Friday, December 13, 2013

Deck the Halls: Christmas Tour 2013

I really didn't want to even do this post this year. But, I'm the kind of person (still pretty darn compulsive, I'm realizing lately) who, if she does something every year, feels off kilter if she misses it ONE year. I'm feeling off kilter enough as it, so I dusted off my big camera and took a (very) few shots.

I started to just put up a couple of cell phone pictures and call it a day. I was going to make the post either funny and quirky or serious and meaningful. I've always said my words carry more than my photographs (which really isn't saying a lot) and that's true. So while I'm hoping this won't turn super wordy, try to see beneath the surface, I guess.

The lighting is so off in all of the pictures. The overhead in the den has been needing to be changed for a week and the sunroom is just always hard to photograph, really. Again, though, it's totally apropos because it reflects life right now. My house feels very unsettled, as does my heart. There's a dark haze covering my days, but, just like in the pictures, there is more than enough beauty and brightness shining through.  That's what I want to remember most about this season.

I also decorate in a sort of bright, funky way, but I usually include more traditional, serious elements, too. This year, I didn't. Too breakable for the adventurous tot and too serious for me this year. Just little happy pops of color that were easy to pull out!

Annie has her own little shelf she took over. I didn't do anything special in their room, and I think it's so great she took it upon herself to create her own little Christmas nook. She LOVES decorating for holidays so much (she's even made a few construction paper decorations for her Little People's castle). Anyway, I'm glad I got out my camera for no other reason that to get this shot. [Ignore the THICK dust on that tray. LIFE, I tell you.]

One of my very, VERY favorite things about this time of year is the cards. I love seeing our friends sweet faces and it's a great source of happiness, but also a little sadness, knowing we're about to leave them all. 

I like changing up this table pretty often. I don't do a lot of seasonal decorating elsewhere, but I like to change it up for Fall and Spring and Summer. It also has gotten to where it houses an "activity"- the Thankful Board last month and now our wonderful magnetic nativity Advent calendar. Which is perfect because it's sort of "command central" for our homeschooling materials right now. 

The sunroom became a "Christmas room" again this year. It keeps Graves and the now indoor (don't get me started) cats out of the tree and it's a sort of special treat to just go in there and sit. 

Our tree is pretty comical. It's tiny, it's in a pot, and it has a definite tilt. But it works for right now. And I did enjoy covering the little end table with the bright chevron and scattering my felt pine cones that I bought on sale after Christmas last year. 

I also got out my gingerbread family. I just don't think it's practical to take them to NYC. I'm going to try to limit all my seasonal stuff to one or maybe two boxes and they take up a box themselves. I'm fighting dumb stuff like that lately. I just get so sad about leaving them. FAKE GINGERBREAD PEOPLE, Y'ALL. The good news is that the festive felt acorns don't take up much space. 

I've said before, but in times that aren't easy, good words are up near the top of the list of things that the Lord uses to refresh and comfort and sustain me. Good Christmas-y words are important, so I made filling this basket a priority! 

I had to share this one last shot. You can see we're in the midst of transition. I think having a little Christmas out makes living with the bareness of transition (something Peyton's pretty set on doing now because he's leaving the thirty first and he wants us all to have an enjoyable time right around Christmas). 

I started this post pretty sad about what we're leaving, but I realized that next year I'll have so much fun sharing how I'm decorating our little apartment. That is the constant tension, I feel like. One minute I'm terrified and the next I'm thinking of all the fun and adventure that awaits us and how it's so close we can almost touch it. And what an adventure it will be! 

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Courtney said...

I love the touches of Christmas. I know this transition is hard. You guys will have lots of fun taking in the city next year during Christmas. My cousin was there a few weeks ago and it is really magical at Christmas.