Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekly Smorgasbord

This week's links, y'all! I know it's hardly anything. With it being Peyton's last week here and with Cookie being home and with the holidays, I haven't been spending as much time on the computer!

On the Duck Dynasty Controversy: 

Posted: 19 Dec 2013 12:01 PM PST
"However, I have also been disappointed to hear so many Christians respond to his suspension by defending him as representing Christian values, and by perpetuating a narrative that Phil is being persecuted for his faith. Let's talk about the first amendment issue for a second. The first amendment gives us freedom of speech. It does not give us freedom from accountability for our speech. It ensures freedom from imprisonment . . . it does not dictate what an employer has the right to address within the workplace. And thank goodness – can you imagine a society where employees could say any hateful thing with no repercussion? Whether you like A&E's decision or not, this is not a first amendment issue, and it's a little frightening how many people believe that it is, including some of our elected officials. Phil Robertson's freedom of speech has not been threatened...he can continue to talk about whatever he wants to talk about without fear of being thrown in jail. But A&E, as a business, has the right to decide that he is no longer a good fit for representing their brand...To reduce a person’s sexuality to an oversimplified and graphic question of where to put the penis is dismissive and homophobic. And honestly, I don’t think it represents most Christians’ views on homosexuality. Even most conservative Christians believe that same-sex sexual attraction is not a sin in and of itself. But Phil depicts gay people as deviant, and that’s a big problem. And if his words above represent “Christian values” then we need to have another look at Jesus...comparing black people to white trash is cringey, but suggesting that black people were happier during segregation? That because Phil never heard a black person publicly complain BACK IN THE ERA OF LYNCHING means that they must have been satisfied with the state of things? This is so racially tone-deaf that it reminds me of the time Paula Deen romanticized the slaves as being “like family”. Not to mention, the subtext of his remarks is that black people nowadays are entitled, unGodly, discontented welfare recipients. So when I see people as “standing with Phil” based on their Christian values, I really have to ask . . . how does an apologist for our country’s ugly Jim Crow legacy represent Christian values?"

Agree. Agree. Agree. 

On Writing: 
Posted: 18 Dec 2013 02:29 PM PST
SO long, but worth it. Pretty much all on my Amazon wishlist now.

On Beauty: 
Posted: 17 Dec 2013 11:15 PM PST
Oh my word. How terribly sad and terribly beautiful.


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