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Weekly Happenings #251 (January 13-19)-- Getting Closer to the City

Or not. We found out yesterday that the co-op only allows people to move in on the first or the fifteenth of each month. So it looks like an extra wee just got tagged on. What can you do? (Cry about it and move on.) 

The kids slept late on Monday and when we got up, we had breakfast and I started laundry. My dad came over with a big box and after he left, I packed the canvases for the kids' room and some blankets and stuff and then got my bath.
Trying on "new" snow boots (via eBay). Love how we're representing basically every season with the Christmas pjs and floppy sun hat.

I started more laundry, did dishes, and flipped through some magazines and then it was lunch. The kids ate and then Graves took a great nap. I weeded through more magazines, did my Bible study, uploaded pictures onto the computer, and cleaned out the desk in the study. When he finally got up, we got ready and headed to my parents' house for supper. We had great visit and got home late. I put the kids to bed and stayed up too late working on a post and flipping through more magazines and also organizing a big file box of them.

The kids slept late again on Tuesday and then played in their room for a bit. We didn't get up until TEN. When they got up, we had breakfast and I then I took my bath and packed a big box of shoes and bathroom stuff.  I talked to Peyton and folded some clothes and started laundry and dishes and then it was time for lunch.

I fed the kids and put Graves down and it was pretty late. I felt sort of gross- I was getting a tiny cough and just feel yucky. I ate my lunch and got on the computer. Graves never went to sleep so I put him in AP's room and laid down for a little bit. I never did fall asleep, I guess  because we had gotten up so late. It was nice just to rest, though, I texted Carrie and scrolled through IG and prayed for a bit. I got the kids up and realized their room was a disaster. Graves had gotten out the cloth diaper liners (they're paper and it's like a roll of toilet paper) and had thrown them everywhere and was naked. We spent almost an hour all cleaning up. As we were finishing I found some little brown chunks and I panicked. It was just chewed up pieces of the roll, though. UGH. I vacuumed their room and then fed them dinner. After supper, I bathed them and talked to my mom on the phone and organized some old stuff I had pulled out of magazines.
AP: "Gorilla, you are being too rough with Momma." (He climbed onto my shoulders and was screaming "want to go higher!" and yanking my hair.) Man, he needs his papa. They are so much alike.

I put them to bed and blogged a little and got on Facebook and then had supper and went to bed myself.

The kids played really well again in their room when they got up on Wednesday. I packed another big box (this time toys) and we had breakfast. I was trying to pack at least a little each morning. I also went through our big filing cabinet and neatened and packed a huge pile of Peyton's hangers. I packed up my shoes that I'm leaving here and took a bath and then it was one o'clock. Wow! I spent like twenty minutes deflating a beach ball and then we loaded up and headed to Hobby Lobby and Target to return some things and for a few groceries. When we got home, I fixed the kids "lunch" (at like three o'clock) and then we had rest time. I got on the computer and I actually had to wake Graves up for church. We're starting a new series and I'm so sad I'll only get to be there one more week! We got home and the kids ate dinner and I got them ready for bed. I put them down and got on Facebook a bit and read some blogs and went to bed.

Thursday was fun! I got up and got a bath while the kids watched a show and then we had breakfast and I wrapped up my niece and nephew's Christmas presents. Haha! Around ten, Elizabeth and the kids came over to play one last time. We had such a blast and it was really good to get to visit with Elizabeth. She went and picked up pizza and we had a fun lunch. The plumber came while they were here and fixed our potty and when they left, the kids and I picked up toys. I put Graves down and did dishes, started laundry, took out the trash, and changed the litter box.
Sweet Bud fast asleep with his boohiney in the air (he told me a few days ago that "We don't call it a booty. Minnie says BOOHINEY".)

Annie played and I got on the computer for a bit. When Graves woke up, we all went outside for a short bit and then we came in and I worked on getting all the kids stuff ready to pack and I took Graves's monthly picture.

All the kids clothes that are going in the POD on Monday (I left out a handful that they're going to wear for the week between now and our flight). I'm as shocked as you are that it fits in those two bins!

I fed them supper and got them to bed and got on the computer for awhile. I talked to Peyton and read my Bible and went through some magazines and went to sleep.

My friend Becca tagged me and said she thought for a minute Peyton had made HONY. New 2014 goal: I want to see a jon jon featured in Today in Microfashion.

We had another fun day on Friday. Graves actually got up around eight thirty and I fed him breakfast and then woke AP up and took my bath. We all got ready and Morgan dropped by to pick up my sling that I was letting her borrow and then we left to eat lunch at Carrie's. We picked up Chic-Fil-A and had a wonderful time. I was sort of bittersweet, though.

We got home and I put Graves down and he went right to sleep. I brought in a bunch of boxes my mom had brought over and packed a box of homeschool stuff and then finished packing a box of toiletries. I got on the computer for a bit and then packed about three more boxes- some decorative things, the kids clothes and some stuff from the study. Graves woke up and we got ready and headed to my parents'. We dropped off some stuff with Elizabeth on the way there and I was so hungry when we got there. I scarfed my beans! The kids took baths and we left late.
She reminds me so much of little girl SD :)

They were awake when we got home but they fell asleep quickly. I talked to Peyton and got on the computer and went to bed. 

We had a good day Saturday. Graves got up around eightish. I was pretty tired and he was happy to just cuddle with my in Annie's bed for a bit (we scooted her over, ha). They played some and then we had breakfast and I got my bath. I unloaded my dresser and boxed up the stuff in it and then put some super light stuff in it. I did dishes and started laundry and then it was time to fix the kids lunch. I hung up some stuff in their room. And put Graves down for his nap. I read blogs for a bit and then my parents came over. I was surprised- Graves slept most of the visit. My mom played with Annie and visited with me and Daddy packed up my computer and tv and such. They left and I fixed some supper for the kids. They ate an early supper and so I let them watch Bob the Builder so I could do a few more things. I boxed some toys and lampshades and ate something myself. We all straighted up and I got the children to bed. I watched The West Wing, had a snack, watched SNL, and went through magazines. 

We got up and got ready for church on Sunday. I got the kids up and got them ready and then took my bath. Church was really nice.

Graves with one of his absolute favorite people on the planet, "Brodda Mitchell". Per usual, Graves sat in his lap during the children's sermon and Brother Mitchell was so dear and had all the other children tell him and Ann Peyton goodbye. 

He really is such a special guy. I'm truly thankful we didn't move six months earlier. I've been so blessed by his and Owen's ministries. Also, I love that his cute granddaughter was photo bombing the picture. 

We ran by Target for groceries and a lamp on the way home. Poor Graves cried when I told him I was sorry they just didn't make cute boy raincoats as much. We were having a similar day emotionally ;) We got home and unloaded and I fixed them lunch and straightened a bit. Graves fell asleep and after I ate my lunch, I took a nap, too. My dad stopped by to put together the cat carriers we had gotten to fly the kitties in and he stayed and played with Annie while I finished my nap :) After he left and Graves got up, I emptied the liter box and packed suppers and we got ready and headed to church. 

It was such a wonderful service. 

Owen preached a beautiful sermon. If I hear preaching this powerful from Cymbala and Keller I will consider myself greatly blessed. 

I got the kids to bed and talked to Peyton and that's when he told me about the move in date. I was super frustrated and just stressed. I did manage to pack a few boxes- toys and cleaning supplies and went to bed early-ish, despite my nap. 

I'm the girl who hates texting, so pecking this out on my phone is sort of exhausting. I had the sense to get most of it written, but even doing the weekend was a bit much. As our computer is packed, I have no idea how much I'll be be blogging in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll pop in here and there with little updates, though! 

Weekly Happenings #252 (January 20-26)-- Last Full Week in Mississippi

Y'all. It's time to get this show on the road. I'm so ready for a bit more normalacy. Thankfully, that's about to happen but I'm a big ball of stress getting  ready for it! 

Monday was super busy. I got up and got a bath and right as I was getting out, the moving cubes got delivered.
(Yeah, and it took me a few minutes to get to the door.) 

I spent the rest of the morning packing my clothes and last little things- toys and kids' shoes and stuff. I started laundry and dishes and put Graves down and packed some stuff in the kitchen and pulled down the curtains to pack. Graves never did fall asleep and actually handed me a piece of the blinds he had broken at one point. I called my parents because I was STRESSED and they both came over. My mom took the kids to her house and my dad helped me pack the microwave and toaster oven. I was literally folding clothes from the clean laundry and putting them in boxes. Ricky, a guy my mom knows from Batte, came to help pack the cubes. He and his friend did an amazing job. 

After they left, I followed Daddy home. I ate some beans he heated up and bathed the kids. They were SUPER hyper. Graves fell asleep on the way home, but AP was so tired and upset about everything. She had forgotten to eat her ice cream, she thought she wouldn't get to have a "night party" with Graves and then she LOST IT when she realized her ballet skirt was packed. She literally cried for an hour. I tried to help her, but nothing I said made a difference. And Graves woke back up. And they pulled all the deserted out of her armoire. They finally both fell asleep really late. I talked to Peyton and watched The West Wing. 

The night was so insane. The kitties were CRAZY. Like chasing each other around and at one point one skidded into the buffet. Annie woke up because she had had an accident and then Graves woke up at six something.
(No, YOU woke up, put on an infant glow worm costume and went back to sleep on the couch beside your momma). 

I got up around eight in Tuesday and started getting ready. I lost my wallet and panicked a bit and then found it. I got the kids ready and them we left for Annie's dental appointment. I dropped Graves off with my friend Karissa and we went to the appointment. She did GREAT and we actually got to do both sides so we didn't have to go back on Thursday. I picked Graves up and Annie's lip started bleeding because she bit it. It looked AWFUL.

We were going to see Granny (she had broken her hip and was in the hospital in Hattisburg) but it took us forever to get in the road. We went by home so I could teetee, then had to turn around again to get my phone charger, and then headed to McDonalds. I was going to get AP a milkshake and I decided to get Graves one too. They milkshake machine was broken, though. I got my food and we headed to CFA for the shakes. I poured Graves's in his sippy and I was making a mess, so I got out of the car and put the cup and shake on top of the car. The wind blew so hard it knocked the cup off. Fortunately there was still plenty in the cup, but my car door and window was covered. It also happened to be the window that chronically slides open about a half inch. I cleaned the inside AND outside of the window and we ran home one more time to get some Tylenol for Annie. Graves fell asleep really quickly and AP did soon after. Her poor lip was hurting so much, so I was glad! I listened to music and talked to Peyton and the trip was nice. 

Jagger-ing it down 49 South to see hip broken Granny. 

We got there and the kids were SO well behaved. We ended up staying longer than I expected- about an hour and a half. Some other relatives (that we don't know that well) were there and I think that made it easier for Granny to not feel like she had to talk the whole time. The kids did great on the trip home and they are supper and then I let AP finish the program she was watching that morning.
Seven o'clock and it felt like midnight. Peyton drives from Mississippi to Chicago in basically a weekend and acts like it ain't no thing. I drive four hours in a day and I'm Stick a Fork in Me Done. Quintessential us, really. I will say that the times are a changin' as. I've hauled my ow butt and two tiny ones around like never before. 

 Graves practiced cutting and I straightened and starting laundry and dishes. I put them up bed and talked to Peyton. 
And then he brings up "objective difficulty". I really strongly agree with being authentic and acknowledging the hard even when it pales in comparison to the true tragedy others experience. But it's important to keep a vodka crc perspective. I'm do glad he's mine (but you wouldn't have him). 

I ate cold slaw and potato chips because I just couldn't think about turning on the stove and the microwave was packed in the cube. I fell asleep pretty early by my standards. 

The cubes were getting picked up Wednesday and I had a bit more to do. The kids slept until nine and then I got busy packing last minute things.
I have to have the TV on to fall asleep and it's an even bigger deal when Peyton isn't here. Plus our sheets got packed in the cube. These two joined me along with a bunch if stuffed animals and at one point, one of the cats. Tiny apartments aren't so bad, really. Oh edit, we aren't there yet? :) 

She looks...comfortable??

 I took a bath and my dad came over helped me and brought a lock for the second cube. I called to say they were ready and he left. I called the vet about a health certificate the kitties needed to fly and called our auto guy to make sure my car had had an oil change when it was in the shop in December. I started laundry and talked to Peyton and then the kids and I cleaned up their room and we I fixed them lunch.  

I got them settled, had my lunch, visited with Annie, and texted with some friends a bit. Then the cubes got picked up! 

I wasn't feeling motivated at all, but the kids were playing well so I spent about half an hour taking things to the attic and organizing then. We got ready and left for church. It was really great and when we got home we read and brushed teeth and I put the kids in bed. They were both pretty clingy and I data yes in their room longer than usual. I talked to Peyton and my mom and boxed up some stuff in our room for storage. I put up laundry and went to bed. 

We had a lot to do on Thursday but we started out all watch Bob the Builder on the couch :) I got up and took my bath and we all got ready and started errands. We picked up the cats' health certificates at the vet, deposited some checks at the bank, dropped off the nebulizer from when Graves was sick, and ran by the Deckards' house to drop off cans and pick up Graves's lovey. We made one last stop at Kroger and came home for lunch and naps. I put up groceries, emptied the liter box, and started laundry and dishes. Graves never went to sleep and after an hour I let AP go in there and okay with him. I ate lunch and took a short nap and played on my phone. 
I found him like this in the closet. Somehow Hulk doesn't look so threatening in polka dots and bows. 

They got up and we read done books and I cooked spaghetti and cleanedbup the kitchen. I bathed them and folded laundry and went through magazines. I got them ready for bed and they fell asleep pretty quickly. I watched TV and went to sleep.
OMG. She is so needy and her anxiety situation is worse than my own. Honestly, I need help parenting her. So touched out. 

He joined me on the couch much earlier than usual. He had his box packed and FLEW into the den. 
His toes were so cold but when we woke up we were both sweating. Winter snuggle sweat is the very best sweat. 

The kids got up on Friday and we snuggled some and them I took a bath and we had breakfast. We had a super laid back morning- I got on Facebook a bit and read some magazines. We played and had lunch. 

I got Graves down for a nap and talked to Peyton about some moving glitches (i.e. The co-op only let's people move in on Saturdays and the cubes can't be delivered on face weekend). 
She never naps anymore. But I found her like this. I guess these games of Three on the Couch are taking their toll. 

I packed a bit to store in our room and then took my own nap. The kids got up and I did dishes and then we went to my parents'. We had such a great time and got home late. 
Last time to eat beans and rice with Mickey and Minnie until October. So bittersweet. 

He kept saying "I being careful". 

I talked to Peyton and went to bed.

We all got up around nine on Saturday. We had breakfast and I took my bath and then I spent the morning talking to Peyyon who was at Ikea trying to order our stuff. I finally got the kids lunch and put Graves down. 
Peyton was stress eating at Ikea and I had a huge bowl of these with a ton of butter. We ran up on some more moving glitches and I couldn't stop crying because when I hugged Snnie the night before she smelled just like my mom because she had been in her lap. 

I ate my lunch and packed up some stuff in our room and the study and then I took AP outside to play and I cleaned out (most of) the garage). 
So warm she didn't even need socks! 

We came in and Graves woke up and we got ready and ran to Target for a few things. When we got home, I fed the kids and bathed them. I read through some magazines and I got the kids down and then called Peyton and we went through the mail together. Annie had THE hardest time getting to sleep and cried and cried. I watched the second half of SNL and went to bed. 

We got up on Sunday and got ready for church. 
I realize that tons of people dress their kids like this for church on the regular. But a could of years ago I would have been too prideful to put Graves and Annie in anything other than Feltman and a bishop respectively. Or at the very least I would have taken to fretting over it. But the fact that I woke up moderately refreshed; that we got a bonus Sabbath with our precious church family; and that they are both happy and healthy and still relatively well adjusted individuals despite their papa'a nearly month long absence meant I had nothing but cause for rejoicing. 

We headed to Sundsy school and church which was great and them headed home. I fixed the kids lunch and changed the cat liter and took out the trash. I put Graves down and ate my lunch. He finally  fell asleep and I took a nap myself. Our associate pastor had said I looked tired so I felt it was deserved. 

I packed the kids lunch and we headed back to church. It was a wonderful last service! We got home and I put the kids to bed. I straightened the house, ate supper, talked to Peyton and read some magazines. I did my Bible study and watched The West Wing and went to bed. 
He was snoring like a grown man and she fell asleep in a box! 

I can't believe this is THE week that we're moving! 

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Over at Belles & Beaux...

For the next few days I decided to blog over on my NYC blog. Thankfully, we have some big news!! Join me there?

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Weekly Happenings Post #250 (January 6th-12th)-- Another Week Without Papa

First of all, let's take a moment to acknowledge that this is my TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH WH POST. Basically about five years I've been doing these things. Whoa. That is crazy.

Next. Wow, I miss Peyton. And I'm so ready to feel settled. I'm going to blog about the details in a seperate post, but this week was crazy as far as the house hunting. We thought we'd found something a couple of times and then lost it (or never really had it). It's been emotional to say the least. I think Peyton finally has something and tomorrow the paperwork should go through. Then it'll be another week or so and we'll send our stuff and fly up.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

We all got up around 8:30 on Monday morning and had breakfast and then I got my bath. I sorted through some of my shoes and then the kids played and I read some magazines. I talked to Peyton about apartments and got a little discouraged because two of the ones we liked had contracts on them. I played with the kids some and went through theirs and my dvds and then we had lunch.

I put the kids down and Graves refused to really nap. I looked and apartments and went through more shoes and packed a bit and then I read my Bible. I also tried to move this little loveseat thing into my closet and it ALMOST fit. I was so frustrated and out of breath. I finally let Graves get up and we got ready and headed to my parents' house.
Car nap. Because of course. 

I wanted to run a few errands without the kids and my mom had offered to keep them. I went to Old Navy and Anthropologie and picked up a few new things and then I stopped in at the Apple store because I still had that waiting app on my phone. I got back and the kids were in the tub. I washed their hair and ate some chicken pot pie and we left. The kids fell asleep on the way home.

I got on the computer and worked on my Weekly Happenings Post and put pictures on Facebook and a video on Vimeo. I worked on going through more dvds and went to bed.
This is their new thing. I opened the door to their (tiny) closet and found them like this. Small apartment living ain't gonna be no thing for these two snuggle buddies.

Tuesday was a slow day. The kids woke up at 5:30, but then they went back to sleep and slept until TEN. I was so thrilled. I took a bath, went through more shoes and some leggings and scarves and flipped through a few magazines. We at lunch and had "naptime". I visited with AP and ate my lunch and then I laid down for a minute even though I felt really stupid since I had slept so late, but my head was hurting really bad. Graves had a dirty diaper so I got up to change it and Peyton called and then Annie flooded the toilet. I hung up on Peyton, turned the toilet off and cleaned up the mess. And called my dad. He was at the grocery store, which was great because Graves was screaming about his Band Aid coming off (he had cut himself on a stool really badly at my parents' house) and I was out. My dad rushed over with a fresh box and fixed the toilet. He played for a bit and I did laundry and picked up.

After he left, I took Annie's monthly picture and organized some stuff to take to Gateway.

Her expressions!

We got ready and made a Target run for some diapers, groceries, wipes, and storage boxes. When we got home, I unloaded and the kids ate supper. I had bought some watercolors and we read a book about mixing colors and did a project before bed. I feel like I've been so awful with school stuff and even with interacting with them much, so it felt good to do this. I got them ready for bed and got them settled.

I got on the computer and finished a post and started a new one. I also backed up all my blogs on Wordpress and did a few other things. I went to bed late.

The kids slept pretty late again on Wednesday and actually I found them up and playing in the closet. Ha! We got up and I got my bath and took out the trash and changed the liter box and started laundry. The toilet flooded again and Graves busted his lip and got blood on the couch. It was a crazy morning and it was lunch before I knew it.
I could deal with being down to one potty- I mean that's all we'll have in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed). But we're two for two now. P.S. Albert is our regular plumber's bestie who he recommended because he can't get out here until NEXT WEEK because everyone in Jackson has busted pipes. 

I got Graves down and then got on the computer and talked to Peyton. Mickey came over and fixed the toilet again and I worked a little more on a post and then Graves woke up.
What a guy. Mickey saves the day: part two. Or part eight hundred and seventy six. However you want to look at it, really. (He came in saying something about working through lunch again today, brushed right past me, and practically ran to join Annie where she was crafting. Then he fixed one of two of my upset potties.)

 I got us all ready for church and we headed to the Chili Cook-Off. It's a fundraiser for missions and sort of a fun way to kick of the new semester. We had a great time and I was so glad we were able to go after having had to miss church due to sickness since Christmas. We got home and I put the kids to bed and talked to Peyton some more about our apartment options. I finished my post and went to bed.

Thursday was nice. Graves got up earlier but he snuggled with me for awhile. Then I spent literally the whole morning on the phone with Peyton discussing the apartments he had seen. I finally got a bath and ate breakfast. The kids did really well playing together and lunch time seemed to get here really fast. I fed them and then bathed them because I was going out with friends that night and they needed baths. I put Graves down for his nap and talked to Peyton some more and got on the computer for a bit. I read a few magazines and then Graves got up. I folded laundry and talked to the kids and then got ready. Claire came over and I met some friends at Fernando's, after running by the grocery store on the way. We had a wonderful time and when I got home the kids were in bed but still awake. I tucked them in and they went on to sleep. I talked to Peyton again(!) and messed around on the computer and then cleaned out a couple of drawers in my dresser and got a couple more boxes packed.

We had kind of a busy Friday. We got up and I got a bath and got the kids ready and did a few things I really wanted to get done- starting laundry and changing the cat litter. We headed out to drop some stuff off at Gateway. Peyton always takes our donations and I got lost. I texted Carrie to tell her we were running late and then Graves pulled off his band-aid from where he had pinched his finger at my parents'. I knew he'd have a hard time at lunch and fortunately we were back close to home nearly on time, so we swung back the house to get a new one. We met Carrie and her kids at Newks and it was a great lunch. Graves got fussy a few times and we made a bit of a mess, per usual, but it seemed like we got more talking in than we have lately. Right as we were leaving, Peyton called and told me that an apartment that we LOVED and were sure we had wasn't going to be ours. Because, wait for it, we have kids. So unfair and so ILLEGAL. Anyway, we came home and I put the kids down and talked to Peyton a bit more. I started dishes and laundry, read a few magazines, got on the computer, and then took a nap myself. When Graves got up, we headed to my parents for dinner. We had a nice time and when we got home, I put them to bed and talked to Peyton some more. I got on the computer and cleaned up a little. The kids were still awake having a "night party" when I went to bed at 1:30.

The kids got up late on Saturday and I talked to Peyton most of the morning. I cried a lot (a LOT) about the apartment and finally took my bath. I started laundry and dishes and took out the trash while the kids played and then we had lunch. During naptime, I texted with Carrie and Ashley and then talked more to Peyton. I finally gave in and we decided to make an offer on an apartment. Graves never fell asleep, but he and Annie played a good while. Once we finally had a decision, I felt so much better and I decided to go clean out/vacuum our cars.
comfort chalk

When the kids got up, we picked up their toys and then played outside until it got dark and then came in for supper. Our friends from church, the Deckards, came over and Buzz worked on our toilets and the kids got to play with their girls. It was nice. When they left, though, I still needed to go to Walmart and I also needed to bathe the children. I knew neither was going to happen on Sunday morning! We got ready and ran to Walmart for a few things- vacuum bags and a treat for my Sunday school class. When we got home, I gave them quick baths and put them to bed. They fell asleep and I went to sleep soon after. I was so exhausted.

I was up before the kids on Sunday so I got my bath and got ready and then I actually had to wake them up. We got ready and had breakfast and left for Sunday school. I was close to being on time, but got distracted talking to Darlene and the new youth minister. We were discussing curriculum for the new year in Sunday school, so it wasn't too big of a deal since we won't be there anyway. Church was really good and Graves and I sat near the front (Annie went to children's church). He did great and I didn't even have a sucker to give him :) We got home and had lunch and I started laundry and dishes and put Graves down. He never did fall asleep and I didn't get much done. I laid down myself and then got on the computer for a bit and ate my lunch. The kids got up and played a bit and we cleaned up and got ready for evening church. It was great and when we got home, I put the kids right to bed. I filed some magazine articles and sorted some things to pack and then went to bed.

This week is going to be low key again. This solo parenting this is really, really tiring. Honestly, it hasn't been AS awful as I expected, but I am pretty worn out.

Saturday, January 11, 2014