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Weekly Happenings Post #242 (November 11-17)-- A Shot of the Best Medicine

This past week was great. Carrie and I drove up to Missouri on Friday and spent the weekend with Ashley and it was so, so much fun. I can tell this Winter isn't going to be easy and it was like a little shot to keep me going- just what I needed!

Monday started out good, got bad, and then turned good again. We all woke up in our bed (the kids had joined around five am) and got going at about seven thirty. Both the children needed baths, so Peyton started that and I finished while he took his. He got breakfast ready and I took my bath while he packed AP's lunch. Ellis called and I got Annie ready after I finished with myself. We all took Annie to school and then came home and got to work. I vacuumed in the laundry room and sunroom and then mopped the sunroom and moved the kitchen chairs into it to do the floor in there. We finished boxing some more books and I just had a breakdown over what a mess everything was and why we started all that. I had really wanted to vacuum the floors. Peyton took care of Graves and I finished working on the books (or rather, go to a stopping point). We labeled and took some of my closet changeover boxes and some Halloween decorations to the attic. I picked up around the house super fast and then vacuumed the kitchen and both bedrooms and the study. Peyton got ready to leave and I fixed Graves lunch and vacuumed the den. I rocked him and got him down for his nap and then sent a few emails and Facebook messages I needed to. I read a few blogs and then watched The West Wing and folded laundry until it was time to get AP from school.

We ended up visiting with Carrie in the parking lot for a while and by the time we left, it was time to go over to my parents' house. We were delivering Minnie's birthday card and she had said to stop by around 3:30. I was glad not to worry about having to go home for a few minutes. We got there and showed her the card and visited and played. Mickey got home and we ended up leaving around 5:30. We got home and I fixed the kids supper and we played some more while I put up laundry and then it was time to start getting ready for bed. I put them down early since it had been a school day and Graves had taken an early nap. It took awhile, but they finally fell asleep. I blogged and read blogs and then Peyton got home. We ate and I ended up going to bed early, but it was sort of a restless night.

I got up before everyone else on Tuesday and got ready for my Junior League meeting. It wasn't long and the food was great. Win-win, right?
This happened while i was gone- so glad it wasn't way worse! 

 When I got home, Peyton and I talked and then Mickey came over and dropped of some stuff we had left the day before. I folded laundry and Peyton left for work. I fed the kids tomato soup and unloaded and reloaded dishes. I also sorted some of the kids' cousin's clothes so I could wash them and decide what to take to NYC. I started our own laundry and then cleaned up the kids and the table. They loved the tomato soup, but it was a bit of a mess. We read and I put Graves down for his nap. He fell asleep easily and Annie played well. I read blogs for a good while and got on Twitter. Then I did my Bible study and read some in A Million Little Ways. I took a nap myself. When the kids got up, I started thawing meat, folded a bit of laundry, cleaned up Annie's craft mess, and collected library books to return.

We swung by the library and dropped the books off in the book drop. I was a little frustrated I hadn't remembered to do it and had to get us all out in the cold, but SUPER thankful for the drop. We came home and I started dicing onions and browning meat for chili I was making for Annie's teachers and a family at our church who just welcomed a little one. The kids ate supper and I finished the chili and then they traced some. We did their nighttime routines and I put them to bed a little early. I got on the computer and wrote a post and backed up pictures and ate oatmeal for supper. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

I had to hustle on Wednesday. I knew Peyton had a meeting, but I forgot how early and I really depend on him in the mornings! It was also the morning I needed to heat up the chili on the stove and get it in the crock pot and get my chips and stuff together. [We had a little "soup bar" for the teachers at Annie's school to show our apprecation for them.] Anyway, SOMEHOW I got myself ready, got the kids ready (okay Graves was still in his jams), got the food ready, and got Annie's stuff ready and us out the door mostly on time. Elizabeth watched Graves while I took everything in and got it set up. Graves and I came home and had a chill morning. I was talking to Morgan on the phone and texting some other friends and Graves just snuggled in my lap. He told me that he "felt bad" and I got a little concerned he felt like he had to tell me that so I'd stay and hold him longer. I told him I'd snuggle with him for awhile and we did. I got up and started dishes and laundry and then we had lunch. I put him down for his nap and was excited that I wouldn't have to wake him up since Peyton was going to pick up Annie.

He would not fall asleep. I was so annoyed. I had had big plans for that naptime- those hours by myself. Especially since I wouldn't have to wake him up. It wasn't that he never fell asleep and it wasn't even that he needed me constantly for things-- water and trips to the potty and to rock him. It was that he kept getting into mischief. He took pictures off the wall, pulled off his diaper, got into a box of wet wipes. It was just so frustrating.

I sent a few emails, got on Facebook and read a couple of blogs, and then wrote most of Annie's letter. I felt so discouraged about that being all I had gotten done in over two hours and I read some in A Million Little Ways. I was a bit frustrated with the content and was wrestling with it and wishing Peyton was reading it with me after all.

Graves was STILL not resting and Peyton called around then and asked if we wanted to meet him and Annie to get donuts. I said yes and we met them and had a fun treat. Graves and I came home and folded laundry and Peyton and AP ran by the library for something Peyton wanted.
Stop the world. Buddy's got his blue jeans on. [Nobody worry, just a little experiment in trying on still too big cousin hand-me-downs.]

They got home and we got ready for church. We dropped off the chili I had made for the family with a baby and headed on to church. It was great and made me feel much better.
Convicting like whoa. 

We got home and I got on the computer for a bit. Peyton and I had a small argument, but we made up and went to bed.

We all got up and got ready on Thursday and headed to breakfast at Primos. We ran into one of my professors (my absolute favorite professor, actually) and that was so much fun. We ate and then headed to The Children's Museum. It was fun to go and play!

We came home and Peyton got ready and left for work and I, of course, straightened, did dishes and started laundry. We ate lunch and worked on memory work and then I put Graves down and got AP settled coloring and cutting. I got on the computer and then worked on making some stuff for AP's memory work binder. Graves got up and I folded more laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. I was excited to check the memory work and the bathrooms off my list- I really wanted to knock them out before leaving town. Annie had a rough evening- she ended up spending a good bit of time in time out. I put sheets on AP's bed and then fed the kids supper and bathed them. I put the kids down and they both fell asleep really fast. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home. We visited and I folded laundry and packed. I wrote a blog post and went to bed.

I got up on Friday and got ready and finished packing and Carrie got to our house around nine thirty. We got on the road and it was a fun trip. We stopped a few times and ate at a Chili's around Memphis.

We got to Ashley's new house(!!!) around five thirty, I think. We were so excited to see each other. We went out to eat to a Japanese place and then came home and stayed up late talking. We actually started to get ready for bed around midnight, but then we ended up staying up until two!

We slept late on Saturday and then got Mexican for lunch. After that, we headed to this cute place, the Yule Lodge. It's a couple of little cabins filled with every kind of Christmas ornament you could imagine. I got the kids a couple of happies and we had a great time looking around at everything. The weather was so nice and it was BEAUTIFUL.

We got dessert and then came back to Ashley's house and her mom and sister were there and we got to catch up with them. After they left, we got ready for dinner.

We ate at sort of steakhouse place and I got catfish. Yum!

Peyton was feeding the kids tomato soup with straws- he's smarter than me!

We went to bed a bit earlier since we needed to get up for church the next morning. The weather was rough that night, but I didn't even notice.

We got up and headed to church on Sunday. Ashley had to be there early because she was singing, so Carrie and I met her there. It was a great sermon and I enjoyed the service. We went to lunch with Ashley's family afterward at a little Chinese place and then we came home and sat on the couch and talked for literally about five hours. We got ready for dinner and I got to met my friend Kodi! We had supper at Olive Garden with her and then came home and stayed up late talking again.

What a fun week! I loved seeing Ashley so much and I'd be lying if I said my heart wasn't hurting a little (a lot) over the fact that the next time the three of us are together it'll be in the Big Apple. Annie has her Thanksgiving program/feast at school tomorrow and then it's going to really just be a good start to a relaxing holiday week!

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