Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Happenings

I really love the look this month. Last month I wasn't too pleased with it. The header still uploads with this weird sort of glare thing and it changes the colors, but whatever, overall I like it. And I love the Mary Oliver quote. It's *perfect* for this month, yeah? I had to dig pretty far back to find some of the Instagrams. I used to be kind of cognizant of using "Nashville" or a border I liked on certain pictures I knew I wanted to wind up in the header (weird I know that I put that much thought into it). Anyway, lately I've not even thought about it. And don't get me started on pictures from my real camera. Ugh.

Whew, December was hard in some ways. Pretty exhausting. But really, really good. It wasn't too full and I (mostly) only said yes to things I truly wanted to do.

One thing that has helped and that I know will help in the days and weeks to come is the huge amount of support I've felt. One of best friends texted me yesterday to ask how I was doing, knowing Peyton had left that day. Another sweet friend came over and watched When Harry Met Sally (best every New Year's Eve movie) last night and stayed late talking about deep, meaningful things. And several friends I don't even keep up with that much outside of Facebook reached out to me simply because they live in large, urban areas and wanted to offer support and encouragement as we get ready for this big adventure. It's just been really meaningful to me to feel so supported and cared for.

January is going to be crazy. It's probably the most "unknown" month that I've ever faced in my life.

- As I mentioned, Peyton flew out yesterday (New Year's Eve) and he's started the search for the apartment. Coincidentally, Graves was pretty sick when he left. I took him to the doctor Monday and he's doing a lot better after some breathing treatments and an antibiotic, and I'm just praying he keeps on the trajectory toward wellness and that Annie and I neither one get super sick (we've all got colds, but I think that's just how it is this time of year). Securing housing and him starting work are really all that's on the agenda in reality. He'll start work this Friday and overlap with another pharmacist for a few days until he gets the hang of things and then he'll start working normally. He's already been by his store and really likes his new partner.

- I'm just trying to be intentional about soaking up the moments here while also doing what I need to get done before the move and what I want to get down before the move. And while also not loosing my mind solo parenting. I'm sure we'll see my parents a ton, I'll see my Sunday night girls group gals at least once more, and if my kids will ever get well, I'm hoping Carrie and I will be able to have a couple more lunches together. And of course, if we're here and healthy, we'll be participating in church activities. But I don't have any scheduled stuff or obligations and that feels really good.

Here were my goals last month:
1. Decorate the house for Christmas in a way that's manageable. I did this and it worked out so well because I was basically able to just pack up everything I used for the move. I pretty much used only what I wanted to take to NYC for next Christmas and that made it simple and fun. 

2. Read aloud The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas and use our Advent calendar. We actually (sadly) didn't finish the book. My sister came into town several days before Christmas and we sort of moved in with my parents all waking hours. It was a great decision, but I just didn't make time for a lot else. We did use the calendar, but not in the way I would have liked to. Far too often I was distracted and Annie opened the day's nativity piece, arranged the scene and mumbled softly to herself about it. It just wasn't the relational experience our Thankful Board was in November. I'm planning to try to be more intentional and more PRESENT once we get settled in NYC. 

3. Finish A Million Little WaysDid not happen. Did not come close to happening. And I don't have much guilt over it, really. I'm having to let some things go right now. I know I'll pick it back up once things settle some. 

4. Finish organizing and packing in our room and the study. Tackle the kitchen and living room, as well. I've done most of it (with a LOT of help from Peyton). I've still got a few things in the desk to sort through, and I need to do a couple of drawers in my room. I've gone through my clothes but not packed them and I need to sort and pack kids' clothes. But we've made a lot of headway. The kitchen is done as is the living room and most of the kids' toys. 
5. Focus on the things that bring me peace and prioritize those things in my day. In such a chaotic season, I think I did this as best as I could and I certainly reaped the rewards of it. As I said, December wasn't easy, but I spent less time in crisis mode than I imagined I would.  

My new goals for this month:

1. Finish all the packing and move! This is pretty self explanatory and it ovbiously is a goal that's non-negotiable. Still feels good to put it on the list. 

2. I have three big things I need/want to do in addition to packing: 
     a) Sort through all magazines- y'all I have a ton. It's ridiculous- decorating, parenting, fashion. I'm too 
         compulsive to toss them without flipping through first. It's actually been sort of fun and I wish I had done it 
         earlier so I could enjoy it more. I also feel like it's a time suck and clearly a time WASTE when I probably 
         need to be doing a ton of other things, but whatever. 
      b) Convert the three volumes of VHS home videos from my childhood to DVD. I'm actually making three 
          copies of each- one for us, one for my parents, and one for Cookie. 
      c) I *still* have some random laundry and I've got to do it. Linens that haven't been washed and ironed, things
          that the children have outgrown and I wanted to wash once before taking to the attic, buy ahead things I 
           want to go ahead and wash. Gotta finish that up. 

3. Read to the children daily. I can't believe this even needs to be on the list. There was a time I'd would have 
 never needed to include it. But, I've been lazy. I've decided not to worry about homeschool stuff until we get 
 settled, but I want to at least be reading together. 

4. Make a master list of goals for 2014. I love these monthly goals, because they're very managble, but I want to do a little more big picture visioning this year. I think Peyton and I will make our lists together. It may be the 
end of the month, in that case :)

5. Prioritize rest. And prioritize it in the form of sleep. This is something I'm not great at. But generally, with Peyton's help, I can make it work. However, right now, while I'm pulling the weight of two people, I've got to operate in a different manner. Some days it may mean a nap and some nights it might be a much earlier than usual bedtime. But I can't compromise my (physical or mental) health by now allowing my body enough sleep. 

Here's to January, a month of new beginnings and this year, new beginnings in awesome proportions. May it be a month where we embrace flexibility and shun rigidity, where we focus more on each other and less on ourselves, where we embrace the new without feeling pressure to denounce the old, and where we lean solidly on the source of that which is constant even while we are terrified of that which isn't. 

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Tacy said...

Just out of curiosity, what magazines do you read? I get Poets and Writers and Dappled Things in the mail... but I used to get Real Simple and I've missed it. Looking for something interesting....