Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letter to (Thirty Two Month Old) Graves

Dear Graves,

I used to be near obsessive about making sure to write these letters on the actual day you were born (i.e. the twelfth of every month for you). Then I got a little lax and just tried to get it close. These days, my only goal is to write the thing before the month rolls over. Well, it's December 31st and this thing is coming in just under the wire. It's been a busy month (but per my own tradition, I'm only writing about what was going on with you between November 12th and December 11th). 

You are getting so big! I put you in jeans for the first time last month. They were hand me downs from your cousin and still a little loose, but you looked SO stinkin' cute. I still definitely prefer jon jons on you, but if I'm being honest I've gotten to where I really like soft gingham pants with an elastic waist band the very best of all. Did I mention that you are getting so big??

Let's see, what else?

Well, I went on a little trip back in November and you had so much fun with Papa. He fed you random things and didn't make you nap and made you forts and tents all over the house. You had a blast! 

You have *the* cutest little pouty-grouchy-growly-SUPER SOUTHERN voice you use sometimes (usually when you want something). Technically, it's whining so I know we should work to correct it, but I seriously adore it. 

You and Annie are so hysterical. You conversations and interactions have become funnier and funnier and sweeter and sweeter. The other day Ann Peyton said "I think when God made the stars they just twinkled in his hand. I think God made everything in Laurelwood, too. Like those bushes." You (you've gotten a big argumentative streak lately) said, "God not make the bushes. Graves make the bushes". Then Annie says (pretty forcefully): "Bud, you're just a LITTLE BOY. That's why you don't understand that God made EVERYTHING".  

My favorite from argumentative Graves was this little interaction: Argumentative Graves: "No, Annie not pretty". Momma: "You don't think she's pretty??" Graves: "Annie not pretty....Annie BEAUTIFUL". Oh my goodness, you melt my heart. 

Your heart is so beautiful, darling boy. I just love how much you love. When I was rocking you a few weeks ago, I asked you, "Are you my sweet boy?" You said "I am", then a few seconds later, "Papa my sweet boy". You are  seriously such a sweet kid. I shouldn't be surprised, though, you've got a great example in his own "sweet boy".

You've already found the thrill of trying to disgust Ann Peyton.  Awhile back, I caught you pretending to get ear wax out of your ear and eat it in order to make your sister yell and fuss. I'm thinking that Herrington boys will always consider it a life goal to get a rise out of the Herrington girls. Sadly, it's incredibly easy to do. 

In other (thankfully unrelated) news, you've started sitting with us in church some. You usually get one sucker and you're allowed to have it once we get to the sermon (which in our church is the second half of the service). The first time I took you and AP by myself was right after Papa had taken y'all (I was out of town). I didn't know and told you that you had to wait until after church for the sucker. You still did okay. I think you just really like being with all of us, even though you still love the nursery. I'll also tell you right now that you ain't solo parented a toddler and a preschooler til you've solo parented a toddler and a preschooler through taking communion. I'm just grateful for an understanding and gracious body of believers. And for Shout. That was a rough service. 

In November, we had a "Thankful Board" and we all added to it. Some days you weren't so interested, but several times you piped up and showed us all that you got the idea. One of my favorites was when told us you were thankful for your pacis.  You didn't even call it a "baa". Then Annie told you that God didn't make pacis. I told you both that He made the person who invented pacis. And then I silently thanked Him myself. And I also thanked Him that there's grace for mommas of toddler boys who are closer to three than to two and who still love their baa. =)

One day about a month ago, you missed your nap and took an extra long one the next day. I had to wake you up and then you sat and worked so diligently at setting up as many Little People as possible on the first floor of their castle. I didn't know you had the ability for such concentration and I was very excited to see that you do (WHEN it's something you care about!). 

Speaking of naps, one  I will decidedly will not miss is the six PM car nap. Nobody falls asleep on the subway. Okay, lots of people do. But probably not two year old boys who love people and adventures as much as you do! 

And speaking of New York (wow, I have a stream of consciousness thing going this time!), I really wasn't planning on taking your rocking chair. But you adore it. The other day you fell asleep in my arms! That would have been a true loss (for me and for you). 

In some ways, are the quintessential little boy. Awhile back, we saw not one, but two garbage trucks in front of our house and you were so excited. I thought one might have been broken at first and you kept pretending to be a garbage truck breaking and thew himself on the floor in dramatic reenactments.  

You also (just like your papa) love to experience things to the fullest. We went to the beach this month and you wanted to spend the whole time in the water (even though it was windy and DECEMBER) and experience the new environment with every one of your senses, including tasting the "veh-y salty" water and the sand.

One of my favorite moments on the trip was when a stranger asked your name and you replied, quite confidently, "Baby Graves". 

Sweet Graves. You are such a wonderful baby. Every day less and less so, but you'll always be my baby. I cherish every day I've had with you and I look so, so forward to all the happy ones that await in the new year-- a new city I get to see through your eyes, a THREE year old little boy, more time to learn you wild and precious spirit, and more days spent learning to love life the way you do. 

I love you,
Momma (and Papa) 

P.S. Your Santy jams are 2T-3T, but it's a brand that runs small =)

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