Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letter to (Four Year and Eight Month Old) Ann Peyton

Dear Ann Peyton,

It's been another wonderful month with you!

We spent the month of November being intentional about thanking the Lord for the blessings He's given us. You really loved thinking of things and having me write them down and put them on our "thankful board". I love watching your heart soften and grow as you observe the world and I love watching your eyes being opened to God's beautiful work in the world. One specific day we were talking about our thankfuls and you told me your were thankful for the train you had made with blocks. I started telling you how neat it was that God made us where we can create beautiful and amazing things.You said you wanted to change your thankful to "thankful God tells me I can make beautiful things". That was a very special moment for me. 

You also told me recently that "Cinderella just said she would acknowledge God. I think she knows that praying was her time to talk to God". [That was Cinderella the pretend princess, of course. Who you have decided is also one of your "little children".]

I love watching your vocabulary expand. The other day Papa was trying to distract Graves and told him to look at the tent y'all had made. You told him "Papa, he's walking toward it. I think he already noticed it". Well then. 

I took you to a fun event at Mistletoe this year. You got to eat a snack, see Santa and do a craft. The craft (which was just sticking little pom poms to a cardboard "tree") was absolutely your favorite. Since then, you've been very into crafting. You love to color and cut out decorations to put on your Little People's castle. 

We've had a pretty fun filled month. We visited Granny and went to the Children's Museum. You loved the museum so much. I went on a trip for a few days last month and it was so much fun and Papa took great care of y'all. But I missed you guys so much. Coming home to my little loves and your sweet smells and soft hair and precious voices was just the best ever. 

You and Graves are so funny, as always.  Y'all do have your disagreements. The other day for example-- You: "I think when God made the stars they just twinkled in his hand. I think God made everything in Laurelwood, too. Like those bushes." Graves (who has gotten a big argumentative streak lately): "God not make the bushes. Graves make the bushes". You (pretty forcefully): "Bud, you're just a LITTLE BOY. That's why you don't understand that God made EVERYTHING". Hahaha. 

You are so perceptive about certain things. When we go to Kroger and get the little Cozy Coupe cart that has  only one steering wheel, you always want Graves to drive. Because Papa always drives when he's with us. Some day I'll have the energy for a discussion about gender and driving (and how I hate to drive and am more inclined to "bumping into" things). Another day even further down the road, Peyton will teach you o change a tire and drive standard , things I shamefully still don't know how to do.

You seem to be getting better about regulating your emotions. We still have some hard days and lot of hard moments, but you're doing better. Awhile back, we were at Minnie's house and  I told you that Minnie wasn't reading another book to you, but you could look at one until I finished getting stuff together to leave. You got out this huge bear, sat in his lap, squeezed his cheeks and told him "Look me in the eyes. I need you to read me this book. Don't just look at it, READ." I guess that was one solution. 

I have to share this hilarious story. You love to create nonsensical rhymes ("Peyton, Beyton" "Buddy Puddy") and the other day it was "Ricard Scary, Bitchard Scary". I about died.

Annie, you keep me laughing so much and you push me to be more patient, more empathetic, and more knowledgeable. Your are such a sweet, precious girl!

Momma (and Papa)

P.S. Your outfit is a 4T. I bougth it thinking it was just cute, comfy clothes, but Papa thinks it's pjs and now I'm pretty sure he's right. 

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