Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Happenings #251 (January 13-19)-- Getting Closer to the City

Or not. We found out yesterday that the co-op only allows people to move in on the first or the fifteenth of each month. So it looks like an extra wee just got tagged on. What can you do? (Cry about it and move on.) 

The kids slept late on Monday and when we got up, we had breakfast and I started laundry. My dad came over with a big box and after he left, I packed the canvases for the kids' room and some blankets and stuff and then got my bath.
Trying on "new" snow boots (via eBay). Love how we're representing basically every season with the Christmas pjs and floppy sun hat.

I started more laundry, did dishes, and flipped through some magazines and then it was lunch. The kids ate and then Graves took a great nap. I weeded through more magazines, did my Bible study, uploaded pictures onto the computer, and cleaned out the desk in the study. When he finally got up, we got ready and headed to my parents' house for supper. We had great visit and got home late. I put the kids to bed and stayed up too late working on a post and flipping through more magazines and also organizing a big file box of them.

The kids slept late again on Tuesday and then played in their room for a bit. We didn't get up until TEN. When they got up, we had breakfast and I then I took my bath and packed a big box of shoes and bathroom stuff.  I talked to Peyton and folded some clothes and started laundry and dishes and then it was time for lunch.

I fed the kids and put Graves down and it was pretty late. I felt sort of gross- I was getting a tiny cough and just feel yucky. I ate my lunch and got on the computer. Graves never went to sleep so I put him in AP's room and laid down for a little bit. I never did fall asleep, I guess  because we had gotten up so late. It was nice just to rest, though, I texted Carrie and scrolled through IG and prayed for a bit. I got the kids up and realized their room was a disaster. Graves had gotten out the cloth diaper liners (they're paper and it's like a roll of toilet paper) and had thrown them everywhere and was naked. We spent almost an hour all cleaning up. As we were finishing I found some little brown chunks and I panicked. It was just chewed up pieces of the roll, though. UGH. I vacuumed their room and then fed them dinner. After supper, I bathed them and talked to my mom on the phone and organized some old stuff I had pulled out of magazines.
AP: "Gorilla, you are being too rough with Momma." (He climbed onto my shoulders and was screaming "want to go higher!" and yanking my hair.) Man, he needs his papa. They are so much alike.

I put them to bed and blogged a little and got on Facebook and then had supper and went to bed myself.

The kids played really well again in their room when they got up on Wednesday. I packed another big box (this time toys) and we had breakfast. I was trying to pack at least a little each morning. I also went through our big filing cabinet and neatened and packed a huge pile of Peyton's hangers. I packed up my shoes that I'm leaving here and took a bath and then it was one o'clock. Wow! I spent like twenty minutes deflating a beach ball and then we loaded up and headed to Hobby Lobby and Target to return some things and for a few groceries. When we got home, I fixed the kids "lunch" (at like three o'clock) and then we had rest time. I got on the computer and I actually had to wake Graves up for church. We're starting a new series and I'm so sad I'll only get to be there one more week! We got home and the kids ate dinner and I got them ready for bed. I put them down and got on Facebook a bit and read some blogs and went to bed.

Thursday was fun! I got up and got a bath while the kids watched a show and then we had breakfast and I wrapped up my niece and nephew's Christmas presents. Haha! Around ten, Elizabeth and the kids came over to play one last time. We had such a blast and it was really good to get to visit with Elizabeth. She went and picked up pizza and we had a fun lunch. The plumber came while they were here and fixed our potty and when they left, the kids and I picked up toys. I put Graves down and did dishes, started laundry, took out the trash, and changed the litter box.
Sweet Bud fast asleep with his boohiney in the air (he told me a few days ago that "We don't call it a booty. Minnie says BOOHINEY".)

Annie played and I got on the computer for a bit. When Graves woke up, we all went outside for a short bit and then we came in and I worked on getting all the kids stuff ready to pack and I took Graves's monthly picture.

All the kids clothes that are going in the POD on Monday (I left out a handful that they're going to wear for the week between now and our flight). I'm as shocked as you are that it fits in those two bins!

I fed them supper and got them to bed and got on the computer for awhile. I talked to Peyton and read my Bible and went through some magazines and went to sleep.

My friend Becca tagged me and said she thought for a minute Peyton had made HONY. New 2014 goal: I want to see a jon jon featured in Today in Microfashion.

We had another fun day on Friday. Graves actually got up around eight thirty and I fed him breakfast and then woke AP up and took my bath. We all got ready and Morgan dropped by to pick up my sling that I was letting her borrow and then we left to eat lunch at Carrie's. We picked up Chic-Fil-A and had a wonderful time. I was sort of bittersweet, though.

We got home and I put Graves down and he went right to sleep. I brought in a bunch of boxes my mom had brought over and packed a box of homeschool stuff and then finished packing a box of toiletries. I got on the computer for a bit and then packed about three more boxes- some decorative things, the kids clothes and some stuff from the study. Graves woke up and we got ready and headed to my parents'. We dropped off some stuff with Elizabeth on the way there and I was so hungry when we got there. I scarfed my beans! The kids took baths and we left late.
She reminds me so much of little girl SD :)

They were awake when we got home but they fell asleep quickly. I talked to Peyton and got on the computer and went to bed. 

We had a good day Saturday. Graves got up around eightish. I was pretty tired and he was happy to just cuddle with my in Annie's bed for a bit (we scooted her over, ha). They played some and then we had breakfast and I got my bath. I unloaded my dresser and boxed up the stuff in it and then put some super light stuff in it. I did dishes and started laundry and then it was time to fix the kids lunch. I hung up some stuff in their room. And put Graves down for his nap. I read blogs for a bit and then my parents came over. I was surprised- Graves slept most of the visit. My mom played with Annie and visited with me and Daddy packed up my computer and tv and such. They left and I fixed some supper for the kids. They ate an early supper and so I let them watch Bob the Builder so I could do a few more things. I boxed some toys and lampshades and ate something myself. We all straighted up and I got the children to bed. I watched The West Wing, had a snack, watched SNL, and went through magazines. 

We got up and got ready for church on Sunday. I got the kids up and got them ready and then took my bath. Church was really nice.

Graves with one of his absolute favorite people on the planet, "Brodda Mitchell". Per usual, Graves sat in his lap during the children's sermon and Brother Mitchell was so dear and had all the other children tell him and Ann Peyton goodbye. 

He really is such a special guy. I'm truly thankful we didn't move six months earlier. I've been so blessed by his and Owen's ministries. Also, I love that his cute granddaughter was photo bombing the picture. 

We ran by Target for groceries and a lamp on the way home. Poor Graves cried when I told him I was sorry they just didn't make cute boy raincoats as much. We were having a similar day emotionally ;) We got home and unloaded and I fixed them lunch and straightened a bit. Graves fell asleep and after I ate my lunch, I took a nap, too. My dad stopped by to put together the cat carriers we had gotten to fly the kitties in and he stayed and played with Annie while I finished my nap :) After he left and Graves got up, I emptied the liter box and packed suppers and we got ready and headed to church. 

It was such a wonderful service. 

Owen preached a beautiful sermon. If I hear preaching this powerful from Cymbala and Keller I will consider myself greatly blessed. 

I got the kids to bed and talked to Peyton and that's when he told me about the move in date. I was super frustrated and just stressed. I did manage to pack a few boxes- toys and cleaning supplies and went to bed early-ish, despite my nap. 

I'm the girl who hates texting, so pecking this out on my phone is sort of exhausting. I had the sense to get most of it written, but even doing the weekend was a bit much. As our computer is packed, I have no idea how much I'll be be blogging in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll pop in here and there with little updates, though! 

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move.
I think you are very brave to be living there with such young kids!
Just don't leave your moving pod unattended or otherwise you risk it either being broken into or removed as a security threat.