Monday, December 30, 2013

What I'm Into (December)

On the Nightstand:
I didn't do much reading at all this month. We've been in holiday/getting ready to move gear and I just haven't sat still much. These are still on standby to finish once we get moved:

Reflections for Ragamuffins: Daily Devotions by Brennan Manning 

Maybe read it three times. 

Immersion Bible Study: Psalms- J. Clinton McCann
About the same, sadly. 

A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live- Emily Freeman

I think I read two chapters. 

What time I spent reading was spent starting to tackle these:
I know, I know. But that's what compulsive looks like. Some of them are several years old, too! I will say it's been fun- especially the decorating ones (the beauty and parent mags don't do much for me these days). I've been ripping out pictures here and there for when we're back in a real house :)

Also, we did read through this Christmas favorite. I'm not sure that it's AP's favorite read aloud at all, but I enjoyed it. Too bad we didn't quite finish it by Christmas Eve. Busy season I tell you!

On the Shelf:
NOTHING. Not adding anything until we get moved in and settled. 

At the Theater (or from the couch):
We haven't watched an real movies, per se. But Peyton got me a converter box for Christmas and I'm starting to tackle making the family videos from when Cookie and I were tiny into DVDS. I've loved watching here and there as it records! 

On the Small Screen:
Peyton started watching Alaska: The Last Frontier on Netflix. It's about this family that homesteads and sort of lives of the land. It's a reality show, but it's about really simple people (I mean that in the best way) which I think is so cool. It's not something I would have thought would be my cup of tea, but Peyton and I both enjoy it and it's easy to have on in the background (with something like The West Wing I'm really anal about catching every joke/slice of wit/piece of intelligence delivered to the president). Anyway, it's not bad.

In My Ears:
I just didn't make generating a new playlist a priority this month. Which was fine because I LOVED last December's. It is something I hope to get back to once we move! 
Sufjan = best doctor for the December blues  

Around the House:
I keep it really minimal this year. I actually decorated with only the stuff I had planned to box for New York, which really simplified things. Just bright little pops of happy!

In the Kitchen:
Nothing, basically. NOTHING new or different. And not much in general. I've been terrible. In my defense, we've spent a lot of time with the holidays and such eating elsewhere. Also, we've had food sent over- my mom sent me home with Beagle Bagel chicken salad twice, we got leftovers from Christmas at Granny's that we missed due to sick kids, and we got the leftovers from a fun Farewell (for now)! party some precious church friends gave for us. Also, Peyton's been grilling chicken like crazy and I've been steaming veggies for lunch and dinner for myself and the kids in order to try to "eat through" the fridge. 

Christmas dinner at my many favorites (steak with crab meat, twice baked potatoes, buttered rolls, pimento cheese in celery, and Waldorf salad). THE best. 

In My Closet:
Let it be known: I do not love Winter clothes. That said, I did okay. Sweater and jeans and boots and jacket with jeans and flats. I liked both of these. And apparently I love stripes!

Also, I think this was the year of the sweater dress! 

In Their Closets:
I didn't even have that much seasonal stuff for them this year (Annie had a couple of Christmas outfits, but that was it). But boy do I love Christmas jams! 

And I adore these little madras pants on Graves. 

I rarely put him in t-shirts, but since he tells everyone this is who he is, I couldn't resist =)

In My Mailbox:
Oh, you know, just one of my ABSOLUTE favorite parts of the season:

In My Cart:
I actually bought these a few months ago, but just started using them. They scream "Brooklyn" to me! 

On My Heart:
Well, a lot. A whole lot, actually. Some days the fears I have about moving are really tough. But there's been a lot of love and light this month, too, and I have faith those things will follow us anyone. Because I have faith in the One who creates, provides, nourishes, and sustains. 

In My Prayers:
- I said this last month, and I'll probably say it for awhile, but I'm praying that God will strengthen my love for the city and that He will show me all the good and all the beauty there. 
- I'm praying the the time between when Peyton leaves (tomorrow) and when we get to move is not terribly long, but is enough time for me to tie up loose ends here. 
- I'm praying that I'll meet my family with grace equal to their needs
- I'm praying for discernment for Peyton as he tries to find our new home. 

On the Calendar: 

Sorry, I'm sharing this again. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S HERE!

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What I'm Into  


Em Miller said...

Sufjan Stevens' Christmas albums never get old!

karen said...

I just had to pop over from Leigh Kramer's because of the Sujan pic. Love his songs for Christmas... we listen to it religiously starting in late October! Also, love your style. That striped cardigan is perfection.

Leigh Kramer said...

Good luck with your move!!!

If I had Netflix, I'd be watching Alaska for sure. I've heard great things about it.