Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Happenings #254 (February 3-9)-- First Adventures in BK

Well, we still don't have our stuff from the moving cubes. I was really sick about it (I'll get to what happened in a minute), but I tried to be positive-- I mean our stuff was fine and I knew we'd have it eventually. Honestly, this week wasn't so bad. Peyton was off a lot and that helped a ton because we weren't even in the apartment all that much. Plus, in a way it worked out well because it's given me time to really deep clean before all our stuff gets here and is in the way. And I think it's helped me sort of just relax and enjoy our first adventures with Peyton rather than think about how we should be "home" setting everything up. 

The kids slept nice and late in Monday. So nice since we had been up late working on putting together the couch. Poor Peyton had to get up EARLY for work. Anyway, it was snowing when we got up. The kids ate breakfast and I worked on a blog post since I had the computer out from the night before (since we don't have any furniture the laptop and the router just have to sit on the floor, so we've been unhooking them when we aren't using them; also, we were having to plug the computer into the router since we didn't have wireless yet). I hopped in the tub and thankfully Graves visited with me the whole time (we also don't have a gate yet and I didn't want to leave him unsupervised). We all got dressed and went out to play in the snow.

The kids didn't last long since we didn't have our legit snow clothes yet, but we did meet our adorable three year old twin down the hall neighbors and I had a positive interaction with some friendly security guards.

We came in soaking wet. I decided since we had clean towels it was as good a time as any to bathe the kids. Annie was upset we didn't have any bath toys but we told stories and after that they had lunch. We watched some guys shovel the snow outside our window and them had rest time.
Snow removal is so enthralling! 

I made Graves lay on the couch for an hour. It was hard, but we did it (and we needed it). I mostly laid with him, but somewhere in there I ate my lunch. After they got up, we did play dough and worked a puzzle. I browsed Anthro on my phone and we read a few books and all three colored, per Annie's request.
The kids (and I) were getting kind of restless and I was so ready for our stuff to get there on Wednesday. Ha!

I cleaned this really filthy area by the stove and scrubbed the refrigerator and fixed the kids supper.
Another night, another Supper In Transition. For what it's worth, I could eat Ritz and peanut butter every day for a month. 

I had a hard time getting the kids to settle and rest but I finally got them to sleep. I laid on the couch for a bit and then blogged until Peyton got home. I went to sleep pretty soon after he got here. 

The kids slept late again on Tuesday for some reason. Actually, Graves got up early and I fed him a banana and he went back to bed! Whatever works! 

I actually almost got through with my bath before he woke up at ten (Annie was up and playing quietly). Anyway, we had breakfast and I cleaned out the liter box.
Good Morning/Good Evening! 

They had four Little People and several different sized pieces of cardboard. They'dassembled the scenery and were starting the production. So proud of their creativity! 

We played inside for awhile and then Annie wanted to go for a walk. We walked about thirty minutes and then came home and rested.
Beautiful Brooklyn 

Again, I can't wait to have their room set up. The kids played and I cleaned the floors (we still didn't have a table so there were crumbs everywhere) and then had supper.

"This is me and Bud getting married". We've loved all this cardboard for coloring. Also, Graves told me yesterday that he was pretending to be "Coney" and Annie said "you be Coney Prince Charming" and he said "Okay, you be Cookie Cinderella". So sweet!

I realized something last week. One perk of having your floors redone (as we have in most of our MS house) that I never thought of is that you only ever have to clean your own dirt off of them. Also, depending on how much you clean, you're only ever cleaning, like at most, a month of junk. And again: it's your own people's dirt. This place is like sixty years old and Peyton thinks the floors are about that. And I feel like I'm cleaning about that many people's grime. I think I may be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though!

Perks of empty cabinets- Annie told me she was Darth and Graves was General! 

We read some and then I put them to bed. Rough night again. I remembered that on Saturday I had laid down and told stories with them and so I did that and they finally went to sleep. I got on the computer for a bit and then Peyton got home and we found a burger place to get take out from. It was SO good. We went to bed late after we ate.

Peyton was off on Wednesday and we were supposed to get our furniture and all our stuff delivered. We got up and took baths and then worked on putting together the kids' beds. Peyton had gotten two white ones and I had wanted a black one for Graves so that was stressful.
Oh look! Another piece of furniture! 

Anyway, we had lunch and called to see if the delivery was on time. We didn't realize that the window they gave us wasn't for the four hours they could be here but it was for when they could arrive. They were running so late we knew our "moving pass" (the co-op requires the pass to open the gates, let security know, ect.) was going to run out and plus the guys Peyton had hired to help weren't going to be able to come so late. UGH. We rescheduled for the following week and discussed what to do with the rest of the day. We got ready and all walked to Target and got some things.
Love these three!

This girl walked two miles in the snow and slush (with her whole family) from her apartment to Target and back.

I cannot wait to tell Graves about the day when he was almost three years old and I carried a baby gate a mile in the snow in lame synthetic leather boots BECAUSE THAT WAS THE PRICE OF MY SANITY. 

We got home and ate supper and got the kids to bed. I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees in the tiny extra bedroom and also reorganized our suitcases. Peyton called about the wireless Internet we couldn't get working and I blogged and went to bed.

Peyton had to work on Thursday. I got my bath while the kids played in their room and then we had breakfast. We played and started laundry and then all colored some.
Took the kids to the janky dorm laundry room. The more I can teach myself to manage by myself with them the more fun things we can do on Peyton's days off. Also: we took the elevator to the basement, but we walked back up to the third floor because so far STAIRS! Are Graves's favorite thing in Brooklyn. So bonus points for me. And, as an aside, they are just obsessed with their harness things. I don't make them wear them in the building. 

We went back down to the basement and put the laundry in the dryer and came up for lunch. We got our laundry and I put the kids down for a nap.
Laundry bags, baskets, ect. are in the moving cubes. Because obviously. Backpack works, though!

Creative cardboard of the day: Annie made herself a computer. She even drew an apple on the back of the screen like Peyton's laptop.

I was so enjoying actually being able to put Graves in his room. 

No idea why I didn't get Peyton to buy this instead of cleaning tools the first night we were here. Graves rested for an hour by himself (whatever that means) and then at the hour mark I let Annie go in with him. They were sitting on the bed playing with Little People. Definitely beats making them both lay the couch for half an our and them both ending up in timeout for getting up, which is what I had been doing since we got here. I ate lunch in quietness, texted my sister in solitude, and enjoyed a few minutes of not having to share Peyton's sleeping bag with anyone else.

Too bad I spoke too soon.  These rascals decided to intentionally teetee in the (cardboard) car they had made but declare it was an "accident". Guess it was a long trip. Still worth it for a few peaceful minutes and I was ready to laugh then about the moments that I know I'll laugh about in five years.

 I love this because there is a picture at my parents' house were I am giving Cookie the exact same "you're out of your mind" look. Sweet little menaces.

They had baths and then we ate supper.

They were eating supper on the counter and I looked over and saw this. Suddenly he doesn't look like Trouble with a Capital "T" anymore.

And he spent the rest of supper with his arm around his best girl. When we intentionally had them close because we hoped they'd BE close, I never imagined what an intense love it would be. This whole thing is infinitely easier because they each have their best friend here and even at such young ages I think they find tons of security in each other.

We colored and did play dough and then I read to Annie. Graves said he was tired and got on the couch and fell asleep. Ha! I put Annie to bed and read some blogs until Peyton got home. We talked and went to sleep.

Per a blog reader's suggestion, I've been using this plus lots of elbow grease on the floors and I think it's really working. I've finished the tiny guest room, the kitchen, and both halls, plus I scrubbed this nasty area some sliding doors are on. So...only two rooms to go! I may be lazy, but there's a definite advantage to small spaces. A friend and I used to have a running joke about being able to almost vacuum our entire houses using one outlet. Less than a thousand square feet is even better! 

Peyton had Friday off and we got up and got ready for the day. We got a slow start, but left for Ikea before lunch. We took the subway and a bus and got there right as we were ready for lunch.
First family subway ride!

When you're a Southern boy in Brooklyn (without your POD) you wear your sister's leggings under your jon jon.

We ate hot dogs and pizza and then tried to figure out a few things we needed for our second delivery. It took a good while. By the time we checked out it was late afternoon and both kids fell asleep in the stroller. Crazy! We decided not to wake them to get on the bus and walked about half an hour to the subway. It was a cold walk, but not awful!

So today we took the subway and a bus and walked about a mile. Plus, Peyton pushed/pulled the double stroller through this mess. The AT ain't gonna be no thing for that boy.

Adventures in Redhook (a more industrial area of BK).

We got home and just relaxed and I started some laundry. Peyton helped me get the kids to bed and then he went out for groceries. I folded laundry and we talked and rated music on iTunes, haha and then went to bed!

We got a slow start on Saturday too but headed out before lunch again.
I got smart and wore Peyton's hat and scarf (and SmartWool socks)!

We walked all the way to the big public library. We stopped on the way and had lunch at a DELICIOUS Mexican place. We got our library card activated and checked out a few books and then rode the bus to Target and got a few things.
So awesome! 

That baby with the bunny on her back doesn't look like she's about to be five! And Graves was so excited about the dinosaur sheets he's holding!

Look at all the white! You can't really tell but there were some people sledding at the park in Fort Greene. No worries, though, the Farmer's Market was still going on as well!

We walked home and all took naps! When we got up it was supper time. The kids ate and Peyton talked to someone on the phone about some Internet problems we were having. Peyton bathed the kids and I started cleaning the inside of the cabinets. Then I discovered the tops.

At first I thought they were brown and I'd just give them a quick wipe down and throw away the million year old roach bait up there. Nope, they were white and three hours later you could tell it. 

All sparkly! Five years ago I bitched and moaned because Mr. McFrugal didn't hire a cleaning service to take care of the disaster zone mess he and his two roommates created in his (by then our) house by not really cleaning for a solid two years. I was so entitled. I complained a ridiculous amount about cleaning up after two of my FRIENDS and the man I loved. #Hardishardyo but this has been eye opening. Reminding myself constantly what a privilege it is to live in this great city and how fortunate we are to have found affordable housing in a neighborhood I think we'll love. 

We got the kids to bed and I finished cleaning and washed some dishes. I got on the computer a bit and we went to sleep.

Sunday was really nice. We ended up going to The Brooklyn Tabernacle at noon. It was a great service. Such amazing worship and really good preaching about giving a "soft answer" in a wrathful situation. It made me so nervous (it would anywhere but BFUMC and this place is HUGE, so understandably more so), but we dropped the kids off and they did great. Graves actually wanted to go with us at first but then he kept saying "too loud" and told us he wanted to go to the nursery.
The beautiful (and lively) Brooklyn Tabernacle. The walls practically shook! 

After church, we ate lunch at Subway and then came home and rested. After that, I cleaned UNDER the cabinets and we had supper. Peyton took the kids out to watch the snow fall and we got them to bed. I got on the computer a bit and went to bed myself.

I'm so, so glad we're on the home stretch (fingers crossed) before we can really totally finish moving in and get into some sort of routine. One more day!

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