Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Happenings

I really like my header this month, except that when I uploaded it all the colors appear totally different.

Here's a screen shot of what it should look like:
Obviously not a huge difference, but it matches the background better (dub) and I honestly just like the colors better. I'm not going to fret and re-do it, though. I'm not even sure what the problem is, but I think it's happened before. Oh well, try again next month. 

I feel like December is just the right amount of busy this time around:

- Mostly we're spending a good chunk of our days (espsesially Peyton's days off) organizing and packing our house.

- I'm going to a wedding this month and we have a few different Christmas parties. I'm honestly not sure we'll make all of them, but we're going to do what we can. 

- Some of our sweet church friends are having us a "Farewell, For Now" party and I know it will be super fun!

- We don't have Wednesday night activities (it's nice to have a little break, I think) and Sunday nights are pretty much Christmas programming at church. 

- I knocked out my last Bargain Boutique shift this morning and I have a few more at the Children's Museum, plus one more League meeting and I will have met all my obligations for the year. 

- We're trying to really prioritize relationships and spend a lot of time with our friends and families. 

- I'm keeping decorating to a minimum for the sake of my sanity, but we are going to get a small tree and put some festive stuff out. I'm also hoping to do a few fun activities with Annie.

- This week we're taking her to see a play and The Nutcracker. 

- She has one more week of school after this one and then she's out for Christmas (and we're out for the year). I'm actually meeting with the director of AP's school tomorrow to see what she recommends as far as Kindergarten resources and to try to determine a flexible game plan for homeschooling next year in the city!

- We're going to the BEACH this weekend. Peyton won a free stay at the Hilton at a pharmacy convention awhile back. You have to go in the off season and we finally just picked a weekend and booked the room. It's going to be a really short trip, but Annie love the beach and hotels and Graves loves an adventure. And I think it'll do me and Peyton well to get away and clear our heads a bit, too. 

I think that's pretty much it and then on December 31, Peyton LEAVES FOR NYC. We'll follow him up whenever he finds an apartment!

Here are my goals from last month:
1. Read A Million Little Ways and keep up with Bloom book club posts. I've been reading. I got behind and I'm trying to pick it back up. I'm still going to watch the videos even though I'm behind. 

2. Finish catching up on laundry and finish changing over and cleaning out my closet. Wow. I got my closet changed over and cleaned out AND I got my Summer stuff all packed up for NYC. I still have a ways to go on the laundry, but that's obviously going to be an on going thing anyway

3. Focus on organizing and purging in our bedroom and the study. We've done all our books in the study, I did my closet in our room, and over the last couple of days, we tackled under the bed in our room. I also went up to the attic and put up stuff/organized some, which was a big project on my list this week.  I still need to go through some magazines and do my little dressing table and the cabinets under our bathroom vanity. We also did one drawer in the kitchen. Ha! 

4. Create a monthly playlist and get back into Winter Soup Challenge. I did both of these! I've really only done old favorites as far as my soup challenge, but we've enjoyed them! And my playlist, Peyton and I both agreed, left something to be desired. I'm looking forward to my Christmas one. 

5. Daily list my thankfuls. We did this and it blessed us SO much!

My new goals:
1. Decorate the house for Christmas in a way that's manageable. I just can't do a huge take down two days after Christmas, or ,alternatively after Peyton leaves. 

2. Read aloud The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas and use our Advent calendar. These are fun and easy (relaxing even) things that I know will make this month special.

3. Finish A Million Little Ways. And watch all the videos. 

4. Finish organizing and packing in our room and the study. Tackle the kitchen and living room, as well. Basically THE REST OF THE HOUSE!
5. Focus on the things that bring me peace and prioritize those things in my day. Finding these little things is life giving to me- texting a friend, sitting in solitude, making a list, enjoying something delicios, letting music speak to my heart, reflecting on God's word- I know that so many little things will come together to help me get through a month that can, honestly, feel depleting and destructive. 

Here's to December, a month spent waiting in hopeful anticipation for a coming King. May it be a month spent remembering where our true hope lies and anticipating the celebration of the incarnation of such a hope. 

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Sarah said...

Those are great goals! I hopped over to check out your blog -- are you a pastors wife (or a pastor yourself)? Some of your comments sound very familiar. (My husband is an associate pastor in a united Methodist church.) I hope you have a nice December and are able the enjoy the season without too much stress.