Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Weekly Happenings Post #247 (December 16-22)-- Fun Festivities with Family and Friends

Graves is asleep and Peyton is trying to smooch. And Annie insisted on having three bears in the pic. Hahaha!

Last week was fun and a little busy. We knocked some things out (haircuts, dentist appointments, ect.) and had some fun with friends, too! Carrie and I went to dinner on Monday, the kids and I went to two birthday parties over the weekend, all four of us ate dinner with friends on Saturday, and spent a lot of time with my family on Sunday. It was great!

The kids slept SO late on Monday, which was such a nice treat.
This is how I found Annie after I got out of my bath!

When they finally did get up, I finished getting ready and started laundry and straightened. We had a low key morning and then it was lunch and naptime. I put Graves down and of course he didn't fall asleep. I bagged up a bunch of Goodwill stuff and got some addresses from people on Facbook for Christmas cards. The kids got up and I did dishes, folded laundry, and went through magazines. I got ready and when Peyton got home I left to meet Carrie. We had to squeze in one last kid free outing before the move! We went to Julep and had such a great time. Wonderful food and great conversation! I got home and talked to Peyton and wrote a post.

I had a big shift at the Children's Museum on Tuesday, but it was my last one! I got there at eight forty five and left around two thirty. I helped with field trips (I ran the slides for the "Santa Institute") and worked at a cart making "reindeer food" and then finished out in the art room. I talked to my friend CC some and I also ran into an old friend who had moved and moved back. The day went pretty fast!

I picked up the kids from my parent's house (Peyton dropped them off on his way to work) and we came home and I put Graves right down for his nap. He fell asleep and I ate my lunch, got on Twitter, addressed more cards, and took a short nap. We all got up and I flipped through magazines while the kids played. I fixed them supper and bathed them and put them to bed and then got on the computer until Peyton got home. We ate supper and I stuffed the Christmas card envelopes. I wrote Annie's letter and went to bed.

Annie had a dentist appointment with the pediatric dentist on Wednesday so we got up and got ready and I took her.
Finally on the way!

The appointment went well and Peyton met us there and dropped off Graves and headed to work. I took the kids home and got to work myself. I made beds, straightened, started laundry, and did dishes. Then I took out the recycling and cleaned the microwave. I bleached some towels which was something I'd been putting off- I just hate having to change clothes, which is something I make myself do if I use bleach. I also talked to Ellis and went through more magazines. We did a craft and then ate lunch and worked on memory work. WHEW!

I got the kids down and I ate my lunch and got on the comptuer. I read a really long article and did my Bible study and texted some friends. I read a few blogs and Graves got up. I folded laundry and played with the kids and packed up most of the homeschool stuff. I flipped through more magazines and we ate supper. I got the kids ready for bed and put them down and got on the computer again. Peyton got home and we chatted and went to bed.

The kids had haircuts at ten on Thursday and we all slept until nine. Nice! We got up and got ready and all went and got their hair cut and then we all went to check into changing cell phone carriers.
Annie's first real haircut. It was SO long- this is after about four inches was chopped. She was terrified she'd wind up with "Snow White hair" and not look like Belle anymore. So I brought in a screenshot of her favorite star to show Mrs. Mandy. It worked really well and she did great! 

We got home and I fed the kids lunch and started laundry and dishes. I put them down for naps and got on the computer and ate my lunch. I ended up getting into a big debate on Facebook over some recent controversy. I didn't do much else, sadly. When the kids got up, I cooked a chicken pot pie and we played outside while it was cooking.
So many things needed my attention inside and there was so little sun left, but it wasn't cold at all and we're about to be a family without a yard at our disposal, so this.

They ate and I took Graves's monthly picture and put them to bed.

I had an awful headache and actually went to bed SUPER early myself.
 Annie called me because Bud was ripping apart her picnic basket. This is what parenting a boy looks like for me. Always and everyday. So grateful for it, though, and grateful that the Lord is, everyday, equipping me for the task at hand. Cannot wait to see how He uses Graves for his Kingdom.

Peyton called on his way home and I told him about my night and he picked up Newks for me. So sweet. We ate and then I made a list and went to bed.

A guy from the moving company got to our house at eight on Friday to give us an estimate. We were still in bed! Ha. We got up and discussed things with him and when he left I vacuumed in the den and bedrooms. Peyton got ready for work and I vacuumed and mopped the kitchen and started dishes and laundry. I steamed some brocoli and the kids and I ate lunch. Mallory came over for a little bit and the kids played and then I put Graves down. He slept for a couple of hours and I uploaded pictures and tried to get a few more Christmas card addresses. We went over to my parents' for dinner and when we got home I uploaded more pictures to the external and read some magazines and went to bed.

We had a birthday party on Saturday morning so I got up and got ready and wrapped the present. I had to wake the kids up!
Annie's obsessed with making sure her and Graves's pjs match in some way (e.g. "We both have animals on our tops", "we both have stripes on our pants", "we're both wearing blue", ect.). After I put them in their room at night, if she can't find a connection, she'll go digging in his closet, find something that coordinates in some way, strip him down, and redress him like he's her baby doll. You were supposed to wear pjs and they don't have any that remotely match this year. She seemed happy though and after a few minutes she told me "I know what we're like. This is like Santy Clause standing beside a Christmas tree and putting ornaments on it. THAT is how we match."

We had such a fun time at Hank's Polar Express party.
We rode on a trolley at the party. Annie gripped my hand the whole time and Graves was totally mesmerized and get this: VERY STILL. If only the subway is this easy, we'll be doing great. Side note: It was one of those rare days of pure, unadulterated excitement. I wish I could bottle it up for when the fear and the darkness come knocking again.

 When we got home it was time for lunch. I cooked some carrots and we ate and I did dishes and laundry. I straightened some and make the beds and then it was naptime. I got on the computer and took my own nap :)
She spent ALL of naptime "taking cover" and making preparations because her stuffed animals get hungry during the night and "we might have to sleep in the bathroom all night", but she didn't seem too scared and was having fun. 

When the kids got up, I folded laundry and went through magazines.
One of Annie's rainy day activity she orchestrated for herself and Graves was "hanging ornaments". Best part is that I said "Oh, that's so cute" and Graves said "ACTUALLY, that's DANGEROUS". He doesn't always make sense, but at least he says words now :)

We played and then Annie got even more scared about the weather. She was literally shaking she was crying so hard. We were supposed to eat dinner with friends and somehow I convinced her it was fine. Peyton got home and we immedietly headed to the Roberts' house. We stayed late and had such a wonderful time. We had to run by Walmart on the way home and it was SUPER late by the time we got in bed. Peyton and I both fell asleep around two.

We got up and got ready and went to Sunday school and church on Sunday. Brother Mitchell mentioned us in his sermon- it was called "God Willing" and he said "Oh, you know. Some people might say "God willing, we'll move to New York. I don't know why anyone would do that, though ;)". It was sweet :)

The kids and I got home (after some awful behavior from AP as we were leaving children's church) and had lunch and I did a lot of picking up, cleaning up and starting laundry. I wrapped a present and redressed us all and we headed to another birthday party. It was Mallory's little boy's first birthday and it was so cute- Mickey and Minnie even made an appearance. We had to leave early, though, so we could go visit my grandmother at the nursing home because it was HER birthday. Whew! We had a really nice visit and the kids behaved SO well. We headed straight to my parents' after that and hung out all afternoon since Cookie and Conrad were there. Peyton came over after work and we had hamburgers for supper. We left around nine thirty and Graves fell asleep in the car. AP had a hard time going to sleep, but it happened pretty fast. I got on the computer and we chatted and went to bed.

This week is our last full week before Peyton leaves for NYC. I CANNOT believe it. I'm hoping it will be a mix of productive and special.

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