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Weekly Happenings Post #240 (October 28-November 3)-- The Busiest Week In Quite Some Time

We had a good bit going on last week. It seemed like I was away from the house so much. I love Peyton so much and he does a  fabulous job taking care essentials (making sure the kids are safe and fed and that kidn of thing), but it makes me twitch when I come in and it's a disaster zone. I guess the flip side of the coin is that he really doesn't care AT ALL so there's never been a ton of pressure to have the house looking great every time he comes home from work. It was clear to me, though, that the dynamic we've got going is one that works well :)

I got up on Monday and got ready and then dropped AP off at school. Peyton kept Graves because I had another homeroom moms meeting. I was there for about an hour and when I got home, I visited with Peyton and started laundry and dishes. Peyton left a
nd Graves and I ate lunch and then I put him down for a nap. I got on Twitter, sent some emails, uploaded pictures and worked on my Weekly Happenings Post for the week before. I also folded some laundry.
I let him sleep in Annie's bed when she's at school. He loves it :) He looks so weird in a big bed (by himself), though.

I woke up Graves and we left to get Annie. She was in an awful mood. In fact, there was a series of events that resulted in the longest consecutive time in time-out ever in this house. We spent the afternoon just doing stuff around the house. I went through and packed up some of Graves's Summer things for NYC and folded a bunch of laundry. We got ready and ran over to my parents' just to pick up some wire hangers for my Bargain Boutique donations. We didn't even get out of the car- my mom was really tired and I needed to get the kids home anyway. I knew they needed early bedtimes. I fed them and bathed them and Graves pooped in the tub. So I rebathed them in the other tub and cleaned it all up. I got the kids settled and did their nighttime routines and put them to bed. I got on the computer and read a bit until Peyton got home. We visited and went to bed.
"Well no, you can't marry Bud for real when y'all grow up. But I do think that if you get married it will be to someone just as sweet and amazing as Graves is...What? Oh, yes sweetheart, I'm certain Bud will want to come visit you at your house after you get married". Surprisingly, adventures-in-answering-hard-questions wasn't too bad that night.

I slept a little late on Tuesday and then got up and got ready and we ran some errands. We dropped stuff off at Bargain Boutique and at Gateway and when we got home, it was time for Peyton to go to work. He left and I started and folded some laundry and did dishes.
He is a mess. 

Don't you think?

I picked up piles and then we cleaned up toys and went outside for lunch.
They immediately gravitated to their car seats that Peyton took out of his car a few days ago. Just me or do they look like they belong in a geriatric ward? 

She calls this her "New York City dress" because we got it for her at the Brooklyn Flea.

We came in and I got the kids settled.

I spent most of naptime trying to find a babysitter for my Mistletoe shift on Saturday- I hadn't realized Peyton was working. I read blog and Graves woke up early fussing. I needed a few more minutes because I had written most of a really hard blog post. I "stress watched" some of The West Wing as Amanda would say and ate a snack. Graves was in an awful mood from waking up too early and I can't believe I calmed him down enough to stay in his room without fussing. I also read a couple of pages in A Million Little Ways. I got him up after about twenty minutes.

The kids played pretty well and I just did laundry and tackled some things around the house. We had a nice relaxing afternoon. I fed them supper early and put them down early. Graves had a really hard time when I took Annie to do the part of her nighttime routine we do without him. I got on the computer and documented the stuff we had donated and worked on our budget and finished a couple of posts. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

I got up and got ready and Peyton helped me get Annie ready for school. I was going to run some errands after I dropped her off. At the next to last minute, Peyton decided to hop in the shower and go with us. At the last minute, Graves decided to potty in his underwear. UGH. We dropped Annie off after got in a fight about who would take her in. We talked and got things settled and then ran errands. We dropped off a costume we were letting some friends borrow, went by Walmart for a Zote and a few other things, stopped at Target for some storage boxes and ran by the post office.

When we got home, Peyton left for work and I started laundry and dishes and straightened. Graves and I had lunch and I put him down for a nap. It was an AWFUL struggle. He kept wanting me to rock him, which I did several times. Finally, I told him he had to stay in his room by himself and rest. He cried at the gate for fifteen minutes. I went in to check on him and held him (but didn't rock) and then put him in AP's bed and patted him. He fell asleep right after that, but I didn't get much down. I emailed a girl in New York and got on Twitter for a bit. I woke up Graves and we picked up Annie.
Carrie calls this the "How Many Kids Can You Fit in a Buick?" game. Salt in the wound, she knows I'm totally jeal and want a minivan ;)

Poor Annie had another hard afternoon. She got so upset because she had colored a stage at school, but she wanted to do another one. I drew one for her and there was literally one stray mark and it sent her OVER THE EDGE. So relatable for me, but still so frustrating. I just held her while she cried and she got through it, but it took fifteen minutes probably. I unloaded and loaded dishes, unpacked her bags, and packed suppers for church and we headed up there early to play in the church playground for a few minutes. The kids had a great time and then we dropped Graves off in the nursery and AP and I ate and then I helped with her class that night. Annie fell asleep in the car on the way home and Graves told me he wanted me to bring her in first. Apparently, when I beeped the car to lock it (which I always do if I transfer one child and leave the other in the car) he freaked out and teeteed in his seat. I put him to bed and got the seat out to wash the cover and then got on the computer. I wrote a post and then worked on our budget some until Peyton got home. I went to bed pretty early and Annie woke up. Peyton let her have milk and cookies in our bed (hahahah!) and then sent her back to her room.

Peyton was working Thursday morning and it was a busy day. I got up with him and we chatted before he left and then I went back to sleep. I woke up without an alarm and the kids were just playing together in their room. It was nice to wake up by myself and I felt rested! I gave the kids a quick bath and then got myself ready in record time and we went to get AP's hair trimmed.

Y'all, HER FIRST HAIRCUT. It was only a couple of inches and you can't really tell, but it looks a lot healthier, I think.



We dropped off some cans at my friend Karissa's house because they know a ministry that uses them and then we came home for about an hour and a half. I straightened, did laundry and dishes, played with the kids, and ate my lunch. We loaded up and I dropped the kids off with my parents and headed to the Trade Mart to do my Mistletoe shift. It was fun, but crazy. I got to work with some really funny, sorta wild ladies. Haha! I met Peyton at home and we got ready and grabbed costumes for the kids and went to pick them up.

We picked up a dessert at the grocery store and then headed to some friends' for a Halloween party. We had actually planned to go to another one, but we ended up running late and knew this party would be going on longer. The kids both took car naps, but that was fine because we stayed at the Shapley's until almost MIDNIGHT.
Frog prince and his princess- she loves to kiss her "Gravesy".

Frog Prince looks like a stoner in this one. Keepin' it real, y'all. 

We got home and I did a few things and went right to bed.

I had to work at the Children's Museum on Friday. Surprisingly, I wasn't that tired. They had several field trips and it was a pretty crazy day. Peyton and I swapped the kids out at the museum and he went to work. I fixed them lunch and straightened, did dishes, and started laundry. Graves took a great nap and Annie did well during rest time- I ate lunch, got on Twitter, wrote a post, read A Million Little Things, did my Bible study, and took a short nap myself. I had to wake Graves up to go to my parent's house. We had a great visit and I talked to my dad for about an hour (never happens anymore!) while my mom bathed the kids. When we got home, I read them a library book and put them to bed and I got on the computer. I read some blogs and visited with Peyton when he got home and then we went to bed.

We all slept late on Saturday. It was SO nice! We got up and Peyton cooked breakfast. We ate and I grated some soap for laundry detergent and then took my bath and got ready to go do my second Mistletoe shift. When I got there, I helped hang more stuff and then I spent almost the rest of the time stuffing shopping bags with the Mistletoe magazine. I ran by Whataburger and then went to Walmart for some groceries and things for teacher appreciation day on Monday. I also went to Target to get a bulletin board. I got home and even though it was dark, we went to the park, because Peyton had promised the kids we would when I got home.

We got home and put them right to bed and then Peyton and I worked really hard on the laundry room and the sunroom. It took several hours, but we completely purged and reorganized two rooms! I ate a snack and got on the computer and went to bed.

Sunday was incredibly busy. Graves had gotten sick in the night. It was brief and only happened once, but we know it would be awful to put him in the nursery. Peyton stayed home with both kids and I got ready (for the day) and went to Sunday school and then church. I did dress the kids in their turkey outfits because I was bound and determined to get some festive pictures for my header and I wanted to do Annie's monthly picture anyway.

My friend Tara visited and I think she really enjoyed it. We talked afterward and I introduced her to some people and then I changed clothes and ran by Kristal and then headed to the Children's Museum. I was actually a little late for my shift. It was a really long shift- one until six. I was in the art room and there were definite lulls, but I was suprised how fast it went by. When I left at six, I swung by Fernandos and then headed to my new small group. It was really great and I got home late. I talked to Peyton and worked on my blog header and went to bed.

Whew! I'm glad that week is behind me. It really wasn't so bad, but it was really full and I like my time at home. This week is pretty low key and I'm enjoying it lots!

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