Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Happenings #243 (November 18-24)-- Terrible Weather and Processing

Last week felt rainy and dim. It was a good week in some ways, but I just got down about NYC more frequently than usual. It's like some days it just hits me like a ton of bricks and I'm terrified I can't do it. I also had a weird week, sleep-wise. I either went to bed WAY earlier than my usual or stayed up ridiculously late. Anyway....

Carrie and I left Ashley's to come home on Monday. We ended up leaving around nine on Monday. We had a good trip home. We stopped a few times and ate lunch at Wendy's. We made good time! Carrie dropped me off and I came in and regrouped and then left to pick up the kids at my parents' house. We ended up eating spaghetti and Graves fell asleep on the way home. I read Annie a book and put her to bed and then got on the computer. I went to bed early, but when Peyton got home, we talked some. It was sort of a restless night for me.

I got up on Tuesday to go to the Children's Museum. There was a field trip, but they were late, so it was a slow morning. Peyton met me with the kids and then we came home and I started dishes and laundry. I put them down for naps and got on the computer and ate my lunch and then took a short nap myself. When we got up, I got us all ready and packed the kids supper and then we ran by the grocery store and picked up some cookies and then headed to Ultreya. It was a good meeting and I teared up thinking about leaving. When we got home, I fixed the kids a little more supper and read them a story and put them to bed. I uploaded pictures and blogged and when Peyton got home, we talked for awhile.

I woke up feeling awful on Wednesday. I got sick, but I knew it was sinus stuff. UGH. Peyton got Annie ready and I got myself ready and we all dropped her off at school and then came home so I could cook some corn for the Thanksgiving feast that day. I did a few things around the house and took Graves's monthly picture and then cooked the corn. Peyton left for work and Graves and I left for the feast. There was a little program and it was adorable and then we all ate. Peyton had to work and my mom came for the program, but couldn't stay for lunch. Graves was a little rowdy during the show (Annie told me that she heard him crying) and lunch was a bit stressful. It was hot and wrangling them both by myself was frustrating at times. But we did have fun. We ate with Elizabeth and her family.

We came home and I loaded dishes and then got the kids settled. It was the best naptime they've had in awhile. They were fighting like cats and dogs before I put Graves down, so I was SO glad he fell asleep. He took a long nap and Annie played quietly for awhile. I had a terrible headache. I got on the computer and then laid down myself. I didn't have time for a real nap if we were going to church, so I just dozed off for a bit. I felt a little better. We all got ready after I woke up Graves. I was glad we went because it was our last Wednesday night until after Christmas. I was sort of sad and when we got home, my head was throbbing and my chest was hurting. I fed the kids supper (we got stuck in traffic on the way and Annie didn't get to eat any of hers) and then did nighttime routines. I really wanted to do a short one, but I've missed doing the real thing with being gone and I know they really benefit from it. I decided to try doing it all in their room, instead of putting Graves down after doing his and doing part with just Annie. It worked well. I hate to lose that time with her, but he gets so upset and it's just easier to put them down together now. Anyway, I got on Twitter for a little bit and then went to bed supper early. They were still playing when I fell asleep at 9:30. Peyton got home and I woke up and we chatted and then I went back to sleep. I didn't sleep great and was just tossing and turning a lot.

Peyton went in early to train someone at work and the kids woke up, but played in their room for about an hour. He got home close to nine and they were just ready to get up. What a gift! I got up and we all had breakfast and then I took my bath. We worked on getting ready for New York. I packed a few boxes of books and decorations (to take and to store) and then went through some stuff on the floor of my closet. The kids and Peyton ate lunch and I picked up the kids' room and hung up laundry. I started a load and did dishes. Peyton left for work late and I put the kids down. I got on the computer and then did my Bible study and watched The West Wing and folded laundry. The kids got up and I decided I should really cook something. I got us all ready and we ran to the grocery store and got ingredients for chicken pot pie. I started it and then bathed the kids. When they got out we ate and did nighttime routines and went to bed. I read some blogs and Peyton got home and we went to sleep.

I volunteered at the Children's Museum on Friday. It was a shorter shift than usual and I didn't have to get Peyton to meet me. I got to work at a "program cart" and we made reindeer food. Anyway, Peyton left and I started dishes and laundry. The kids traced and then I fixed them lunch and we did memory work. I got them settled and we had another good naptime. I read blogs and then did my Bible study and read A Million Little Ways and folded laundry. The kids got up and we got ready to go to my parents'. We had a wonderful time and got home late.
Ignore (or try to) the gross factor (it's from my parents' house and isn't used all that much). He kept telling use he's a "big scary dinosaur".

I'm so proud- she's starting to come up with solutions herself during difficult times. I told her Minnie wasn't reading another book to her, but she could look at one until I finished getting stuff together to leave. She got out this bear, sat in his lap, squeezed his cheeks and told him "Look me in the eyes. I need you to read me this book. Don't just look at it, READ."

Peyton got home and we visited and then I stayed up late blogging and playing on the computer.

We got up before the kids on Saturday and got ready and then got them up. We headed to Granny's. We had a great time there and got home around five.
I can't get over Peyton's senior picture. In one way I think he looks um...beyond dorky and in another I think he seems so startlingly gorgeous. Weird, right?

We bathed and fed the kids and all played some and I worked on getting my calendar up to date for December and doing Mint. We got the kids to bed and I worked on on my lesson for Children's Church and finished Mint. I read some blogs and went to bed way too late.

We got up on Sunday and got ready and headed to church. Sunday school was really interesting (our associate pastor is teaching) and Children's Church went really well. After church, we headed to my parents' so my dad could take some pictures for our Christmas cards. It was (of course) very stressful and Peyton and I fussed a bunch and the kids melted down. I fed them lunch there and we came home and everyone but AP took a nap. Haha!

We got up and headed to church and then I went to my small group. It was really good just to talk and be honest and stuff. I got home and chatted with Peyton and then uploaded pictures and worked on the Christmas cards. I went to bed supper late.

Peyton was off today and that was great. He's also off on Thanksgiving and my sister is coming to town. SO excited to see Cookie's sweet face!

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