Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Happenings Post #249 (December 30-January 5)-- Week One of Papa Apartment Hunting in the City

Last family picture with all four of us here for awhile!

Well, Peyton left on Tuesday, so it's been almost a full week. It definetly hasn't been easy, but it really hasn't been as bad as I prepared myself for. I have been really tired because the kids have both been sick and up at night and I've felt pretty sick myself. But, I think we're all getting better. I am starting to really, REALLY miss Peyton. I think at first I was just busy trying to get the children well and I didn't let myself think about it much. Also, I'm just so ready to know where we'll wind up. Peyton's seen several apartments and has a few more to see this week. I'm hoping by the middle of this week we'll have something nailed down!

Monday was our last day as a family of four in Mississippi. It actually ended up being a relatively slow, relaxed day. Graves was still super sick, so I took him to the doctor around nine. That was a bit of an ordeal. We got his finger pricked, our first ever breathing treatment, and a flu swab that caused a massive nosebleed. But we got a diagnosis- bronchitis and an ear infection. We're usually really conservative with antibiotics (not with ear infections or strep, but for most everything else we have been). But I told Dr. Denney I wouldn't mind treating this pretty aggressively. I was just ready for him to be well, especially with Peyton leaving.

The last time I can remember him being so STILL In my lap was when I was about sixteen weeks pregnant with him. Also, last time I put on makeup before today was Thursday. Helped me feel a little normal.

Seriously poor guy. Nancy, Dr. Denney's precious nurse, had to get out a big bath towel for his bloody nose! 

He also fell asleep twice in my lap. Whoa. 

We got home and Peyton and AP got home from the errands they had been running. Graves fell asleep on the couch and Annie and Peyton headed over to my parents' to drop off and pick up a few things. I ate lunch, started converting a VHS tape, and did some stuff on the computer and then Graves woke up. After a series of long nights, I had really wanted a nap myself. I put him in our bed with me and he fell right back to sleep. Peyton and AP got home about an hour later and we got up. He helped me set up Cookie's old iPhone and I played with it (I had gotten an Android the week before and um, too much change at once...it's now Peyton's new Android!). We all hung out a bit and I folded some laundry and then I fed Graves supper and he fell asleep super early. Peyton took Annie again and they delivered something to HIS parents' house. I pretty much worked on getting my phone functioning and apps downloaded. I hooked it up to Peyton's computer to get my playlists and some of the apps got stuck "waiting". I tried to figure that out and Graves woke up. Peyton and AP got home and we bathed both kids and played a little and then put them to bed for the night. I worked on getting the apps unstuck and made a little video and we went to bed.

Alarms went off at four thirty, we got up at five, and were at the airport a bit after five thirty on Tuesday. We dropped Peyton off and came home. The kids were very much awake :-/ I was just glad Graves was feeling good, though.

We played on the couch (I only dozed off once!) and then I took my bath and texted my dad and Cookie. I started laundry and did some tidying and ate breakfast and gave Graves his breathing treatment. I also rinsed out some jars I wanted to take to New York. The kids ate a late breakfast/early lunch and around eleven thirty Graves could hardly keep his eyes open. I put him down and AP and I picked up. I got on the computer and wrote Graves's letter, then I sorted through some stuff in my closet and then I laid down. Graves woke up a bit later and AP said she wanted to go in their room. I put her in there and they played and I napped for about half an hour. They got up and Graves had another breathing treatment and I had a snack and I ate lunch. I went through magazines and started more laundry and then talked to a moving company. Peyton called several times and I wasted some time on the Anthro website. I fed the kids supper and gave Graves a breathing treatment and got them to bed. My friend Mallory came over to watch When Harry Met Sally. It was so good and we visited a bit after. The kids both woke up because of fireworks and Graves had a hard time getting back to sleep.
He wanted to know if we could watch football. Um, no. But again, so happy he was happy/healthy! 

Thankfully, they both slept late on Wednesday. We got off to a slow start. I fixed them breakfast and ate mine and we played. I read some magazine articles and I felt like I spent the whole morning changing diapers and wiping noses (Graves is SO, so far from being potty trained, but that was a fun illusion for awhile I guess). I took my bath finally and started laundry. Then I moved all my clothes I wasn't taking to NYC to the kids' big closet (they both have armoires and the built in is more for storage).
All my (hanging) Winter clothes consolidated from those two bars to what fits in Peyton's armoire. Also, fresh sheets on our bed. So weird it could easily be the last time I change them in this bed for a nice long time.

I organized some and made a trip to the attic and we did Graves's breathing treatment.

I put Graves down and he never did got to sleep, but he played in his room (by himself and then with his sister) for a good while. I read more magazines, ate lunch, and worked on my blog design. We cleaned up their room and then headed to my parents. We ate supper and had fun but I was sort of distracted thinking about New York and talking to Peyton on the phone and texting some friends about what he had found. On the way home, I stopped to get gas and drove off with my gas cap still on top of my car. We turned around and thankfully it was just sitting on the ground at the gas station. Graves fell asleep on the way back and AP went right to sleep after we got home. I looked at some apartments Peyton had emailed me about and finished my blog design and then I cleaned out one of the drawers in my vanity and a makeup bag. I wrote a post and went to bed.

Thursday felt busy. I got up and got ready and fixed breakfast to take in the car and then woke the kids up and dressed them because Graves had a doctor's appointment.
They both ended up in bed with me sometime early this morning. Sad to interrupt their sweet slumber.

 He got a good report, but Dr. Denney said to continue the breathing treatments through the weekend. Annie had woken up several times in the early morning complaining about her ears hurting, so I got him to check them and she did have an ear infection. We went to Hobby Lobby and then Target. I tried to get the script filled at Target, but they didn't take our insurance. I got several things I needed, though! I called Walgreens to ask them to call Target and get the prescription and THEY asked what insurance I had. I told the girl and said "But I know y'all take it. My husband works for Walgreens and I'm the idiot that just tried to fill it at Target". UGGGH.

We got home and I unloaded and unpacked the bags and put up stuff and started transferring a VHS tape. I also started laundry and dishes and cooked some chicken. The kids ate lunch and I let them watch a little show and then it was nap time. Graves took a great long nap and I got on the computer and had a snack and then worked on going through some piles in my room. I took a short nap and when Graves woke up we wen to pick up AP's medicine from Walgreens.
Man, I take for granted never having to do this. Can't wait to have my personal Duane Reade delivery boy!

We came home and the kids played with play dough while I cooked chicken spaghetti. I unloaded and loaded dishes and I unpacked a huge box that the pet carriers we ordered came in. I sort of organized the boxes in our room and finalized the VHS tape and then we all ate supper. I bathed the kids and went through magazines and then we read and did Graves's breathing treatment again and I put them to bed. I talked to Peyton for an hour and went through magazines for another and then cleaned out some more in my vanity and by the sink in our bathroom. The kids were so restless and I was tired, too, despite my nap. I finished my Weekly Happenings post and went to bed.

We had a low key day on Friday. The kids slept late, which was good since they were up several times in the night and I had woken up at five with a super sore throat and bad headache. I had taken some medicine and felt exhausted, but better. When we got up, I got my bath and we had breakfast and did a breathing treatment with Graves and then I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon packing boxes. I got a good many done- some stuff from the bookcases in the den and most of the pictures and decorative stuff and the last bit of kitchen stuff we wouldn't need until after the move. I labeled the boxes and the kids played really well. They cut and did play dough some. I also talked to a guy at the moving company and had to call about Peyton's life insurance because we had an overdue bill. I went online and set up a profile and paid it. We had lunch and I put Graves down. I played on Twitter and ate my lunch and then took a nap. When he got up, we did a breathing treatment and picked up toys and went to my parents'. The kids were sort of wild and out of sorts and I was still so tired and felt yucky, but we had a nice time. I put them straight to bed and talked to Peyton when we got home. After that, I worked on a blog post and read a few magazines.

The kids slept in a bit again on Saturday and I got my bath and we had breakfast and then I packed a couple more boxes and talked to Peyton several times. We did breathing treatments and I got on Lands' End and eBay to order a few last minute COLD weather essentials for myself and the kids and then we picked up toys and had lunch. I fixed the kids lunch and put Graves down. I fixed myself a grilled cheese and got on Twitter and then worked on my Year in Review post (I still haven't finished it) . Graves didn't sleep very long, but he and Annie played in their room a bit. He ended up dumping out all the drawers in her armoire and I decided it was a good opportunity to sort for NYC. We went through all four drawers and then picked up toys and had supper. I bathed them and while they were in the tub, I read through some magazines and cleaned the area around the sink and the toilet. I got them ready for bed and flipped through more magazines. I cooked myself some noodles to go with the spaghetti sauce my parents' had sent home with us and ate that. The kids had a hard time falling asleep, but they finally both did. I worked on the post and got on Twitter.

The kids FINALLY slept through the night. They got up around 8:30 and I had such a terrible headache. I really tried not to take a BC Powder. I did take a Sudafed and got my bath and started laundry and such. We had a very slow morning. I folded some clothes, but that was about it. I fixed the kids lunch and put Graves down early and got in bed myself. I couldn't fall asleep, though, and I ended up getting up and cleaning out the top drawers in Peyton's dresser (which are my stuff) and the top drawer in another dresser. I talked to Peyton and Graves woke up early.
In the midst of everything else, I also finished this project I've been meaning to tackle for YEARS. Peyton got me a converter for Christmas and I made three sets of all three volumes (about fifteen hours) of home videos of myself and Cookie. Bonus feature: episodes of "I Love Lucy" and "Doug" interspersed in the final hours of footage. I initially thought some might have been recorded over, but then I realized we had gotten to the age where we were recording our own shows!

I looked at some apartments online and started cooking supper (chicken, orzo, and macaroni and cheese).
Annie was distraught that I had packed up her calendar already. I decided this would be our new procedure during this time of transition. Aside: thanks to Harry Wong (whose teachings transcend the classroom) and thanks to a very creative Creator (who made my personality the way it is) my mothering has been filled with procedures.

We ate and I cleaned up the kitchen and the kids cleaned up in the den. I got them to bed and got on the computer for a bit after I took out the trash and changed the cat litter. I talked to Peyton on Facebook and we listened to the streaming of the new Bruce Springsteen album. I went to bed pretty early.

As I said, I'm hoping this is the week Peyton finds something. I'm really ready to see him and also just get settled in New York!

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