Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekly Happenings #253 (January 27-February 2)-- First Week(end) at Home in Brooklyn

Whew- what a wild week. We started out in Mississippi and ended up in New York!

 I have to say that I'm really missing blogging regularly. Right now I don't have my desktop that I love, we don't have wireless, and I haven't hooked my big camera up in probably a month. At least I have Peyton's laptop now (instead of just my phone, which is all I had for a week or so in Mississippi after the cubes were packed). But wow, I will be ready (in SO many ways) to get back in some sort of a routine.

I'm all stressed because I've never been "behind" like this before. Even when Graves was born, I managed to keep up better I think. I didn't do my "What I'm Into" post for January (it would have been slim anyway since it was such a crazy month) and I haven't changed over my design or written my February Happenings post yet. I also still need to do both the kids letters from last month. UGH. At least I'm keeping up with these, though, and I want blogging about my initial thoughts and feelings in the city to take priority right now.

The kids got up at nine on Monday. We had breakfast and I took my bath. I talked to Peyton and my mom on the phone and emptied the kids closets. I put all their stuff in my closet just to consolidate. I ate a snack and my mom came over and took the kids to CFA for lunch and to play.
I was getting so excited for this moment!

And this cracked me up about my "trip". Clearly the airline doesn't know my situation, but my little trip. Haha!

I got a ton done while they were gone, but I missed them. So much time with them makes me weird and clingy, I guess. Anyway, I emptied the liter box and finished cleaning out the carport and stuff around the yard. Whew! I started laundry, moved some furniture back to the sunroom (all the stuff for the moving cubes had been in it) and got done stuff together to send home with my mom. I finished taking stuff to the attic, cleaned out the guest bathroom cabinet and did dishes and straightened. Wheeeeeew!! I ate lunch and my mom brought the kids back. I put Graves down and took a nap myself :) When they got up, we made a Kroger run. We got home and I fixed spaghetti for supper and bathed the kids, I put them down and read magazines and did my Bible study. I watch TV and went to bed. 

The kids slept late on Tuesday. I woke up and saw SNOW.

First time ever to not drag my tiny people out of bed to try to get to it before it melts. First of all, I ain't doing that by myself and secondly, I think there will be plenty of time for the Sugar Plum Fairy and her beau to make magic in the co-op courtyard.

As much fear and apprehension as last week entailed, there was certain freedom in not being a slave to a tablespoon of white powder. I so enjoyed the beauty from the sofa while my babies get some more MUCH needed sleep.

When they got up, we went outside to play in the snow.

Annie was super excited. 

Graves? Not so much. 

This is a picture of two people for whom Yankee Winters will be extremely difficult. (Pardon that I look like I just got up. I did.)

We did FaceTime with Peyton and they ate breakfast and I took a bath. I changed the liter and started laundry and then organized a kitchen cabinet and went through some huge piles on the counter.
She's back in her box and she just told me "Lately, every day is a rough day. Jasmine (the pretend princess) always wants to play the game where we pretend to be things and she keeps wanting me to be a Clorox wipey."

My dad brought us over some chili and he played with the kids a little. We visited and I went through the last kitchen drawer (the junk drawer- ugh!).

I fixed the kids lunch and during nap time I blogged a bit and talked to Annie. I played on my phone some and when Graves got up the kids colored done while I heated up the chili. We ate and played some more.
 I had to go to the attic to get clean pjs for Annie because I was totally out. And then I put my hair dryer on them for a bit. Because it's like twenty degrees up there and they felt like ice cubes. Also, these were her request but they're a 2T. Graves's are actually a 3T, but it doesn't matter what's too small or too big because they both have monkeys so THEY MATCH. Which is the all important goal every night. So my child. So compulsive. 

I put the kids to bed and read a bunch of magazines, did my Bible study, and watched the late shows. 

The kids got up around 8:30 on Wednesday and we had breakfast. I took a bath and organized a fee things and my mom came over and got the children and took them to her house. I started packing and got SO stressed. I took a break from it and did other stuff- organizing, laundry, LUNCH, and straightening. I got a postcard I was sending for a school project for a friend of a friend's child ready to mail, blogged a little and got the cats' carriers ready for the next day.
The things we leave behind: If you are ten weeks shy of your third birthday and still not potty trained and your family is moving to less than 1000 sq foot space you don't get the luxury of a frog potty.

I picked up the kids from my parents' and packed some more. I had meant to let Graves get a nap, but there wasn't really time.
Proximity to our flight is inversely related to how much effort I put into being cute. Play clothes for Sunday morning, why not fake out clothes for Wednesday night study? 

I got ready and got the kids ready and we went by Target and bought a harness thing. We drove through CFA and then went to church. Whoops. Church was cancelled because of the weather. We ended up going to see Peyton's parents which was great because we hadn't seen them much lately. We got he late and I put the kids to bed.  

I had a lot to get done on Thursday. We got up and had breakfast and I got a bath and then I starters working on packing up a few last kitchen things for storage. The kids played and Michel came over for a bit to move done stuff in. The kids had lunch and I bathed them and got Graves down for a nap. 

I had a bad headache but I couldn't relax. I ate and then worked on packing up the kitchen, laundry room and den. My dad came over and got the kids and I organized more. Then Michel came over and helped me move boxes. I did laundry and dishes and got everything settled and went to get the kids. I got the single stroller that Peyton had decided at the last minute we needed to bring and figured out how to get it and the double in my car. I'm so glad I did because it took like twenty minutes. Annie fell asleep on the way home and surprisingly Graves fell right asleep on the couch. I did a few last things and went to bed myself.

I got up super early (4:30) on Friday.

I got ready and got everything in the car and my mom helped me dress the kids. She dropped us off at the airport and it was a super hard goodbye. I checked our luggage and got in line for TSA. I didn't realize I'd have to fold up the stroller for the x-ray. Annie got hurt (a little scratch) getting out and started crying. We made it to our gate and it wasn't long before we got to board.

The first part of the flight, to Houston, was really short. We didn't even get out many toys. When we got to Houston, I had already talked to the kids about having to hustle. I did a better job of packing our carry on stuff, too. In Jackson I had just grabbed blankets and stuff from the stroller. In Houston I had everything that could fit in a bag in one. I was glad I did because the plane we got on had a tighter aisle. The sweet lady in front of us was so kind as we were trying to get off the plane. I had Annie in front of me and kept telling her to go on ahead and walk and she would say "Come on, Darling. This way, Annie." It meant so much to me for some reason. 

When we got off, they had the stroller unfolded and I popped them in, took off my jacket and made a beeline for the departure gate. We made our TWENTY FIVE minute connection and even had time for me to use the potty, which I was super thankful for. 

When we got to the plane it was such a tight squeeze I had to put Graves down and he sat down in the aisle. I saw a row with two seats together and asked a guy to switch so we could have three. Thank goodness he was happy to. This was our longer flight, but it went okay. We spent the first hour and a half having snacks and coloring and such and then Graves fell asleep. I was happily so shocked. 

Annie colored and visited with me and a sweet flight attendant say with Graves when I had to take her to the bathroom (I know he was fine, but I felt weird leaving him there). He actually woke up about thirty minutes before we landed. 

We got off the plane and this time was a little tougher. My stroller was still folded up and I was trying to keep the kids back out of other people's way and the girl who got it said "Okay, go ahead and take it!" Ugh. We got moving and made it to baggage claim and met Peyton. He was so excited to see the kids (and me, but I was obviously the afterthought) but Graves gave him the weirdest look. I think it took him a second to realize it was really him. We waited forever in baggage claim to find out we were missing a bag. 

I got in a cab and Peyton took the kids on the subway. We knew I'd get there first but I forgot our building number so I just ended up waiting in the security booth. It finally occurred to me to tell them our address and I could tell the guy thought I was being really stupid. I got up there and it took me a bit to open it (I had a bunch if keys and there were several locks). The same guy came up to tell me I couldn't leave my strollers there any longer and he had to help me lock it. Ugh. I was in tears because I felt so dumb by the time everyone got here. Annie disobeyed me and I reached out to grab her  and she ran away from me and I reached out and grabbed...her hair. Peyton told me to just go in the other room so I could calm down. I did and he got ready to go get some groceries. He took Annie because she was so upset about him leaving and of course Graves cried. We did okay but when I talked to my mom I got upset again. I cried and she cried but I felt a little better. The land lady and her husband came over and did some stuff (it wasn't clean when we got here) and Peyton and AP got back and then he left again to get the cats. That took forever and I lost patience with the kids a few times. Annie told me that "when papa gets home, he's going to put you in time out for being mean to me". I was so frustrated. He got home and we talked and ate some snacks and then he told the kids a story and they fell asleep. I played on my phone and fell asleep super early myself. He went to Target and got cleaning stuff for the apartment because it still wasn't clean. We had a rough night sleeping on the floor. Well, I did. The kids slept great. 

Peyton got up early on Saturday and did some stuff and then started cleaning. I was going to do it, but that's so him. The kids and I woke up and I got a bath right before Peyton left. Graves pulled all the paper towels off a roll while I was drying my hair, but we had a good morning. I cleaned some bathroom cabinets and sorted through some of our stuff. Our Ikea deliver came and so did our land lady. Somehow in the commotion, I thought Darth left. I figured it out about thirty minutes later and called Peyton. We spent the rest of the morning going up and down two different sets of thirteen flights of stairs.

We stopped by security and let them know and looked outside a bit. My luggage came and we had to go get it from the guy on the street. I realized I left my make up on the plane and Graves colored on the wall. There was really no way to insist in naps and I fought with Graves for about an hour about laying down, I let him get up and we swept and mopped again. I guess the floors were just that dirty. We played and Wednesday, the land lady, came back over. Right before that I realized Graves had some kind of stomach bug and no more diapers. Ugh. We hung out and then I fixed supper. Graves just wore some 4T panties for the rest of the evening and we had a few accidents. I read to the kids a good bit and then we started getting ready for bed. We told stories- I told them some and then Annie made up a few and then we talked about Darth because Annie kept saying she was worried about her.
sweet girl looking out the window for her kitty 

Well, the kids finally went to sleep and I did some stuff on the computer, which Peyton had showed me how to hook up and then he got home. And found Darth!

We went to bed sort of late. We actually slept on the sofa, but not all the way set up. Basically just a small rectangle of it. Ha!

Sunday ended up turning out to be great. The kids got up before Peyton left and I managed to rush and get my bath. After he left, I really worked on cleaning the bathroom and I did one of the closets.
(out our kitchen window- so NYC to me!)

and the inside of the kitchen

super cold water from the faucet- fun perk of living here!

 I organized some and we had breakfast and then headed out for a walk. Graves ended up falling asleep and when we got home, I transferred him and Annie and I had lunch and I worked on a post.

Graves woke up around three thirty and we had a very low key afternoon. I got out a new puzzle I had brought and we did it SEVERAL times. The kids colored and then we picked up crayons and they helped me sweep and mop (just a squirt mop) the floors. We talked to Minnie and when it got dark we hung out in the hall. I sorted laundry and got supper ready. Annie wanted to wait for Peyton to get home to eat supper but Graves ate.

Peyton finally got home (I was getting super impatient). I took a load down to the laundry room and he and AP ate.

This was Peyton's laundry from the past MONTH. Wish I was kidding. 

We took our family picture and it was nearly nine. I was so tired. Peyton got me some supper and I fell asleep after I ate it when he went to get the laundry. He came back and of our stuff was still wet (the room closes at 11:00) and we hung it up around the apartment. We folded and them at line 11:30 decided to put the couch together. Haha! We got dons about two hours later, but it was so nice not to sleep on the floor! 

What a week! 

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Courtney said...

I hope this week has been a little better as you are getting adjusted. What have the kids thought of all the snow you have been getting in New York. I chuckled a little a Graves snow picture, he is going to have such a shock to the system with northern snows.