Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Weekly Happenings #246 (December 9-15)-- A Big Mix

Last week was crazy. We decorated, Annie finished up the semester at school, I got our Christmas letter printed (still working on getting them sent), and we had a couple of parties over the weekend. It was a really big mix of happy and incredibly sad. I don't know- it was just a hard week for me as I'm coming to terms with leaving soon. 

We got up on Monday and got Annie ready for school. I dropped her off and then came home. Peyton helped me get Christmas boxes down from the attic, we rolled up the rug in the den (the kitties were scratching it a bunch) and I straightened some. Peyton left for work and I got Graves down for a nap. I ate my lunch, cleaned up the kitchen, got on Twitter, and watched a Bloom video. 

I woke Graves up and we picked up AP. We spent the afternoon decorating and I let the kids help as much as I could. I picked out ornaments for our tiny tree and then let them put the nonbreakable one on it. 

I folded laundry and we ate oatmeal for supper and I got them to bed. 

I got on the computer and read blogs for a bit and when Peyton got home we talked for a good while. I finished a post and worked on cleaning out my craft drawers and went to bed late. 

On Tuesday, I got up and got ready for my Junior League meeting. 
Last League meeting. HATE doing things for the last time. 

I ran by Target on the way home and then to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for the craft we were doing at Annie's school Christmas party the next day. When I got home, Peyton left. I started laundry and dishes and straightened. We had lunch and worked on memory work and then the kids rested. I got on the computer and wrote a post and ate my lunch. 

When they got up, I folded laundry and went through some old magazines. We ate supper and I did their nighttime routine and put them to bed. Peyton got home and we visited and went to bed late again. 

Wednesday was a busy day. I got ready and dropped Annie off for her last day of school (sob). I ran by the grocery store on the way home and when I got home, I talked to Morgan on the phone and started laundry and dishes. I ate breakfast and called Peyton (he had to walk out the door as soon as I got home). We talked and then my mom came over to keep Graves and I left to go help with AP's Christmas party. I had actually planned to take Graves, but Alaina got sick and Carrie had thought she might not be able to come, so I got my mom to come keep him. I'm SO glad, because the four year olds were a bit wild. The craft was kind of crazy and everything was hectic. But we had fun!

I came home and talked to Minnie some and picked up around the house. I played with Graves a little and we went to get Ann Peyton. We stopped by Corner Bakery on the way home. Another thing that happened at the party was that somehow Annie's adorable snow man Oreo pop that one of the moms had made for the kids party went missing. I think another child probably thought it was theirs or something. Anyway, that kind of thing is still so hard for her. I know she thought it was so cute and she had eaten her other food so well and waited really patiently. She had just sobbed at school, but then she actually pulled it together really well. I was SO proud of her, so I decided we'd go get a little treat :) We all got cookies and it was fun, but it was close to four by the time we got home. I put Graves down for a nap even though it was late, I just needed the break. He went right to sleep and I worked on our Christmas letter during most of his nap. When he got up, he and AP colored and cut at the table and I cooked spaghetti. I bathed them after that and got them to bed. I read some blogs until Peyton got home and then I uploaded pictures and finished a post. Peyton left again to get me a snack her forgot (it was after midnight). He ran into some Millsaps students that had a broken down car. He tried to jump them off, but it wouldn't work so he took them back to the college, all the way across town! I really am so proud of the person he is. 

On Thursday, I got up and got ready really quickly and left to get my hair cut and colored. I was glad to get that done! 
Right now it's shorter than Graves's (and Peyton's). Taking the (small) shaggy boy this week.

I got home and started laundry and dishes. Peyton left and we picked up and had lunch. I put the kids down and got on the computer, read, and took a nap myself. When the kids got up, I worked on copying AP's memory work for the month and I went through some magazines. We went over to my parents' for dinner because they were going to a Christmas party on Friday. 
They were mesmerized by the big (huge!) tree at my parents'! 

When we got home I got the kids to bed and got on the computer until Peyton got home. The kids woke up around two when we were going to bed and Peyton brought them in our room. 
So, the night before at two in the morning he was driving college students home from Walmart. Here's he's feeding the half asleep two year old Oreos in our bed. Always an adventure with this one.

I volunteered at the Children's Museum on Friday. It was a good morning and Peyton met me with the kids at noon. We had lunch and I started laundry and dishes. They took naps and I ate my lunch, took some pictures of the decorations around the house, got on Twitter and Facebook and started a post. Graves woke up around the two hour mark and I was able to rock him back to sleep. I ended up taking a little nap myself. 

The kids got up and I was not in the best mood and was sort of short with them. We were all pretty cranky. I worked on sorting and boxing books and went through some magazines. We ate super and I put the kids to bed and straightened some. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home and we went to bed. 

We slept late on Saturday and it was so nice! I took my bath and then we worked on packing up kitchen stuff. I worked on the laundry room a bit, too and then some boxes in our room. I also organized and put up some of the stuff from my craft drawers in the kids' room. I ran to Office Depot to make a copy of our Christmas letter and then to Old Navy, which was crazy, but I really wanted to try one some jeans.
When the girl said it'd be ten minutes I practically sprinted to the section if comfy office chairs. It was a really good break.

Feels good to check that off!

 I got home and ate lunch and got on the computer and backed up some things. I got on Twitter and then the kids got up and we bathed them and got ready for a work Christmas party. We had a really fun time at it and stayed pretty late. We drove around and looked at lights and put the kids to bed. I addressed Christmas cards.

Sunday was busy! We went to Sunday school and late church and the Angel Choir performed.

We came home for about an hour and I addressed more cards and regrouped. Some friends were giving us a Farewell for Now party and so my parents came over and followed us to it. It was SO much fun and such a sweet, special time. It was sort of come and go all afternoon. We got home from that and I changed clothes and went to my small group. It was great and I got home around eleven. Peyton and I talked and I worked on addressing some more and then deleted pictures from my camera. I got on the computer briefly and then went to bed. The kids had sort of a rough night- they both got up several times. 

This week is a little busy, but not bad. Peyton is working every day until Christmas and then he's done. Then he leaves on the 31st. EEEEK. 

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