Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Glory of Love: 2013 Year In Review

"As long as there's the two (eh, four) of us
we've got the world and all it's charms
and when the world is through with us
we've got each others arms...
that's the story of
yeah, that's the glory of love."

In January, I made resolutions wrapped in grace, wrote about my feelings on the speed at which our family was growing, and blogged about weaning Graves. Towards the end of the month, we also enjoyed some SNOW.

I went a little crazy with my Easter playlist in March, maybe in part because Peyton and I were feeling a little tension between us and I just needed those songs to speak Truth to me. I wrote about how important it is to surround myself with, and fill our days with, good words.  Carrie, Ashley and I went to an adoption conference (which I didn't blog in detail about until April) and I also wrote a bit about being married to a dreamer on my NYC blog.


I truly feel like 2013 was a wondrous year. It was full to the brim of laughter and beauty and joy and love. The funny thing is, like I've mentioned here several times as I've reflected over this past year lately, nothing terribly big or incredibly eventful happened. But the days were near magical. There were some hard moments to be sure, but even in those, there were so many little bits of sunshine. As I scanned and skimmed posts from the past year putting this together, I realized what an incredible year it was even in the most ordinary ways. 

2014 has and will be so very different for our family. But there is so much I know is sure. So much I can believe we will continue to enjoy in the city. So many new adventures and opportunities to see dreams fulfilled. 

And when the world is through with us, we'll have each other's arms! 

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Courtney said...

I enjoyed looking back over the past year. I couldn't help but think how different your year end post will look like next year.