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Weekly Happenings Post #244 (November 25-December 1)-- So Much to be Thankful For

I got up late (around nine thirty) on Monday and took my bath and Peyton helped me bathe the kids. I looked at Christmas cards a little more and had breakfast. I got laundry and dishes going and then we had lunch. We all got ready and went to a meeting with the lawyer who is writing our will and we got that finalized. We ran some errands (in the freezing rain) after that. We went by the bank, got a car tag renewed, made a return to Target and did a relatively large grocery trip. We got home and unloaded groceries and Peyton had to go back for one thing we forgot. I started cooking wild rice soup and that took awhile. Peyton got home and I finished and we ate. Annnd the kitchen sink got clogged. Peyton went to the store again and I helped the kids clean up their bedroom. We put them to bed early since Graves hadn't had a nap and Peyton went to the store AGAIN for drain stuff. He came home and fixed the sink and I finalized the Christmas card decision and wrote a blog post and then cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed.

We got up and hurried and got ready and left for the kids check ups that I had scheduled with the pediatrician on Tuesday. Even though we're not really close to their birthdays, we wanted to have one before we moved. Annie got her booster shots and they both got flu shots. It was a good visit. We went to Primos afterwards for a special treat. We came home and Peyton got ready for work and started laundry and dishes and then folded and sorted some clothes my sister in law sent over. We picked up in their room and then had lunch and I put Graves down. He took a LONG nap and I sent some Facebook messages and worked on figuring out a back up plan for my blog. I ended up creating a private WordPress blog as a back up. I ate my lunch and took a short nap and then got Graves up.
I had to wake him up at the 3.5 hour mark(!) then when he got up, he sat here and worked diligently at trying to get them all to fit on the bottom floor of the castle the whole time I cooked supper. I've literally never seen him so attentive. Who is this kid?

 I made chili and changed over laundry and we played some and then I got the kids ready and put them to bed. I got on the computer until Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed.

The kids slept late on Wednesday and that was nice. We all got up and I talked to Ellis and then my mom on the phone. We got ready and then Elizabeth and her crew came over. We had a really fun visit. Peyton left for work and we fed the kids lunch and then all picked up toys. They left and I made beds and picked up the kids' room and cleaned up the kitchen. I put the kids down for naps and Graves fought it so hard. He would not go to sleep. I ate my lunch and got on the computer and sent a few emails and checked Twitter. I got some things together to let a friend borrow and then I let the kids get up. I put up some clothes in their room and we got ready and left. I dropped off the bag of Graves's Summer stuff with my friend Catherine and we headed to my parents to see Cookie and Conrad.
One thing I will decidedly will not miss is the six PM car nap. Nobody falls asleep on the subway. Okay, lots of people do. But probably not two year old boys who love people and adventures as much as Graves Herrington. 

They had just gotten into town and we were so excited to see them. We ate sushi and had so much fun. It was well past ten when we got home.
Minnie parted his hair and he looked so different to me!

They're each other's favorites! 

I stayed up late and wrote Graves's letter and visited with Peyton.

We got up EARLY (before seven) and got ready to go have Thanksgiving breakfast at my parents' on Thursday. Cookie and Conrad were leaving midmorning for Baton Rouge (his hometown) and we wanted to have any time with them we could. Peyton made omelets and we had a blast. We left around the time they did and headed to Peyton's parents' house for lunch. It worked out perfectly because Elizabeth and her kids were there. We stayed until naptime and both kids fell asleep on the drive home.
Best part of Thanksgiving is the cousin snuggles!

Peyton and I chatted, I read a few blogs and got on Twitter and then took my own nap. It was hilarious because it was after dark when the kids got up and Peyton convinced them that it was midnight and them eating dinner was a "special treat". He finally told them that he was kidding and we watched football and they had baths and then went to bed. While they were up, I worked on the top shelf and the floor in my closet. I got it mostly done and moved some stuff onto the shelf in the kids' closet.
What, you've never rolled off season jon jons to safe room? You must have never come face to face with the reality of potentially living in a six hundred sq foot space with your three other family members and two cats.

After they went to bed, I ate supper and read some blogs and then I worked on my playlist and watched the news and Jay Leno with Peyton. I fell asleep on the couch.

Peyton worked a fourteen hours shift on Friday and Graves woke up when he left, around seven thirty. Annie woke up a little after that and, I'm not going to lie, I laid on the couch a bit. Graves snuggled some and then we all had breakfast.
I took a bath and put on fresh pjs :) I did try to get back into our routine- laundry, school, ect.

This guy has no trouble getting back into his routine- taking breaks all morning to snuggle with his green blankets and collection of lovies and intermittently pretending to get ear wax out of his ear and eat it in order to make his sister yell and fuss. I'm thinking that Herrington boys will always consider it a life goal to get a rise out of the Herrington girls. Sadly, it's incredibly easy to do. (Ignore that he looks like he has a butt cut in this picture. )

Not one, but two garbage trucks. Graves was so excited. I thought one might have been broken at first and he kept pretending to be a garbage truck breaking and throwing himself on the floor in dramatic reenactments.

I folded a bunch of laundry and we picked up and then had lunch. I got the kids down for naps and got on the computer. I read a bit and did my Bible study and folded some more laundry. The kids got up and I tackled MORE laundry and then started getting ready because I was going with my parents to an announcement party for a friend. I got their supper ready and Claire got here and I left to go to my parents. The party was SO cute, but it was in a renovated barn and it was a little (a lot) chilly. I was wearing a dress and leggings and so I froze (it was western themed and most people wore jeans, obviously). Anyway, we got back to my parents' and I got some stuff together that we had left on Thanksgiving and got ready to go. The kids were both asleep and I paid Claire and we visited a little. I got on the computer and then Peyton got home and we talked. I went to bed pretty early.

Graves woke up again when Peyton left for work on Saturday and so we got up and snuggled and played. I read him some books and played with him on the couch. I finally got up and going and had breakfast, but AP didn't wake up until TEN. When she got up, I took my bath and started laundry and dishes. It was a bit of a slow morning and I got stressed out thinking about how I was going to decorate for Christmas with the move so close. The kids played and I searched apartments a bit and then played with them. I fixed them lunch and got Graves down and then had my lunch and got on the computer. Graves really fought his nap, but I finally rocked him to sleep. When the kids got up, we played some until Peyton got home. We ate and bathed them and put them to bed.

I got on the computer and then we watched Saturday Night Live.

The kids and I went to Sunday school and then the late service on Sunday. We've started taking Graves in the service with us and this past week it was communion. That meant AP was with us the whole time, too. they did great (I had suckers for them that a sweet nursery worker had given them, but I wouldn't let them eat it in the sanctuary- I was REALLY impressed with their behavior when Peyton told me he lets them have it half way through). Communion was a bit rough (Graves grabbed a little cup of grape juice, AP tried to dunk her bread even though we're using the cups now, it was just intense). Anyway, we got home and I picked up the house and started laundry and dishes while they ate. I put them down for naps and did a few things and when they got up, we got ready because it was the Hanging of the Green. Annie sang with the Angel Choir and did great. I got home and Peyton was home already. We fed the kids and put them to bed.

This week has been great. I can't believe how fast December is flying by, though!

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