling angels for our Angel Tree. When I got home, Peyton had the kids bathed and in bed. I started to blog and do computer stuff, but the Internet wasn't working, so I worked more on my closet. I tackled my Sunday dresses, all my skirts, all my shorts, and shoes. I probably spent about five hours on it total that day. I only had two boxes left AND everything I had gone through had been sorted by what to take and what to leave. I've never done a closet changeover that fast. I was pretty pumped. All because of the broken computer :)

Anyway, Friday morning Peyton woke me up super early and we chatted, but I went back to sleep. I had to get up pretty early for the Children's Museum. I was in the art room doing spin art again. It was a good, slow day. Peyton met me with the kids and AP had to go in to go to the bathroom. They neither one really looked presentable, but at least they had on clothes (not pjs) and both had shoes-- sometimes he brings them and neither of those things are true :) On the way home, Graves started saying "stupid dog" and then called ME a stupid dog. I knew it was from Charlie Brown and I told him that was unkind and disrespectful. I told them we never call people or pets "stupid". Annie asked me why Lucy was such a mean girl and we discussed how people say mean things sometimes. I said "nobody is perfect" at one point in the discussion and Graves said "I'm perfect". OMG. I told him "You're a wonderful, kind boy...but no, you're not perfect". Annie said something about how we should all try to be perfect and I told her only Jesus was completely perfect his whole life, but we should try to be just like him. I also told her that once the Holy Spirit lives inside us, it makes it possible to be more like Him. Whew.

We came home and I straightened and started laundry and dishes. I fixed the kids sandwiches and we did school and our thankfuls. AP said she was thankful for the "train" she had made out of blocks and I started telling her how neat it was that God made us in his image and one of the ways he did that was that he made us where we could make amazing, beautiful things because He makes beautiful things Himself. She told me that she wanted to change her thankful to "thankful God tells me I can make beautiful things".

I got them settled and got on the computer. It worked but was having some issues. I tried to figure out a new website for backing up my blog and got kind of frustrated. I did knock out some in Mint and I was about to read some when Graves woke up. We headed to my parents' house for beans and rice.

 Annie was kind of tired, but we had a good night. At one point, I told her she had to eat more beans before she could get another piece of bread. She just started forcefully, dramatically shoveling the beans in really fast. It wasn't deviant and I know she was truly trying to please me. It was just sort of sad and frustrating, though. It was so her- and so me. She's just so damn intense sometimes.
I ran back in to get something and when I got back Mickey had squeezed his tiny hiney into the back of the Buick with them. There were all having fits of hysterics and calling each other "Annie Pannie" "Buddy Puddy" and "Mickey Pickey".

She fell asleep in the car on the way home. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and then we talked. I wrote a post and went to bed.

I was taking Annie to Mistletoe for the special kids' event, "Cookies and Cocoa with Clause" on Saturday. I got us all ready (Peyton had left for work) and dropped Graves of for a "guys' morning" with Mickey. [I knew it would be a handful to take them both by myself and also that Graves wouldn't get near as much out of the experience. Also, truth be told, I met my financial obligation buying the ticket for AP and that was the main reason I bought it.] It was super cute and we had a good time. Annie really enjoyed the decorations. She had her little snack, had her picture made with Santa, and decorated a tree with little poms. We looked around for just a few minutes (mostly I wanted to show her the carousal) and left.

We ran by the grocery store and it occurred to me we needed to really have a Santa discussion. I asked her if she thought he was real and she said she didn't know. I told her that he was pretend and it was really fun to play like he's real. I also explained that other mommas and papas like to keep it a secret for awhile that he's pretend, so we don't really talk about it with other children. I asked her who she should discuss it with if she wanted to talk about how Santa wasn't real and she said "Momma or Papa". Whew, that was easy....for now. We'll see how she does.

We got back to my parents and picked up Bud and came home to start our day. I fixed them lunch and did laundry, finished loading dishes, and started more wash. I put them down for naps and got distracted looking at apartments in NYC. Graves took SO long to fall asleep I was almost hoping he wouldn't. He's been fighting the naps hard this week. And Annie was having a rough time, too. She just kept needing things and wanting me to watch her do stuff. Between that and getting sucked into looking into random neigborhoods in Brooklyn (WHY??), I just sort of blew naptime. Graves finally fell asleep at four thirty and even though I had decided I didn't want to, I took a nap from five to five thirty when I had to wake him up. Annie gave her Little People baths in the bathroom sink.

It was maybe the best thing I did for us that day. I woke up significantly less on edge and wasn't as short with them. I had told AP we needed to go back to the grocery store to get a bell pepper and then decided to just make the soup without it. She really wanted to go SOMEWHERE, though, and it ended up being a great way to get myself and Graves back into gear, too. We got dressed and bought peppers and chips and then came home. Peyton got home right after us and I started the chili while Annie and Graves worked on a "craft" (basically just cutting shapes out of construction paper). We all ate and then I cleaned up the kitchen while Peyton got the kids to bed. We both looked at apartments and I backed up some stuff on the computer. We talked some more and did two more boxes in my closet and went to bed.
When there's only one steering wheel, she always wants Graves to drive. Because Papa always drives when he's with us. Another day I'll have the energy for a discussion about gender and driving (and how I hate to drive and am more inclined to "bumping into" things). Another day even further down the road, Peyton will teach her to change a tire and drive standard , things I shamefully still don't know how to do.

I was still nervous to take the kids to church on Sunday, so we stayed home. Peyton let me sleep and made me eggs before he left for work. So sweet. I got up and loaded dishes and took a bath. We watched Galloway on the TV and I folded laundry. I got a lot done and then I fixed them lunch and got them settled for naps. I got on the computer and then read a bit. They got up and we got ready and I dropped them off at Peyton's parents where he met us. He wanted to visit with them and I headed to my small group. It was a good night and I got home late. Peyton and I talked and went through a ton of books in the study and went to bed.

This week is pretty slow and then this weekend is the girls' trip I'm going on. So exciting!

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