Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #248 (December 23-29)-- Christmas, Sickness, and Packing to Move

I had a busy morning planned for us Monday. Tuesday was Christmas Eve and I had a lot to do in those last hours before the holiday truly began. Anyway, I got up later than I really meant to and got myself and the kids ready and we headed out. Surprisingly, the traffic and stores weren't awful. Boy, they have been over the past few weeks, but I guess most people were done?? We stopped first at Target for a few essentials, a present for Cookie, and a present for my niece and nephew. After that we headed to Buffalo Peak. I got Peyton some water resistant (not water PROOF) pants for the city. The guy there was very helpful and the kids were doing so great. We ran into a friend and visited for a quick minute and then I had to get gas. We headed to Beagle Bagel to meet Carrie. Lunch was downright crazy. Annie got kind of overly excited and Graves was just super cranky and hard to please (I think he was tired). We had one more stop- we popped by Orvis and got a gift card for my dad and then home for naps.

I got a good bit done after Graves fell asleep- I got on Twitter, went through a couple of boxes of Christmas ornaments to sort out what I wanted in New York, consolidated some magazines, and uploaded and organized pictures. When the kids got up we headed to my parents' for supper and to see Cookie and Conrad. Peyton met us there and we had a great time and stayed late. When we got home, I wrote a blog post and we put up the Christmas boxes- like they were still down from when we got Christmas out (I know insane). Graves woke up when he heard us in the attic and he (and I) had a hard time getting to sleep.

We got up early (okay, earlier than I wanted to) on Tuesday so we could give the kids our presents before Peyton went to work. We had a fun morning and then he left for his LAST day.

We had a relaxing morning- my friend Kellie dropped off a couple of canvases she had painted for the kids' room, I ate breakfast and took my bath, and we watched Charlie Brown on the couch. We all had lunch and then I put the kids down. I actually took a LONG nap myself and when we got up there wasn't time to do much but get ready for church.

We met Peyton at the candlelight service and it was beautiful. And the kids did SO good! We went over to my parents' house and ate Christmas dinner and stayed and visited until late again.

When we got home, I wrapped presents for my family and wrote a quick post and went to bed.

Wednesday was Christmas! We drug ourselves out of bed when our alarms went off and got ready and went back to my parents' house. We had a great celebration with them and ate breakfast and Cookie and Conrad left for Baton Rouge and we headed to Peyton's parents.

We had a good time and Elizabeth and her family got there shortly after us. We left late that afternoon and came home and let the kids watch a movie. I worked really hard on sorting toys for NYC and we all ate dinner by candlelight (just for fun!) and then Peyton made the kids a blanket tent and we played some more.

Peyton's parents gave the children these stuffed animals that glow and project stars on the ceiling. Build a fort and turn on some Christmas music and you'll have a pretty magical night.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

We put them down and I got on the computer and then we went to bed ourselves. Graves woke up around three in the morning (he was in our bed) throwing up. Peyton held him over the toilet for about twenty minutes until he finished. Yuck.

We were supposed to go to Granny's for our yearly day after Christmas celebration on Thursday, but obviously we didn't. I told Peyton he could go, but he was sweet enough to stay home with us. I'm glad he did! It was a very blah day. He took Annie to go get us new phones (we needed to switch services to ones that would work better in NYC) and Graves and I snuggled and napped on the couch. Graves slept pretty much all afternoon and I did a few things around the house, got on the computer and started trying to figure out how to work the VHS to DVD converter Peyton had gotten me. I was sort of in a grumpy mood. I was sad we missed going to Granny's and we realized that, because the temperature on the ground in NYC is very likely going to be less than forty degrees, we were going to have to have the cats in the cabin with us. So Peyton was going to HAVE to fly back. -[We've since got it worked out.] Also, I was annoyed because my new phone had a little learning curve, no Emojis and TimeHop, and I lost all my contacts. Not a real problem, but still.

 I left to go look for a case for my phone. I went to Target and then to Hobbly Lobby because we had kind of debated exchanging one of the canvases I got for the kids' room. I came home and Peyton took Graves back to the cell phone place (he seemed better and we knew he wouldn't be touching anyone there) and Annie and I headed to my parents' house after I got some apps downloaded to my phone. We ate sushi and saw Cookie and Coney one last time and I bathed her and we read and brushed teeth there. She fell asleep on the way home and Peyton and Graves were both asleep, too. I got on the computer for a bit and then went to bed myself.

I tried to get back into my routine a bit on Friday. I woke up still kind of grumpy, though. I got in the tub while Peyton went to the Board of Pharmacy and took one of the cats to the vet. He got home and I started packing up the kids heavy coats and dress up clothes. He made some phone calls and then left to eat lunch with a friend. The kids played really well and I cleaned up the whole kitchen. It was a disaster! I even scrubbed a pot Peyton had "ruined" with steel wool for about twenty minutes and got it looking halfway normal. I started laundry and took out the trash and then folded three big loads. Peyton got home and I fed the kids lunch and put Graves down. I got on the computer for a few minutes and talked to Peyton and ate a snack and then I started working on packing up stuff from the bookshelves. Graves woke up and Peyton and I went through the bathroom cabinet in our room and I put up most of the kids' Christmas gifts. The kids watched a movie and ate supper and Peyton ran to his parents' to get something. I bathed the kids and put them to bed. Peyton got home and we talked and went to bed. It was another rough night with sick kiddos.

Saturday was another full day at home. Peyton got up to take Darth to the vet and both kids woke up, but I got them back to sleep in our bed and we slept until around ten! Peyton got home and I got my bath and we did a few things and then he went back to get Darth. I made a quick trip to the attic and we worked on consolidating some things and got boxes neatly stacked in one corner of the study. I went through the toys in the den, the stuff on the bookshelves, and some stuff in the study closet. I ate lunch and emailed a broker and read a few blogs while the kids rested. I started working on packing up Christmas. They got up and I made another trip to the attic and finished packing Christmas for NYC. I also labeled all the boxes we had packed with a number system and made a list and I made a master packing list of things I still needed to pack. Peyton picked me up food from Amerigo (we were supposed to go on a date, but had to cancel the babysitter because of sick kids) and we ate and visited after we put the kids to bed. We spent a couple of hours looking at apartments online and I rocked Graves a few times when he woke up. We chatted and went to bed.

Sunday was a rough day for me. I was so disappointed that we didn't get to all four worship with our church family one last time. I got up and fed the kids breakfast and Peyton went to church.
My baby was so sick.

I ate something and took my bath and then started cleaning up the kitchen. Peyton got home and told me about church and how the whole community had prayed for him. I just cried because I really wanted to have been there. We fed the kids and I boxed up toys, their books, and some stuffed animals. I got my VHS to DVD converter going that Peyton had gotten for me going and we put the kids down. I took a short nap and then boxed stuff in the kitchen. We finished up that and did a few things around the house and I folded laundry and then we baked cookies after the kids had supper.
 AP had been talking and talking about how she waned to make a "cow cake" for Jesus for a late birthday. The best I could do were bunny cookies-- she said she was sure there were some bunnies in the ground somewhere near the manger. And she was very pleased with how they turned out!

We put them to bed and I worked on a blog post and went to bed myself.

As I've said before, Peyton left for NYC this week. We've been pretty busy around the house and just trying to get/stay well. I still have a good bit to do around here before we're ready to move, but I'm also already just really ready to all be together again.

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