Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekly Happenings #245 (December 2-8)-- Winter at the Beach

Maybe my favorite family picture to date. This girl, like her momma (and so unlike her brother and her papa), takes herself way to seriously. Great reminder that we need to laugh like this more often!

Last week was so much fun. Peyton was off every day but Thursday and that was SO nice and then we took a short little trip to Destin. Peyton had won a hotel stay at the San Destin Hilton and we were limited to the off season, but it turned out perfect. We had debated not going, but I'm SO glad we did!

I had my yearly OB appointment on Monday. Peyton helped me get Annie's lunch packed and I got her ready and dropped her off at school and went to my appointment. I actually saw Dr. McMinn's nurse practitioner and she was super sweet. It was also nice just to have some alone time. I got home and Peyton was feeding Graves lunch. He had the day off, but he needed to go in for a few hours. I put Graves down and cleaned up the kitchen and picked up toys and then got on the computer. I also read some and did my Bible study and took a VERY short nap. It's amazing what I can get done with no interruptions!

We picked up Annie and came home and had snacks. Peyton got home and we all went for a walk and then I cooked spaghetti. We ate and Peyton bathed the kids. I cleaned up the kitchen and went through some magazines. I went to bed early because my head was hurting.

I had my last Bargain Boutique shift on Tuesday and Peyton was off work again! I got up and went to it and then went by Target on the way home. I took some pictures of the kids and we got Graves down for his nap. I made the bed and started laundry and dishes. I got on the computer and Graves took forever to fall asleep. I finished my blog header and we got the kids up. I vacuumed in the den and polished the wood floors while Peyton took the kids to do the recycling. I vacuumed the bedrooms and then took some stuff to the attic and organized it. Peyton got the kids to bed and I vacuumed and mopped in the kitchen. I went through more magazines and wrote a post and went to bed.

Peyton was off on Wednesday and we had a busy day. We got up and got ready and then dropped his car off at the shop because a light was on. We had to really hustle because AP had school at 9:00 and I had a meeting with the director of her school. We were a tiny bit late, but not bad. I got Annie dropped off and went to my meeting while Peyton and Graves ran errands. It went well and they picked me up. We swung by our house and picked up something and then went to my parents' to look for a book Peyton thought he had left there. After that we headed to Broadstreet because I was meeting Carrie for lunch. Peyton went upstairs to Lemuria and read. After lunch, we came home and I put Graves down and Peyton went to get Annie. I blogged and did a few other things on the computer. They got home and we visited and then went to get Peyton's car. We came home and got ready and went over to Patrick and Haley's house for dinner. So much fun.

The kids fell asleep on the way home and I went right to bed when we got home, myself.

We got up early again on Thursday. We were going to take my car to the shop (I had had car trouble the night before) and then we realized Annie had a dentist appointment. We turned around and I bathed both the kids while Peyton took a bath (we had just jumped in the cars all gross and sleepy). Peyton took Annie to the dentist and I took my bath and called Ikea because I had gotten distraught when I couldn't find the toddler beds I wanted for the kids on the website. Graves and I met AP and Peyton at the car place and dropped off my car. We all came home and Peyton got ready for work. I started laundry and dishes and picked up around the house. I fixed the kids lunch and they ate and then it was naptime. I sent some emails and read blogs and ate my lunch and then my dad came over and took us to get my car. We ate dinner at my parents' house and I put the kids right to bed when I got home. I straightened, started more laundry, and started cleaning the bathrooms. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home. I unloaded and loaded dishes and folded laundry and packed my stuff for our trip.

Peyton and I got up before the kids on Friday and chatted and then started getting ready. I was taking AP to see The Nutcracker but I didn't want to have to deal with parking downtown, so I got Peyton to drop us off. I had hurried like crazy to get us out the door with all our stuff for the beach and we were still late and then Peyton and Graves ended up coming home anyway.
I let her bring Ballerina Dolly and wear a prissy headband (as opposed to a better matching, more effective hair bow).

The worst part? After they picked us up I realized I had forgotten AP's swimsuit for the hotel pool. We got it and got on the road and picked up Abner's. The trip went really well and we got to Destin arond 8:30. We ate Mexican and checked into the hotel and then walked on the beach in the dark. It was about eleven by the time we got back to the room. We all went to sleep.

We got up on Saturday and got ready and went to breakfast and then went out on the beach.
Peyton said he thought that  these are pjs (I bought them a couple of years ago at a consignment store and they were mixed in with the regular clothes). Anyway, I'm sure he's right. But we were at the beach, so we just wore them as clothes.

The forecast predicted rain, but we had the best, most pleasant beach weather ever. And no crowds!

Any guesses how many times he's been mistaken for a girl? The closer he gets to three the more I hate it. I'm still going to dress him the way I want to, though!

So perfect.

The difference between my two children. Annie spent most of the time on the beach building a castle for imaginary "princess mouses"...

...and Graves wanted to spend the whole time in the water and experience the new environment with every one of his senses, including tasting the "veh-y salty" water and the sand.

We came back in and bathed the kids and got them settled for naps.
Peyton read him about a paragraph from First Things and he was out. It seems promising for our upcoming downsizing adventure (we could totally live in a studio apartment!) but not so much for our homeschooling one with him.

While they rested, I ate lunch, read, did my Bible study, got on Twitter, looked over my calendar for December and took a little nap myself. WOW! Graves woke up and we got ready and headed out. We went to J. Crew to get some stuff for Peyton and then to dinner at a fun seafood place.
Hipster. I think he looks like about ninety five percent of the white guys in Brooklyn. The good news? Up there people at church probably won't compliment him on his "costume". 

They wanted to try on, too! I love these three {weird} people so much!

We got back to the room late and went to bed.

On Sunday, we got up and all got ready and packed up.
This little unexpected nook provided hours of entertainment. Guess who was more afraid to get on the top bunk at first?

We ate breakfast and got on the road. On the way home, we stopped to see some old friends who used to go to our church and who had moved to the coast. The kids both slept a lot and we picked up Lenny's and Newks for myself and Peyton respectively. We stopped by Kroger and got a tiny tree!

When we got home, we fed the kids supper and bathed them and let them stay up a bit. I went to bed right after they did. Actually, they were still playing in the dark when I fell asleep!

This week is busy, but fun. I can't believe how fast December is going by!

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